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What’re You Selling At Comic-Con?

San Diego Comic-ConWe’re starting to receive a lot of announcements from animation folk about what they’re selling next week at San Diego Comic-Con International. In fact, the amount of emails is becoming a bit overwhelming so we’re creating this open thread where any animation artist can announce what they’re selling. Be sure to include your booth number, website, and any other relevant details. It’s a huge convention center and we want to find you. This thread is ONLY about what cool things are being sold on the convention floor by animation folk; to keep things organized, all other comments will be deleted from this thread.

  • The Hard Ei8ht Godfathers and I will be back again this year. You can find us at booth 1034, right next to the booth we had last year. We will be selling copies of Hard Ei8ht volume 1 as well as prints, artist’s sketchbooks, poker chips and other goodies!

    In case you don’t know what Hard Ei8ht vol. 1 is all about, it’s a graphic novel that compiles 9 different takes on the same character, Hard Ei8ht. Hard Ei8ht is an ex-Vegas assassin that was betrayed by the people he worked for and now he uses his lethal skills to help the helpless people of Vegas and fight against the bad guys he helped put into power. When his former employers betrayed him, they took his deadly trigger fingers and left him for dead, now he has to find a new way to fight back.

    We have several talented artists and writers from all facets of the animation industry who currently work at such places as Nickelodeon, Cartoon Network, Electronic Arts, Disney, and more that have contributed their take on Hard Ei8ht. To learn more about who we are, please visit our Hard Ei8ht production blog and even get some sneak peaks at our upcoming Hard Ei8ht volume 2!!

    To see a couple of our Hard Ei8ht stories brought to life, please check out these youtube videos!

    We also have a sketchbook section and a must see pin up section with artwork from artists such as Stephen Silver, Daivid Colman, Justin Ridge, Anne Walker, Mike Roush, Eric Robles, and more!!!

    Seeya in San Diego!

  • Steve Gattuso

    I’ll be working with the crew manning this year’s ASIFA-Hollywood booth. We’re at the same location as last year, booth 5434, which is against the front wall in the IP Pavilion area. Come on by and visit, as we’ll have unusual animation cels, books, and DVDs for sale. In addition, any new membership who signs up at the convention will receive a special gift to thank them for joining up. It’s $75 for regular memberships and $30 for students, and in the course of a year you’ll find it so very worth the money. We’re also holding an animation jam on the site, so if you drop by you can see animation done before your very eyes.

    While at the con, be sure to take in some of the panels we’ll be hosting, including the US premiere of the new documentary “The Pixar Story,” our annual “State of the Industry” panel, A UPA retrospective, and “The Worst Cartoons Ever,” hosted by Cartoon Brew’s own Jerry Beck.

  • I’ll be there with fellow Pixar artists Bill Presing and Jeff Pidgeon. We’ll have:

    *THE ANCIENT BOOK OF MYTH AND WAR: a coffee table art book by Scott Morse, Lou Romano, Don Shank, and Nate Wragg

    *SCRAP METTLE: A 400 page hardcover sketchbook by Scott Morse, featuring ink, watercolors, and cell vinyl explorations

    *BELLE du JOUR: a fantastic hardcover compilation of the pin-up girl art of Bill Presing (REX STEELE)

    *BEAVER!: A new toy by Jeff Pidgeon, funny and well designed, you’ll want one for you and one for your mom

    *CUSTOM UKULELES: hand-painted original ukuleles by Scott Morse, and if you buy one, he’ll play you a tune on it

    *ORIGINAL ART: from all three of us!

    *plus more suprises!

    BOOTH 4800, come early for the good pickin’s on original offerings!

  • I had the pleasure of contributing to “HOT MEXICAN LOVE COMICS” this year and last year… it’s an anthology of comic stories created by predominantly TV animation artists. It will premier at the Comic-Con in the small press area table L3.

    It’s a fun comics romp that doesn’t take itself too seriously and simply offers up your money’s worth in laughs (actually, MORE than your money’s worth… but you get the idea). It’s got some major talent in it, so please check it out.

    I think if you stop by the booth you will be delighted at what a fun group we are – so don’t just buy the book… experience the love… Hot Mexican love, that is!

    More info can be obtained at:

    Massive thanks to Cartoon Brew for opening this thread. Cheers!

