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CTN-X Live Streaming

The CTN-Expo in Burbank starts today at 12 noon – and that’s where I’ll be. If you can’t make it to Burbank, I’ve been told many of the panels will be live streamed. You will need to purchase a “virtual passport” to watch, but it seems like a good deal.

Cartoon Brew will have a table (T73), and is hosting the overflow lounge in the hotel lobby. I’ll be around at one of those locations, unless I’m moderating a panel or introducing a screening (see my schedule here). Animator Mark Kausler will be joining me at the table all weekend, showing off the world premiere of his all-new “Cat” short in beautiful hi-def. One way or another, I hope to see you there!

  • i love Mark!!! – he is an incredible and ingeniously creative man ! Aloha Mark and Jerry ! – wish i could make it out to see his newest film cartoon but i’m stuck in Sherman Oaks today — peace!

  • Joel

    I wish I could be there or that the virtual passport wasn’t $65. I hope to see updates and recaps of the event here and elsewhere soon. C:

  • Cathy

    Does the virtual passport allow you to watch formerly streamed (i.e. archived, hopefully!) stuff?

    • Jenny

      Yes! I got it just now and I’m watching panels from last night.

  • Cathy

    oooh…looks like you can’t pay with Paypal…

    : (

  • I just bought my virtual passport, and I cannot find the link to view the panels. Can anyone tell me where the links are?