parametricexpression parametricexpression

“Parametric Expression” by Mike Pelletier

Amsterdam-based digital artist Mike Pelletier describes his experimental piece Parametric Expression as “a series of ambient video loops exploring quantified emotion.” It might also be seen as the contemporary (and somewhat creepier) CGI equivalent of Bill Plympton’s Your Face. However you see the piece, it’s hard to look away from the jarring facial contortions on display.

(via Boing Boing)

  • Andy

    I really dont get stuff like this. I was producing funny polgonal accidents like this around 15 years ago when i was learning 3DCG. The difference here is that its rendered nicely and presented as ‘abstract art’.

    • dylan

      It’s interesting to think about how things like Pollock’s drip paintings or Duchamp’s readymades were first reacted to by the public, as well as the mentality of “I could do this, so it isn’t art” that you always hear re: Modern Art. (And additionally, how those things are now perceived in the 21st century). I think a lot of art does have to do with artistic intent and, yes, the concept behind what you’re doing. I’m not saying that this is a masterpiece or anything, but I do think work like this has room to be appreciated in the contemporary animation world.

  • Delfos

    Brace yourselves, “my kid could do this” kind of comments are coming.

  • Tim Elliot

    Exactly my thought. I’m sure I somehow just “don’t get it,” but it just looks like a rig test. Or maybe one of the bottom 10% of animations in any given month at 11SecondClub .

  • mick

    It was strangely engaging so it’s definitely art in my opinion. Is this a new thing with the glitch as a feature? I understand that each generation will usurp the previous one but I would hope for something more challenging than simply dragging out the points and rendering the results. The glitch is akin to taking your rubbish out of the dustbin putting it back in your kitchen cupboards and calling it groceries

  • Riu Tinubu

    It’s certainly very beautiful, I would’ve like it more without the extreme distortions, but the colours and aesthetic is great.

  • Bill “Danger” Robinson

    You spend 100 words telling us how shallow the animation was and dismiss another person’s work as “nothing else.”

    • Angry guest

      I absolutely agree. Ant G says that the work should speak for itself, but he’s trying to silence its voice by the dismissal… some people do use fancy shtick but others actually take what they do seriously and try to describe the implied effect in precise terms- maybe the big words scared him off. Ciao

  • Kirby Allen

    Just because you make something that fits in with people’s most common ideals about what makes some art “worthy” doesn’t mean you deserve more respect. Why are we rewarding artists for doing the same commercial shit over and over? Progress does not come from stagnation, it comes from experimentation.

  • Dan McHale

    Made me think of Svankmajer’s Dimensions of a Dialogue.

  • Bobby Bob

    This type of stuff happens all the time. They even show this type of stuff in some CG animated film DVD special features with tech bloopers. Watch this one. It’s more entertaining…and quite brilliant. Watch the end.

  • Jsong

    Some editing would’ve gone a long way..

  • Ri

    Wow. It’s creepy & I love it.