  • Bursting from the creative minds of the “best-looking animators working in TV animation today” comes 2007’s Latin-themed, graphic-anthology answer to “Romeo & Juliet”…


    Hot Mexican Love Comics is, bar none, the most passionate book on the shelves today. Each story has a refernce to the Latin culture. Each contributor actively works in TV animation. Productions include: The Simpsons, Futurama, Avatar, Family Guy, American Dad, The Mighty Bee, The Replacements and others

    At Comic-Con, we will have our official Premiere and you can meet some of the contributing artists of this literary elixir. Artists of hand will be signing copies, sketching characters and giving free advice on Love (Kisses are also available for a minimal fee).

    So come on down and say “Buenos Dias”
    We can be found in the Small Press area: Table L3
    (speaking spanish is not required)

  • We’ll be sharing a booth with Bill Plympton again (booth 5456) with lots of fancy things to share and sell. Bill has a fantastic Comic Con exclusive with an all new DVD “Mondo Plymptoons” collecting a bunch of previously unrealised films on one big disc. Come on by and check us out! Rebecca, myself and the Animation Show crew will be onhand all weekend to tell you about what’s in store for The Animation Show with a year 4.

  • Chris Turnham and I will be there again, this year at table E4. Here’s what we’ll be selling:

    FLEET STREET SCANDAL: A COLLECTION – 48-page hardcover book filled with lots of our old illustrations, many of which are going out of print.

    SCREENPRINTS – Brand new, limited edition, poster-sized screenprints from both of us.

    OTHER NEW ITEMS – A new large format art print from Chris and 3 mini girl prints from Kevin.

    OLD PPRINTS – We’ll also be carrying a limited selection of our most popular prints from the last year.

    Keep checking our website for previews of the show, and we look forward to seeing you there!

  • I’ll be at Comic-Con International: San Diego for its entire length, from Preview Night on Wednesday, July 25 (6:00 – 9:00 PM) through Sunday, July 29.

    I’ll be in Exhibit Hall A at Table I-8 (right next to Sergio Aragonés), signing autographs, selling original artwork, commissioned artwork, the McFarlane Toys Hanna-Barbera figures I designed, my AnthroCon ’06 T-shirts, ODDBALL COMICS trading cards and other items, and drawing complimentary cartoon sketches for children twelve and under. I’ll also be promoting my upcoming miniseries for DC Comics, CAPTAIN CARROT AND THE FINAL ARC and other projects.

  • Some of you may remember me from my two cartoons: the anti-Bush propaganda toon “Brother Can You Spare a Job?”; and the music video for The Muffs song “Don’t Pick On Me.” (both posted on the Brew a long time ago).

    I’ve taken a break from animation in the last year to focus on my graphic novel, “The Blot.” And now it’s done, published and I’ll be debuting it at San Diego Comic Con.

    I will be sharing booth space with my pals from Sparkplug Comic Books. I believe we are booth #1533 and listed as Sparkplug Comic Books / I Will Destroy You. (if that’s not the correct booth number, I know that we are very close to Drawn & Quarterly and other indie-comics publishers).

    “The Blot” by Tom Neely
    192 page graphic novel in Black & White and Color
    Available now from I Will Destroy You

    Also available: 3 new giclée prints of some of my paintings; Possibly some original art; and some othe rmini comics.

    I’ll be joined by fellow artists: Levon Jihanian, Scot Nobles, Gin Stevens and superstar Jeff Soto will be squatting at our booth during part of the week.

    A brief synopsis of my graphic novel:

    “The Blot” follows a nameless everyman who, while dealing with the fallout from a doomed relationship, is stalked by a mysterious black
    splotch. As the story unfolds, this shape-shifting blot appears as a harmless cloud of ink, a faceless demon, a source of strength and an inescapable darkness, testing our character in a new way with each metamorphosis.

    With a drawing style resembling the 1930s newspaper comic strips of E.C. Segar and Floyd Gottfredson, and a surrealistic sensibility inspired by painter Rene Magritte, Neely eschews traditional, representational comic storytelling and finds innovative new ways to tell an ultimately human story about love and loss.

    I’ll be at the booth all week signing copies, so, COME BUY MY BOOK!!!

  • I’ll be braving the crowds this year, but from a different view piont. This is my first time sitting behind the table! You can find me in booth F3 in the Exhibitor Tables section. I’ll be selling a noir themed sketchbook. You can get a little preview of it over at my blog (

    Stop on by and say hello!

  • Hi There:

    My name is Llyn Hunter and I’ve been a story board artist for TV animation for 17 years working for most of the major studios in LA as well as having worked on Emmy award winning Pinky and the Brain and Animaniacs episodes, and am currently working on Yin Yang Yo over at Disney.

