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Gene Deitch screening followup

A full house of animation fans had a blast at our Tribute to Gene Deitch last night at the CineFamily/Silent Movie Theatre in Hollywood. My thanks to all who attended – Gene especially appreciated the audience reaction to his films. He told me later that he really enjoyed that the crowd got all the gags and laughed right where they were supposed to during Flebus, Munro, Here’s Nudick and Self Defense For Cowards. He was truly touched by all the love he felt at the tribute.

Animator Jeaux Janovsky sent me some of his sketch-notes he took at the show (click below thumbnails to enlarge); next to that is a scan of Charles Solomon’s LA Times story (7/5/10), which was never posted online. Below that Mike Clark snapped this photo (second row, below left) of Gene, his wife Zdenka, me and Terrytoon animator Len Glasser after the show. I myself took a few snaps (center and right) of Gene and Zdenka with my iPhone before the show. Jamie Kezlarian Bolio also took some great photos (like the one above) and posted them in a Facebook Album. Jamie also shot video of our Q&A and has posted it on our Cartoon Brew Facebook page. Thank you everyone – but especially THANK YOU to Gene for making this special appearance and a lifetime of great films.

  • Sorry I missed that.Must pay closer attention to things other than mutants & SpongeBob

  • This was a fantastic show, Jerry. I wasn’t familiar with Deitch’s work before (most of my exposure to classic animation is Looney Tunes), but I’ve yet to be disappointed by one of your programs, so I came anyway, and it’s probably one of my favorites you’ve done so far. The shorts were all incredible – I love that bold minimalist style, and they’re so inventive! And hearing Gene’s stories was an amazing experience. I’ve definitely got to check out his book now.

    Anyway, thanks for opening up another section of the animation world to me – I’ll certainly be exploring it further.

  • Charles Brubaker

    I had a blast at the screening. I should attend more cartoon screenings in the future.

  • It was a GREAT night. Huge thanks to all involved! LOVED seeing the films on the big screen. LOVED seeing Deitch in person and hearing the stories. THANKS again! :)

  • Christopher Cook

    Wish I coulda been there. As a kid I always loved Tom Terrific but was never aware Gene created it. I rediscovered it not too long ago and it’s still a joy to watch.

    Did Gene ever explain his Tom & Jerry cartoons?

  • Jamie Kezlarian Bolio has posted video of last night’s Gene Deitch event on Cartoon Brew’s Facebook page:

  • Joseph McCabe

    Great night. A wonderful sampling of work from throughout Gene’s career. And he and his wife were very sweet.

  • gene schiller

    nice selection of “deitch” ‘toons, though I wish they had included the more visually flamboyant “Topsy TV” or “Sick, Sick Sidney,” or a TJ or two (what’s wrong with “Switchin’ Kitten?”). “Munro” is fine, but more “feifferesque” than “deitchian,” lacking the kinetic quality of his best work.