LoupDruelle_Promo_100912 LoupDruelle_Promo_100912

“BBBlaster” by Loup Druelle

These hypnotizing rhythmic visuals were created for BBBlaster, a VJing/illustration/animation initiative by twenty-year-old artist Loup Druelle. The aim of the project is to promote animation and electro music in northern France. Druelle’s imagery would appear to be influenced, intentionally or not, by tribal art aesthetics, which adds a pleasing undercurrent of visual mystery to the work.

Her work was previously featured in the Brew’s Animated Fragments series. The video below gives an idea of how the BBBLaster animation is applied in performance.

  • Michel Van

    a wonderful piece of animation,
    sad is so short.

  • Greg

    This is so great! Great sound design also, and those frogs are very horrible. However I don’t actually get the ending. I thought a fish ate it, but then there’s some kind of scuba?