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Starting next Tuesday, Frank Conniff and I will presenting our live comedy show, Cartoon Dump, once a month at the Steve Allen Theatre in Hollywood. Every month we will showcase different selection of “Worst Cartoons Ever,” present new characters and welcome guest performers. In our August 28th show we’ll debut a new cast member—a dumpster diving puppet created (and performed) by Joel Hodgson (creator, MST3K), and present a special appearence by comedian Dana Gould (writer/exec producer of The Simpsons).

Also joining our cast this month is Eddie Pepitone as Morty, the New Age Agent, who’ll join regulars Erica Doering (Compost Brite) and Frank Conniff (as Moodsy Owl) and… err… me. If this all sounds crazy — it is!

We sold out last month, so we recommend reserving your seat early. If you can’t make it this month, we’ll be back September 25th, October 23rd and Nov. 27th (the fourth Thursday of every month, except December). You can also catch our podcasts on (new weekly episodes will resume next week). Join us at 8pm next week!

  • This all sounds just too awesome, but WOW, Joel Hodgson will be joining you guys?? I don’t think I’ll be able to make the live shows, but will he/his character be in one of the online episodes??

  • Christopher Cook

    Something to truly look forward to. And nice art up there by Mike Kazaleh!

  • Jay

    Love the Kazaleh art! (Though Moodsy looks so cheerful!)

    Can’t wait to see Joel’s character join the podcasts…

  • Steve Gattuso

    Holy faschmoley…

    See you next Tuesday!

  • Inkan1969

    Who’s the girl skunk? She looks really cute.

  • Jay

    Not to be nitpicky — but doesn’t Buff Badger look like a skunk? Badgers have big white stripes running down parallel on their face…

  • Rat

    Re: Skunks.

    We don’t need no stinkin badgers.

  • Steve Gattuso

    Identifying images of various creatures.



    Rubber duck:

    Ernest Borgnine:

    The markings appear to be badger to me, but the smile looks a lot like Borgnine…

  • That’s great. Eddie Pepitone is hysterical – and bears more than a striking resemblance to Don Rickles.

  • Chris Sobieniak

    Cool to see Joel hooking up here. If this was more like MST3K, you’d guys would be riffing on the John Sutherland classics like “It’s Everybody’s Business” or “Destination Earth”. :-)