Super Bowl Sunday Super Bowl Sunday

Super Bowl Sunday

All you need to know in 14 seconds…

  • jordan reichek

    MY FAVORITE CARTOON OF ALL TIME!!!! Thanks, Rudy and Hugh!!

  • Austin Papageorge

    “Who Dat!”

    Ha ha!

    But what does this have to do about football?

  • George

    The “Who Dat?” chant is what New Orleans Saints fans use to rally the team/other fans.

  • sporridge

    Since I’ve yet to see his name mentioned anywhere in association with this week’s “Who dat?” outbreak, just a shout out to Mantan Moreland. Thank you.

  • Mr. Beck,
    As a lifelong resident of New Orleans, I thank you for posting this sweet clip. I must now share this with fellow Saints fans.

  • I think he sings ‘…well now i declare that boy looks like a millionaire… see that hat, see those shoes, a boy like that ought to be good news’

    something like that anyway, great wee cartoon

  • Austin Papageorge

    George: Shows you how much I know about football.

  • squirrel

    You do know that not everyone in the nation knows about the Saints’ chant, right? I saw this post and tried to figure out what the video meant in relation to football… and just shrugged it off. But then again, I’m not into sports anyway.

    Heck, I saw everyone in the downtown area just STAND in the middle of the street, facing the same direction, like some kind of outdoor sermon! I then discovered they were watching the Yankees win on TV. I need to get in touch more…

  • Jay Sabicer

    For a moment, I thought the Budweiser frogs were making a comeback.

  • This is what Frog Princess should have been like.

  • Austin Papageorge

    “You do know that not everyone in the NATION knows about the Saints’ chant, right?”

    (emphasis mine)

    I imagine international visitors will have a harder time figuring this one out.

    Or they just tune out any post that has “Super Bowl” in the title.

  • uncle wayne

    I must thank THEE….I had been dying for a (toon) clip of (ANY toon) saying (just) “the phrase”….but not an entire film. (Like i HAD put on my f.b., the film “Tin Pan Alley Cats”) Being an avid TOON fan (as opposed to an avid Football fan), this is as “gun-ho” as I get….and it’ll even be put on my f.b. to assist to “cheer!” Thank YOO for the “acknowledgement” [If you’re from N.O., you’re actually SICK of the phrase by now.]

  • You mean, that’s a football game? I thought it was a cartoon character… the Superb Owl!

  • Marc Baker

    That’s a creative way of illustrating a particular sports team, and their specific war cry. Though it’s pretty understandable how most people who aren’t Saints fans wouldn’t get it. Some might go as far as pointing out how the ‘frogs’ are ‘racial stereotypes’.

  • Deaniac

    Looks like someone’s a Saints fan..