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Who’s Going to Ottawa?


This week Cartoon Brew is traveling to the enchanted land of Canada, home of Officer Bubbles and many other magical creatures. Both Brewmasters will be attending the world-famous Ottawa International Animation Festival along with thousands of other animation folks. If you’re heading out, let us know in the comments and say hello to us.

  • I’m going to be there on the weekend!

  • Hey I’ll be up there, hope to see both of you guys up there this weekend.

  • I’ll not be there but my film is, if anyone wants to catch it:

    • Too bad you’re not coming Elliot. I’d loved to have met you.

      More reason for me to go to NY i guess!

  • Smudge

    Am already there and said ‘hi’ to Jerry when I bumped into him at the hotel on Wednesday. I just love how friendly the famous people of animation are when you finally meet them face-to-face! :)

  • Hey Jerry and Amid, Cya guys there! I can’t believe you dropped the bubble bomb…eh

  • I’ll be there too! Amid, I spotted you and your scarf last year, too! :)

  • Mack

    I’ll be there and I promise you I will be blowing bubbles in Amid’s face. I’m not kidding. I already bought the bubbles.

    Amid. Expect. Bubbles.

  • being a full-time animation student at SCAD right now I won’t be there, but I ran into our department head Jeremy Moorshead a day or two ago and he was on his way out to fly up to Ottowa! hope that I get to make it up there in another few years!

  • It’s a CAN’T MISS event! Its right next door to my Toronto!

    *What with all the great screenings and Festivals that California and NY get, I GOTTA make it to this.

    Sorry to not be able to meet ya’ Elliot. I’m a BIG fan. Can’t wait to see your film!

    Yay Ottawa!

    • Cheers Ariel.
      I’ll be in Montreal sometime soon, I believe that’s nearby.
      I’ll let you know when I’m there.

  • I’m up here all week. Hope to see you all around. I have a film playing in the Student Showcase. Check it out and say hello.

  • Jeff Simonetta

    I’m here and thanks for signing my book Jerry!

  • Jack

    Twice I went there 06-07 and both times the place made me so miserable, it took me weeks to get over it. People were unfriendly, cold to down right insulting. I don’t look like 99% of people there and I saw uncomfortable anxiety in the eyes of rest 1% I saw and met. Same as I felt and fought back until I had to get the hell out.

    I know you are not gonna publish this but I just HAD to say this, whatever this makes you think about me.

    • Jack, it sounds to me like you didn’t make contact with some of the great people who are always there. You have to do the work to meet people; it’s not their job. The Festival couldn’t be more friendly or open. I am sorry I didn’t make it this year despite all my plans and expectation.

      If you think this Festival is unfriendly, don’t go to any other animation event. Annecy would just roll over you; it’s so damned hostile and businesslike.

  • Jack

    But why do you think I haven’t been to Annecy? Enjoyed so much at Annecy ’05 and ’08. And I don’t even speak French.

    And sorry your assumption is wrong, I did try and talk to people around but the thing that got me was even some of the staff seemed uncomfortable, never looking me in the eye. Wide eyed sudden stares and then avoiding contact. Coldness until I felt stupid at starting and trying to continue the conversation. Shivers!