<em>The Hulk Hands Theory</em> by Nunub <em>The Hulk Hands Theory</em> by Nunub

The Hulk Hands Theory by Nunub

Rotoscoped animation based on the sitcom The Big Bang Theory doesn’t sound like a particularly good recipe for entertainment, but French animator Nunub (aka Micaël Reynaud) has created a worthy experimental piece using those elements combined with a piece of music by Turkish rock pioneer Fikret Kızılok. In his video description, Nunub says that he doesn’t particularly care for the subject matter; it was only an excuse to animate something. While he doesn’t push the abstraction as far as something like Robert Breer’s A Man and His Dog Out for Air, it’s a lot of fun watching how the subject matter becomes progressively more abstract and painterly. Try freeze-framing it for some unexpected imagery.

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  • Having a Seizurrrrrreee………

  • Charlie

    If only the show was actually as entertaining as this.

  • Iritscen

    Interesting to watch, but I don’t get the notion of taking a random clip from television as source material when it doesn’t mean anything to you. I guess I that’s why he didn’t mix the dialogue loud enough for it to be heard properly.

  • Brooke Keesling

    I loved the abstractions and his color choices…thanks for posting!

  • Huh, hard to believe through all that visual noise that we can still clearly follow the action. Definitely interesting.

  • Hey thanks !

    @Iritscen :
    I initialy choose this TV show without thinking that I built as much. But I wanted something static and boring (visually) to rotoscope. The goal was to play (have fun) outside of the repetitive labor.
    So yes, that’s why I mix the music louder.

    @Taber Dunipace :
    It’s an handmade balance :)

  • Absolutely incredible! My mind is officially blown.

  • Roberto Severino

    Wow. Freaky, but yet so fascinating and cool.

  • Jorge Garrido

    I love the show, and this short is well done, but completely misses the best part of the show, which is the incredible physical performance Jim Parsons gives. I guess roto isn’t good for that, and the point wasn’t to capture or showcase a performance the way a sitcom does, but I’d like to see animation that gives performances like Jim Parsons’ are run for their money.

  • the more i watch the more i feel like the drugs are kicking in.