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Cartoon Dump: Tonight in Los Angeles


Cartoon Dump resumes its monthly Los Angeles performances tonight at the Steve Allen Theatre in Hollywood. Our February show includes our regular cast — including MST3K’s Frank Conniff, me (above left) and “Cue Card Goddess” (above right) — the worst cartoons ever made, and special comedy guest star Morgan Murphy.

It’s a great big load of fun. And don’t take my word for it… read Peter Sanderson’s rave review at Quick Stop Entertainment. Join us tonight at 8pm!

  • Worst cartoons ever made, huh? Well, I’m sure you know who did the BEST cartoons ever made. And, just-a by accident, he turns 100 today. I am one of the proud bloggers who has a post dedicated to him right now.

  • eric l.

    Are you guys going to show “The Tale of Tillie’s Dragon” or “The Friuties”? Both of them are astoundingly horrible.