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Cartoon Dump!


Do you love great animation? Are you a fan of quality cartoons? Well, if so, you will be appalled and horrified by my latest co-production, Cartoon Dump, a new web TV series premiering this summer on CartoonBrewFilms.com.

Cartoon Dump is the unholy alliance of my annual Worst Cartoons Ever screening and the warped mind of writer/ producer/ comedian Frank Conniff (“TV’s Frank� from “Mystery Science Theater 3000�).

Our first podcast will premiere online in August, but on July 11th our cast will perform a live performance of the show at the Steve Allen Theater in Hollywood. If you are interested in attending the live show, information is posted here. In the meantime, check the Cartoon Dump MySpace page and become one of our friends!

  • Bugsmer

    Sounds great, Jerry! We all look forward to it.

  • Steve Gattuso

    Any chance of a performance at Comic-Con this year? Or maybe next year?

  • Any chance of a performance at Comic-Con this year? Or maybe next year?

    Not this year, but maybe next year. This year I will be presenting my traditional WORST CARTOONS EVER show at the San Diego Comic Con with all new episodes – and some shocking new discoveries. This year’s show at the Con promises to be my worst one yet! I will also be giving away a limited edition CARTOON DUMP postcard on a first come first serve basis.

  • Chris Sobieniak

    You know, I might actually LIKE THIS! :-)

  • Cannot WAIT for this :)

    Go Jerry and Frank!

  • stavner

    Any 80s or 90s cartoons in this pack?

  • July 11th? The same night as the Woody Woodpecker event at Grauman’s Chinese? Drat! I’d love to come to this but I’ve already requested tix to that.

  • Chris Sobieniak

    > Any 80s or 90s cartoons in this pack?

    To have an 80’s-type cartoon in the mix, it has to be a REALLY BAD one that’ll force me into fits of pain as I beg my mom to buy me that stupid toy! Really, that’s all there is. :-)

  • Paul

    Push the button, Frank!

  • Brandon Pierce

    Jerry…. I just want to say how jealous I am that you’re getting to work with a former “Best Brain”. I mean Frank Conniff from MST3K.

    Tell Frank, that all the MSTies in the world are saying hi to him!