Clampett originals at the Academy Clampett originals at the Academy

Clampett originals at the Academy


Whoa! I got quite a shock as I entered the lobby of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences in Beverly Hills tonight. I attended this evening’s incredible Marc Davis Lecture, but the Academy had a surprise for us attendees – the Ink and Paint exhibit, scheduled to open next Friday (with a reception next Thursday night), was up on the walls today!

It’s an amazing exhibit – a must-see if you live/work or are visiting L.A. in the next four months. Of particular interest: the lost Horton Hatches The Egg (1942) original title cel set up (image removed by request). There are dozens of pieces from Disney, UPA, Warner Bros. and even DePatie Freleng. But my favorite material was on loan from the fabled Bob Clampett archive. Here’s a partial list of the Clampett goodies on display:

1. HORTON HATCHES THE EGG (1942) ­ Cel Set-up and model sheet
2. Clampett’s Employee Card 1940
3. WHAT’S COOKIN’, DOC? (1944) story sketch – Bugs
4. WHAT’S COOKIN’, DOC? (1944) cel set-up of Bugs at table in Coconut Grove
5. THE GREAT PIGGY BANK ROBBERY (1946) ­ Two (2) pages of story meeting notes!
6. ROVER’S RIVAL (1937) ­ a page of Mel Blanc’s recording script!
7. BIRDY AND THE BEAST (1944) Storyboard panels
8. BOOK REVUE (1946) an original Daffy Duck model sheet

The exhibit opens to the public next Friday, May 16th. Do not miss this! And it’s FREE!

  • The lecture and exhibit were both great. I saw you in the exhibit Jerry, but you seemed so interested in the artwork, I was afraid to bother you.

  • OM

    …Some day, the Democrats will finally get their act together and take total majority control of Congress and the White House, and that cel of Horton freezing will suddenly become the symbol for the Republican party – left out in the cold!

  • Jerry, from one original titles aficionado to another, that is one sweet title card. Hope you don’t mind if I co-opt it for my site.

  • The Brew does a great job at being a clearing house for all things animation. I wish, however, that you could institute a regular column with upcoming animation events. Then I could have attended this, -instead of sitting at home on my ever-widening bottom- and not read about it after the fact, drooling with envy.

  • I’m there!!!

  • Ah yes! The lecture and exhibit were amazing! I got to meet Tom Sito and he was a really funny guy. Didn’t see you there or I would’ve said hello.

  • Thanks a lot for sharing that cel, Jerry!
    You know, it would be cool to make some kind of “Behind the Tunes” special on the LTGCs devoted to these original titlesa available only as cels, with a gallery of them, like for “Pigs in a Polka” etc..

  • David D

    I just love the little bit of impasto on the egg spots and the transparency coming up that this image shows – Nice eye candy!

  • These pieces are the tip of the iceberg from the famous Bob Clampett archive. Ruth Clampett should publish a large coffee table book showcasing her dad’s vast animation collection.

  • Bugsmer

    Awesome, Jerry! That’s quite a find.

  • Awesome. I wonder how long it’s been since that title card has been seen. That’s incredible.

  • Lonny

    Clampett wasn’t my fave director (I certainly don’t have the fixation on him that Kricfalusi does), but his “Horton” toon was aces. Nice he’s getting a tribute. Thanks for the heads up – I’ll have to head out there and take a look.

  • Chuck R.

    The Horton title card is very nice, but not stellar compared to some of the MGM’s that I’ve seen. (MGM cartoons had great title cards, but pretty mediocre posters.) I’m amazed at some of the hand-lettering displayed on character model sheets, particularly impressive when one considers that model sheets aren’t held on the screen for 10 seconds.

  • Nick

    Nice! I’m a sucker for original title cards.

  • Alan

    Is there any free carpools from The Bay Area to there and back?

  • I also attended the lecture, which was really enjoyable. The art exhibit was amazing. Personally, I was salivating over Eyvind Earle Sleeping Beauty backgrounds, and a fairly large collection of Mary Blair art (among other things).

  • Daniel J. Drazen

    Can’t get to LA from Southwestern Michigan, but they showed the “Horton Hatches The Egg” cartoon enough times on WGN Chicago during my kidhood that it was imprinted on my brain (if only in black-and-white). That includes the misbegotten use of “Hut Sut Raw” sung by Horton at the beginning and end, as well as the occasional use of celebrity impersonation by the absentee mama bird (eyeroll).

  • Susana

    I was there, too! It was very interesting. I didn’t know anyone else there, so it’s so cool seeing the comments here of people who attended, as well as your entry.

  • Bart

    WOW!!! Cool title card!! Thanks for posting, Jerry!!

  • Chuck R.

    Jerry, What happened to the Horton title card? I know I said it wasn’t “stellar”, but it’s still ogle-worthy!