TUESDAY in LA: “Cartoon Noir” TUESDAY in LA: “Cartoon Noir”

TUESDAY in LA: “Cartoon Noir”

My next animation program for the Cinefamily is based on Film Noir – so naturally we call it Cartoon Noir. Private eyes, plainclothes cops, hapless grifters and starving putty tats all figure into the on-screen murder and mayhem. As usual, rare 35mm and 16mm film prints (and some video) of some of the funniest, violent and sexiest cartoons ever made. Join us Tuesday February 1st, 8pm at the Silent Movie Theatre on Fairfax in Hollywood. Order tickets now!

  • Still waiting for the day when teleportation is invented, so I can go see all the great animation shows on the west coast on short notice.

  • uncle wayne

    Damn! That is a beauuutiful trailer!! (And ya gotta be 90 to know “Peter Gunn!”)

    • Iritscen

      Or you can grow up in Generation X, in which case this music is famous as the Theme from Spy Hunter.

  • Awesome trailer for the event! And the Peter Gunn theme is the coolest sound known to man.

  • Chubby

    Your trailer really enthused the audience last night at Cinefamily’s screening of ‘A Thousand Clowns.’ Great work! I look forward to the event date.

  • Joe

    Saw the trailer at the Buster Keaton show on Wednesday and it got huge applause! The show was amazing last summer throughout the academy program.

  • @Jerry: Do you know whatever happened to Brad Bird’s Futuristic FilmNoir project RayGunn?

  • mbm

    hope you guys are showing some of the Fleischer Supermans

  • Are you showing Duckman?

  • Needs more “The Tale of X9” from Samurai Jack, because neo-noir totally should be included; and that episode is just beautiful.

  • Ah, and you mustn’t forget “Q. T. HUSH”. From the get go, where the knife is thrown, it is pure sendup of all noir.

  • benhamen

    is the complete list of the films played there available?