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Day 1 @ Comic Con


San Diego Comic Con Thursday, 7.26.07, 5:30pm

Signing Popeye DVD posters with Stephen DeStefano at the Warner Bros. booth. (Thanks to Dan O’Shannon for the iPhone photo)
  • I’m debating whether that picture makes me want to buy the DVD or an iPhone…

  • That was a great panel Jerry. It would have been nice to see some of the restored cartoons during the panel, but I guess you can’t have everything. I would have stuck around for a poster, but I had to run to Bill Plympton’s screening. Will there be Popeye posters on the show floor anywhere during the rest of Comic Con?

  • Ed

    I want a poster!! – I’m only 4000 miles down the road, gah!

  • Paul

    Aargh! I want a Popeye poster too (and I’m much closer at only 600 miles away…)

  • I’d like to thank Stephen DeStefano for putting the image of a dapper Cartoonist out there for the people to see.

  • Chuck R.

    We all want a poster!
    What we need, Jerry, is a contest with 300 winners. You can come up with any question you like, but the answer has to be “Poopdeck Pappy.”

  • Paul

    “What character in a Popeye cartoon isn’t Popeye, Olive Oyl, Bluto, Swee-pea, Popeye’s nephews, or the Jeep?” :0)

  • I just saw a TV ad for the Popeye DVD set at the end of Jeopardy, just a few minutes ago! Hooray!

  • Stephen deStefano

    My thanks to Vincent for the fine compliment about my panel attire.
    I do try and present the proper cartoonist image, although not shown in the photo is the fact that I have no pants on under the podium.
    The signing was a blast, and Jerry quite the charming company.

  • Richard

    I was too bad that you could not sell any of the dvds at the con.
    They would have been a hit.
    Good panel.

  • After the Popeye panel I headed to the WB booth to get a (unsigned) poster. I was wearing my hat. Everyone in the line started exclaiming “Hey! She’s already got a hat!!” like I was standing in the line multiple times to deprive others of free stuff. I hid the hat before I got to the front, so I got my poster, hat, and anchor tattoo without incident – I was worried they’d kick me out of the line or something. :P

    But now I have two hats. Bwaha. eBay can’t have the extra. I was totally jealous of the kid I saw who apparently got you to sign his hat. I’d kill for a Popeye hat signed by Jerry Beck, that’s awesome.