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Cel-ebrating Animation’s New York Roots

We’ve plugged the forthcoming It All Started Here! several times already, but once more couldn’t hurt. I also couldn’t resist posting this photo of J. J. Sedelmaier and Howard Beckerman which appeared in the Westchester section of the local NY Times on Thursday. The Times article gives a good overview of the events planned starting next Saturday around the New York area. Don’t miss this series if you live in the Northeast. You’ll hate yourself if you do. For even more details, click here.

  • Robert Schaad

    Looking forward to this!! Hopefully some of the GACers will travel to attend this. Now we just need to reopen an animation studio in the Terrytoons building in New Rochelle, NY (currently selling fruits, vegetables and flowers).

  • Thanks again so much for the focus on the show Cartoon Brew !!

    I’ll be posting some shots of the gallery on the IASH Facebook Group towards the end of the week showing how things are coming together ! Visit the group @ http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=105385075575 for more info !

  • David Levy

    What a great photo of two of NY Animation’s best and brightest. Can’t wait for the event!

  • Mike Fontanelli

    Beckerman ran an extremely popular class at SVA in the early eighties, called the History of Animation. Baby boomers like myself were able to revisit the work of great Golden Age animators in those days just before the advent of home video, as well as learn about more obscure foreign masters.

    I was in the class when Tex Avery passed away – and Howard did a fine tribute, showing vintage Avery classics which brought the house down with raucous, thunderous laughter. The Fleischer and WB shows were also big crowd pleasers – I remember the audience bursting into spontaneous applause in the first frames of the opening credits to Popeye and Bugs Bunny.

    Glad to see Howard is doing well after all these years.