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Mary Blair Exhibit at Tokyo’s Museum of Contemporary Art

Mary Blair Exhibit

“The Colors of Mary Blair” is a major new exhibit of Mary Blair’s artwork that has opened at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Tokyo, Japan. Over five hundred pieces of original artwork are on display, including her animation work, book illustrations, package designs, watercolors, and personal artwork. The show’s website is in Japanese, but there is an English section with basic address and admission details. These photos on Flickr (HERE and HERE) give a sense of the exhibit’s scale, and this image shows that the exhibition is accompanied by merchandise and a catalog. The show runs through October 4.

(via Disney History)

  • Greg Condon

    that’s what mary blair looks like? Yowzer!!

  • Saschka

    I saw the exhibition last weekend and it was amazing! Seeing the colors of the originals, one started to realize just how poor all print reproductions of her artwork are. Though by far the most amazing artwork was Mary Blair’s (Mary Robinson at the time) paintings that she did pre-disney. Hauntingly beautiful aquarels! Strangely for me, everything she did afterwards, paled in comparison…

  • doug holverson

    Almost looks good & sweet enough to be a Disney princess…

  • A must have book to get yet again! Mary Blair’s work is so simple, sophisticated, fresh and free. Gotta love it!

  • Beautiful work. Sticking with simpler pallettes myself, I’m always impressed when someone has such great control of color. This discussion also makes me glad that I’m a boy and talk of my work will never mention my physical looks. Whew!

  • Perhaps this will lead to a stateside exhibit and a proper “Art of” book of Mary Blair’s work.

    I’d certainly pick up that release.

  • Jack: Did you know about The Art and Flair of Mary Blair by John Canemaker?

    It’s something I hope to pick up soon, I haven’t actually read it.

  • Jake A

    I just saw the exhibition before coming back to the states. It was an extremely well-done exhibit, showcasing her art from her entire life, not just disney-related works (though to be honest, most of it was disney-related artwork). I guess the museum, working with Ghibli Studio, was able to requisition many works from Disney itself, probably not an easy process. They even brought in some of the paintings and a few animation drawings by Lee Blair (her husband) and Preston Blair (Lee’s brother). Also, I went on a Thurday morning, and it was packed…when I left there was a line of about 20 ppl, and it was one of the few times I’ve gone to an art exhibit and had to wait for ppl to move around works I wanted to see. The merchandise section was also one of the largest I’ve seen for any one show and most of it was good quality. I was able to pick up the catalog (270-ish pages, full color) for only $28, quite a steal I think considering that something in the states could be upwards of 50/75 dollars.

    Still, seeing it in person is much more evocative and if the show comes to the states, I would definitely go see it again.

  • Stop the colors! Whenever I begin a new project, I dive into “saved images” and “The Art and Flair…” book for inspiration. Mary Blair’s world helps me create my very own magic kingdom. And look at those fingernails…..they had to be jungle red. Go Mary!