    I will have a booth in the Small Press Area of the San Diego Comic-Con at Table S-4 up against the west/back wall near the stairs to the second floor with a big black and white banner for, � Bobcat Publishing – Llyn Hunter Illustrator.�

    I have my first major publication, A Little Book of Monsters, for sale for $7.95 or the SDCC special price of 5 for $15.00 all signed and numbered HC 32pgs fullcolor fully illustrated (check it out at: ) Along with this I have signed copies of limited editions of unique and interesting illustrated literary works, fantastic deals on framed ($30.00) and unframed prints ($10 ea. 3/$25), original paintings and drawings for sale, and FREE bookmarks, postcards, and treats. I will be at the booth throughout the con for sketches and signings; there will also be a raffle for an original painting. To see some of my work check out my site ( ). Tell me you saw this post on Cartoonbrew and I’ll give you an extra 10% off on your purchase. Thanks!

  • I’ll be at Exhibitor Table G7 along with Octavio Rodriguez selling books, original art, prints and buttons! My new comic STEEL NOODLES will also be premiering at Comic-Con as well as Octavio’s new sketchbook CANO SCRIBBLES 1.5 So please stop by and say hello!!

    Check out our respective blogs for more info:

    Thank you Jerry and Amid for the impromptu ad space!! Free swag awaits you when you stop by our neighborhood!!!

  • The Mr Toast booth is back again but in a new location, booth #2648. New shirts, dolls, art, etc.

  • I’ll be premiering a new sketchbook at the con, but alas, no booth to hawk it from. Look for it at the National Caricaturist Network booth, Bud Plant, Stuart Ng, and any other retailer that offers con-exclusive artist sketchbooks.

    You can also flag me down if you see me- I’m fairly easy to spot.

    Check out my blog for a prevew of the sketchbook:

  • I’ll be there with fellow Pixar board artist and creature designer Derek Thompson at booth #1534. Here’s what we’ll have:

    Ted’s stuff:

    • ROSE AND ISABEL (Parts 1 & 2) – The story of two sisters with Amazonian blood who try to find their missing brothers during the American Civil War.

    Derek’s stuff:

    • DEREKMONSTER MONSTER ANNUALS – featuring hundreds of Derek’s awesome creature designs.



    • AFTERWORKS 1 & 2 anthologies with short stories by animation artists including Bill Presing, Mark Andrews, Peter Sohn, Nate Wragg, Robert Kondo and Scott Morse.

    More info here:

    Thanks Amid and Jerry

  • I’m making a bit of a career leap from animation into licensing. This year at Comicon I’m launching my project (4 years in the making so far) “Milky Way and the Galaxy Girls.” It’s a property for the teen/tween market, and I’m attempting to offer up something with some substance for that particular set. My girls are less about fashion and looks, and more about life’s passion and individuality, with a very strong emphasis on theme. So if you have daughters, nieces, or like cute, girly stuff yourself, come check out my booth #4615 listed as “My Firefly, Inc.” I’ll have tees, stickers, buttons, patches posters, and my self-published book, “What Planet Are You From?” for sale. I’ll also be featuring my own hand-made rag dolls of the characters and making them available for pre-order.

    Plus, there’ll be a section reserved for some non-Foster’s/Powerpuff goodies from my husband, Craig McCracken, including a sketchbook! Please come by and check us out!

    You can get more info on the girls at my site and my blog:

  • Asylum Press, Jim Smith (Ren and Stimpy, The Ripping Friends) and Girls and Corpses Magazine will be sharing a giant triple booth #5435.

    Jim Smith will be selling his new art book CHESTACLESE SKETCHBOOK NO.1. He will have original art to sell as well.

    Frank Forte (HIHI PUFFY AMI YUMI, REANIMATED, MR. MEN) will be on hand all 5 days selling new comics (WARLASH, UNDEAD EVIL, DTOX) and his new line of comic book/animation themed apparel branded ATOMIC MADHOUSE.

    Robert S. Rhine will be selling new issues of Girls and Corpses and running twisted animated cartoons. GNC models will be on hand to take pics with as well. We are right next to the ASIFA HOLLYWOOD booth.

  • I will be once again selling my RedTango line of retro inspired purses, accessories and shirts at booth 5107 in the G area of the Con.


  • Kristen Lester and Griselda Sastrawinata

    Hey there! Griselda and I are new to this whole thing. We will be at the Comicon selling our first book. Griselda’s book is called Griselda Sastrawinata Sketchbook and mine (Kristen Lester) is called Cookie Crumbs. We look forward to seeing everyone and will be at booth E-10!

