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Reactions from Comic Con and Tr!ckster

The doors just opened at Comic Con, and I’m not exactly in a position to “live blog” the event – but perhaps you are. If you are reading this while on line or waiting for a panel to begin, send us your thoughts on how its going, what you’ve seen or any or if you found anything cool in the exhibit hall (like this limited “Con exclusive” Comic Book Guy ornament (above) being sold at the Hallmark booth).

If you are you an animation artist artist who is exhibiting your wares at Comic Con or Tr!ckster, please post that info on our Open Thread. And don’t miss Tr!ckster, across the street in the San Diego Wine and Culinary Gallery. It’s a must see – and I’ll be screening Cartoon Brew’s Student Film Festival Thursday and Friday mornings at 10am!

  • Christopher Cook

    Regrettably I can’t be there but KNX radio has been reporting on it. A writer for the Los Angeles Times calls it “The Oscars in reverse…instead of the fans coming out to see the stars, the stars come out to see the fans.”

  • Rick R.

    It was a GREAT event!

    The bad part is, you now have to be a very dedicated fan of [insert subject here] and be able to stand in lines for half a day to see any given panel.

    but as the things I did the line ride for were the Cowboys & Aliens premiere and getting autographs from the Doctor and Amy (Matt Smith and Karen Gillan), I am not unhappy I got to do those things.

  • Anon

    It was a good con. It was a little less crowded then last year. I like that the film/television/video games are bleeding into the city. I’m hoping that they move out of the convention center and only show in the city.I saw about a half dozen panels that I wanted to see but I didn’t go to any of them. You have an hour wait for any panel. I’m not talking about Hall H. Hall H is a minimum of two hour wait. My time is worth more to me then that. Trickster was great. Really like the symposium. I only bought one ticket to one symposium because I wasn’t sure if I’d like it. I plan on buying more next year. Comic-Con does appear to be loosing it’s artists and favoring the studios, I’d like to see them go back to having more artists. And by artists, I don’t mean the artists who are just showing off their portfolios looking to drum up work. I want more artists who are making and selling stuff at the con, more like the TCAF

  • Rick R.

    In case anyone wants to see my pics from Comic Con, here’s the URL