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Michael Jackson’s auction

Good news — especially if you are a Disney Peter Pan fanatic.

In case you haven’t heard, Michael Jackson (“The King of Pop”) is going through some financial problems and has to sell a good portion of his personal collection. Julien’s Auctions has just posted the “Amusements, Arcade Games, and Entertainment” catalog for Jackson’s April 24th public auction on their website.

There’s some really interesting Disneyana starting on page 206, including dioramas and other items made specifically for Michael Jackson. Some Warner Bros. and Simpsons items scattered about as well — including his personal first edition hardcover of Of Mice and Magic!! Say it isn’t so, Michael… I hope you’ve kept the paperback edition!

(Thanks, Danielle Keenan)

  • Bill5925

    Ok, page 227 is very disturbing. He could sit in Peter Pan’s lap or “play” with a John Darling figure?!? And where is Tinker Bell heading?

  • Doesn’t he own the rights to the Beatles catalog? He can’t sell those?

  • Daniel J. Drazen

    Didn’t J. M. Barrie refer to Pan as “The boy who wouldn’t grow up”?

  • Michael E

    I wonder if Michael knows who you are, Jerry from the book? lol. Who knows, he could be a cartoon brew reader.

  • Fuzzy Dunlop

    I want the life-size statues of an elderly maid and butler as seen on page 115!!

  • You post this but NOTHING about the Wonder Woman direct-to-dvd/blu-ray that comes out today? It’s supposed to be great! I love the Brew but why is there never any mention of DC or Marvel animation?

  • I’d only want the book if I could be sure he wore a glove on BOTH hands while he was reading it.

  • Allan Turner – I love all the DC animation series produced by Warner Bros.

    I’m not sure why we rarely mention their work, but its consistently excellent. News about the Wonder Woman DVD is posted in a million places on the web. If you are looking for press releases, try Animation Magazine, AWN or Animated-News.com (to name a few). We are a blog, not a news site, and we have no obligation to post about every DVD, movie, and website. We post about what we like, dislike or interests us on that particular day.

    That said, if Warner Bros. wants to send us a review copy of the Wonder Woman DVD, I’d be interested in checking it out. Otherwise I’ll wait for it to turn up on Cartoon Network.

  • Matt Sullivan

    Wahh boo hoo. Maybe if he’d lived within his means he could have kept his assorted stuff. But no, he had to live on a friggin COMPOUND with its own amusement park.

    Let him suffer the anguish of living an ordinary poverty filled life, just like the rest of us.

  • maxeythecat

    I’d be interested in the entertainment books he’s got….hell, the bookstore that I used to work at sold ’em all to him, so I have a pretty good idea of what’s available. Curiously, I noticed that the art and photo books aren’t up for sale…guess he took those with him. And as far as the Disneyana is concerned, there’s LOTS not being sold this go-round…I know he’s got some original Disney cels, but wisely he’s holding onto ’em.

  • EatRune

    Simpsons items? I heard Nancy Cartwright once gave him a Bart Simpson doll, so I wonder if that’s among the stuff . . .