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Drinking and Drawing @ Platform


Cartoonists going to the Platform International Animation Festival in Portland next week will be invited to be part of an experimental collaborative animated film. Dan Meth will round up 100 artists and have each draw 7 frames of a new unscripted short cartoon — on location at a bar full of cartoon fanatics. Sounds like fun. You can sign up in advance by contacting Dan at dammeth-at-danmeth.com.

  • amy

    Oh damn :(
    I’d love to take part, but it’s only open to pass-holders.

  • Henri

    Do we email him to participate in the animation or to view the artists drawing?

    Either way it sounds to be much fun!

  • You can still participate in Drinking and Drawing if you are a not a pass holder. Visit http://frederatorblogs.com/post/4149 to print out your very own pass!
    Also, there’s no need to e-mail if you’d like to attend, but we’d love to hear from you if you’d like to be one of our animators.