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COPENHAGEN: Kay Nielsen Exhibit

Kay Nielsen artwork

The GL. Holtegaard museum near Copenhagen has a Kay Nielsen exhibit on display until August 19. The show features over 120 drawings and illustrations, including some of Nielsen’s work from Fantasia on loan from Disney. If you can’t make the show, there’s plenty of Nielsen’s illustrations online at the ASIFA-Hollywood Animation Archive and ArtPassions.net.

(Thanks, Alex Rannie)

  • A friend owns around 10 pieces of Disney Nielsen conceptual art – beautiful and extremely detailed pastels he did for several Fantasia sequences including Night on Bald Mountain, the dinosaur segment which I’ve forgotten the name of right now, and several for the Little Mermaid which was being worked on before World War II broke out. Nielsen actually received screen credit when the film was released for the work he did on the film in the 1940s. My friend also has a great watercolor and pencil concept of Bacchus that Nielsen did.

    Absolutely gorgeous stuff!

  • Wow, I wish I could see them.They must be amazing.
    I’m a life long Nielsen fan and have managed to buy two, a sketch from Ave Maria and a beautiful costume design for two eastern warriors . Its a shame so much of his work is still unpublished as it is incomparable.

  • this site is great one. wish u all the luck