MONDAY in LA: “Cartoon Dump” MONDAY in LA: “Cartoon Dump”

MONDAY in LA: “Cartoon Dump”

The first Cartoon Dump of 2011 is Monday (1/24) at 8pm at the Steve Allen Theatre in Hollywood. My long running show is kicking off the new year with its usual blend of sketches, songs, puppets, stand up comedy and some of the absolute worst cartoons ever made – no shit, these are real life animation atrocities from the traumatic Saturday mornings of our shameful past.

With Frank Conniff (MST3K and, until last Friday, of Countdown with Keith Olbermann), Erica Doering as Compost Brite, J. Elvis Weinstein as Dumpster Diver Dan, Kristin Ariggo as Cue Card Goddess and April Hava Shenkman (Grand daughter of Fleischer/Warner veteran animator Ben Shenkman) as Madame Hava – and special stand-up comedy guest, Matt Braunger (Mad TV). Info: here. Tickets: here.

  • The online CARTOON DUMPs were apparently posted as teasers and there won’t be any more. Will there ever be a DVD release of DUMP shows?

  • Iritscen

    Yes, as a fan of TV’s Frank, and having seen clips from the show, I would definitely like to see more of it posted online. Your regular posts about the shows are tantamount to saying “nya nya nya nyaaa nya” to all of us on the East Coast or otherwise distant from LA :-)

  • Gummo

    Dammit, when are you guys gonna come to NYC and take a dump — I mean, DO a Dump — here??

  • Justin

    Is Clutch Cargo part of this (because I can’t understand why this show is done with live action mouths instead on animating the mouths)? I can’t even watch it because it’s so horrifying!