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El Superbeasto theatrical screenings Sept. 12th

A “One Night Only” theatrical screening of The Haunted World of El Superbeasto is set for September 12th in about 50 movie theaters across the country. In LA it’s playing at the Mann Chinese 6. In New York, it’ll be at the Chelsea Cinemas. Most theatres are running the animated feature as a midnight show.

Theatre locations, film information and tickets are available online here.

  • Sarah

    Alright! Chelsea Cinemas! I better go mark my calendar, I don’t wanna miss my chance to see it on the big screen.

  • vzk

    Cool. Even if it’s not a great movie, I believe it should be seen in theaters. Will this make it eligible for an Academy Award nomination?

  • Ted

    What? No talkback thread?

    They projected a BluRay; dirty cheaters. It was most noticeable in fast lateral movement.
    I was the only one in the theater. I wonder if Box Office Mojo will actually post any numbers for it.The theater said they only found out about it last week; it didn’t show up on the theater’s lit up movie showing board above the ticket counter (let alone the list of movies outside). No way for anyone to lear of it at the theater, in other words.
    They accidentally stopped it a half hour into the movie (first, audio dropped out, then video). Took them a few minutes to figure it out, and they had to use me as a guide to find where the disc stopped.

    Carbunkle in the credits (Big Star too).
    Also Jim Smith and Chris Reccardi in the credits (both under storyboard I think). I think maybe Lynne Naylor, but it was in a cluster and I can’t be sure.

    The opening credit sequence was awesome; barely animated, but it captured a certain ’40s graphic and audio quality.
    The backgrounds looked good, even for projecting a home video format. The movie is not Jimmy safe. Lots of breasts; unfortunately, unattractive ones. The girl voices weren’t very good; Rosario Dawson’s regular voice is grear, her voice in this is not; Sheri Moon Zombie was a bit irritating, but not as bad as the princess from Drawn Together, tho in a similar vein. (There is a certain kind of Drawn Together feel to it, in both character designs,characterization and material, but I liked it more than Drawn Together.) The movie held together well as a whole, unlike, say, the Simpsons movie which felt like 4 episodes stitched together (tho there were very separate zombie and Dr Satan storylines). The actor and horror caricatures were good. Not a perfect movie, a bit too juvenile.

    No Rob Zombie music at all (unless he was working under a pseudonym). Not even a cover version by someone else of Superbeast, which I’d think would be a given.