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Looney Tunes at S.F. Airport


Check this out. Starting last month a portion Eric Calande’s Looney Tunes collection went on display at the San Francisco International Airport. The show is located in the international terminal (section A2) and consists of 20 cases worth of material featuring vintage production artwork and rare collectibles. The show is FREE to see and because it sits out side of the security area there is no need to be a ticketed passenger. If you are in the Bay area, or planning to fly through it, the terminal will display the exhibit through March 2008.

  • This should be done at EVERY major city airport. C’mon, I know somebody’s gotta have a nice stash of cartoon art and memorabilia for the Minneapolis-St. Paul airport!

  • K.Borcz

    That’s soo cool! The Chi-town airports only got artsy photos up, a few sculptures, and a dinosaur…. They should totally display stuff like that here too. After all, we’re the birthplace of Walt Disney. Why aren’t we showcasing some Disney stuff?

  • John A

    Why can’t this stuff tour? Not at airports, I mean, at actual art museums?

  • Jake

    They could put their infamous mens room stalls to better use.

  • top_cat_james

    Why can’t this be a traveling exhibit?

  • Hey thats in my back yard! I’ll stop by…..

  • This would indeed make a fantastic travelling exhibition that would help promote the Looney Tunes characters and inspire a new generation of collectors and animators alike. The problem lies with the copyrights of the characters. This collection can be shown publicly as an educational tool but if the collection generates money Warner Brothers could claim copyright infringement (or so I understand).

  • We have some pretty cool art in the CVG airport south of Cincinnati. Large-scale mosaics! http://www.cvgairport.com/airport/murals/index.shtml Still, I wouldn’t mind seeing Eric’s collection as well. Nice stuff!

    One question for Eric: There’s a cel from “Rabbit Seasoning” on your site: http://members.aol.com/bruz2/daffy.html with a curious rocketship in the background. Is there a story behind that?

  • Daffys Rocket….wish I had good story for you but I don’t. The background that you see is actually just a color copy of a production background from another cartoon. It came with the cel when purchased. I can only assume the previous owner of the cel felt it was better to have a rocket in the background to enhance the cel than no image at all.

  • The G Man

    That background is from “Haredevil Hare.” Notice the little firecracker on the rocket which the scientist lights before running away.

  • Damn! I was just at SFO not two weeks ago, and I missed it! (That’s what I get for waiting by the gate and not missing my plane.)

  • I’m discouraged to see in the description of the exhibit that “Photography is not permitted.” Is this a copyright thing or a Homeland Security thing? Anyway, it looks like this is worth the price of a round-trip flight (with 21 days advance notice in a non-blackout period etc) from Burbank all by itself.

  • Terry – I agree that the “no photography” rule is unfortunate. If anybody wants to take pics and post them onto Flickr, we’ll link it on the Brew. I’m sure there’s plenty of people that want to see this who can’t make it out to SFO anytime soon.

  • The no photography rule is partly a copyright issue I’m sure, but it is also a conservation issue. The museum conservators do not want camera flashes causing any damage to the artwork. They were even very cautious and concerned about the light levels illuminating the cases.