  • Robert Valley’s short animated film”Massive Swerve” will be available on DVD for free for anyone who purchases the book of the same title. The 2007 Massive Swerve book is a collection of short stories from the last 5 years, some of which have been printed in Heavy Metal, some have never even seen the light of day. 100 pages full color. I will be in the artist alley HH-07 (beg pardon for the shameless self promotion)

  • I’ll be sharing BOOTH #831, “We BLOG!” with five other animators. We will all have brand spanking new books. Here’s the list….

    Gabriele Pennacchioli – “Animal Blog” A collection of animal drawings.

    Scott Wright- His self titled book is a collection of short stories written over the last year.

    Morgan Kelly- “Sketches from the Morgue”, compilation of drawings created in Japan, Spain, and L.A.’s finest cafes, neighborhoods and dive bars.

    Jeremy Bernstein- “Say Havarti! This, that, and the other.” A collection of illustrations, sketchbook doodles, and short poems.

    Jakob Jensen- “My First Imperial ABC” (you’ve never seen an ABC book like this.)

    Donnachada Daly- “Crush” a collection of girls. I’ll also have selected prints and journals.

    Thanks Amid and Jerry for putting up this post. Good to get them all in the one spot.

  • *I posted this on the other Comicon thread, but I’ll post here too for laughs. Thanks for the free ad space Amid and Jerry! :)

    I’ll be there with GirlsDrawinGirls – a group of awesome women artists who get together and draw…well…cute girls. :) Earlier this year we had a little art show over at Pehrspace in Echo Park, and now we’re coming to San Diego to promote our first book!

    We’ll be featured at the Acme Archives booth, #5529, where we will have books and prints for sale. We’ll also have our own booth in the small press section, #B7. Stop by, check out our new book, meet cute girls, and get free stuff!

    Here’s our website, for more info –

  • The Labyrinth is publishing our first art book: The Art of Deanna Marsigliese. 72 full color pages, Hard Cover. Girls,Guys,Gangsters and more.. see a sample at or Deanna has worked most recently as a character designer and concept artist for Nelvana Animation and Sony Imageworks. Booth E-9

  • This year, the Flight crew will be sharing a large booth space with Gallery Nucleus ( and the Out of Picture guys ( from Blue Sky Studios. Nucleus will have prints and shirts available, and Out of Picture will have books for sale.

    At the Flight tables, we’ll be selling copies of Flight Volume 4, as well as the new Villard editions of Flight 1, 2, and 3. We’ll also have posters for only 2 dollars, and we’re giving away a bunch of free copies of the original Flight 1 books (with the white cover) at 3pm every day.

    We’ll be located at booth #1128.

    I’ll look forward to seeing everyone at the event!

  • Deptap will be at Table E-2 with The Art of Luca Tieri, Crackhead(R) T-shirts, Gun Fu creator Howard Shum, and animated Hellboy character designer Sean “Cheeks” Galloway.

  • I forgot to mention Luca Tieri will be there all the way from Italy too.

  • I’ll be at booth #1129 with fellow artists Gary Ham and Dean Yeagle. We’ll have a slew of new stuff to sell. Books, prints, statues,
    keychains, stickers, t-shirts…

    Premiering this year from me is a limited SDCC exclusive. The exclusive is a statue from a new line called Dirty Detention Girls. The statue will feature an alternate paint scheme from the original red version. It’s an edition size of 50 and will sell for $100. I’ll also have the original edition on hand for sale.

    I’ll also have a new sketchbook for sale “Southern Drawl”. 48 pages containing both sketches and finished art from the past year. Mostly
    girly and cartoony stuff.

    Lastly, I’ll have a handful of limited edition prints for sale.

    Gary will have his new high quality keychains of his Haminals line for $5 each. The site isn’t done, but you’ll get the idea:

    Dean will have many sketchbooks for sale including past bestsellers and some new stuff as well.

    Can’t wait to see old friends and meet new ones. Thanks Cartoon Brew for allowing the free plug.

  • Dean Yeagle

    As Scott has noted above, I’ll be at booth 1129 with him and Gary Ham. I’ll have a new color hardback book, MANDY’S SHORTS, some copies of my previous sketchbooks, a few Mandy T-shirts, a DVD that I did with Entertainment Art Academy on ‘Designing Mandy’, and some originals and prints. If that’s not enough stuff, maybe I’ll do balloon animals. No, wait, balloon Mandys! Come see us!

  • Shelley and I will be at booth 4600, with new characters on art prints, apparel and accessories. We will also debut our first book, Good Girl Bad Girl! See you there!