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Upcoming In NYC: Richard Williams Tribute Series

To celebrate the upcoming 80th birthday of Richard Williams, 92Y Tribeca will present three evenings of screenings devoted to his work:

Wednesday, February 27: A screening of Who Framed Roger Rabbit on 35mm. (It is the film’s 25th anniversary this year.)

Thursday, February 28: An evening of Richard Williams rarities including his ambitious early short The Little Island (1958). The program will be introduced by NY animation director (and former Williams employee) Michael Sporn.

Friday, March 1: A screening of the fantastic new documentary Persistence of Vision, about Williams’ decades-long attempt to create his personal masterpiece The Thief and the Cobbler. I’ll be hosting a discussion with the director of the documentary, Kevin Schreck, after the 7pm screening.

92Y Tribeca is located in Manhattan (200 Hudson Street, NY, NY 10013). Tickets for each screening are $12 and available on the 92Y Tribeca website.

  • Acme

    Here hoping for Williams on Roger Rabbit 2

  • My guess after the Persistence doc – the people will vandal and egg both WB and Disney lots for ruining a potential classic

  • Chris Leonido

    Regarding on Roger Rabbit 2,I heard through the grapevine that a new script based off of certain aspects from the planned prequel has been send to Disney. According to Zemeckis.

    This sounds pretty cool. Too bad I cant show up since I m nowhere close to New York City.

  • Mike

    When oh when will someone do a real retrospective on this man’s career? He should have his own documentary, not just on “Thief”, but his whole catalog and bio. There have been some good ones in the past, but none that stretch to 2013.