‘Adventure Time’ Is Headed To Bigscreen


Encouraged by Paramount’s success with its second SpongeBob feature, Warner Bros. is pressing forward on the development of a feature-length version of the Cartoon Network series Adventure Time.

The animated film will be produced by Chris McKay, the animation supervisor of The LEGO Movie and director of the forthcoming The LEGO Batman Movie, and Roy Lee (Vertigo Entertainment), one of 18 producers on The LEGO Movie.

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Adventure Time creator Pen Ward will have some involvement with the film, according to Deadline, specifically “in writing and producing the feature version.” When Ward stepped away from day-to-day production on the TV series last fall, he expressed interest in writing a feature film version of the show someday. Cartoon Network Studios and Frederator Studios will also be involved in the theatrical version.

  • Metlow Rovenstein

    This is good news! I’m glad to see Cartoon Network try to make another theatrical film. Hopefully, Warner Bros will learn from the mistakes they made in distributing CN’s last theatrical film.

    • Barrett

      CN’s last theatrical film” Which one is that? If you mean anything on CN, I believe that would be the Aqua Teen feature. If you mean kid-oriented Cartoon Network, Powerpuff Girls is the last one I can recall, though maybe I’m missing something. (I know there have been several TV/D2V movies, including a Johnny Bravo one that I’m not sure was ever aired in the U.S.)

      • Metlow Rovenstein

        What I meant by CN in my statement was kid-friendly CN, that’s all.

  • Josh Moore

    I’m actually excited to see this along with the mini series they announced at the exciting CN Upfront this year. It definately makes up for cancelling the TV movie they were planning in Season 5.

    • http://acmereviewer.blogspot.com/ PinkiePie97

      Craig McCracken said that he thinks The Powerpuff Girls movie was such a bomb because the boys that watch the show weren’t willing to be seen having anything to do with PPG. There’s an advantage to the privacy of your own home, something movie theaters don’t have.

  • Adzl33t

    This is cool, but waiting for a Regular Show movie, also I like Steven Universe better

  • DMacB

    It would be nice if the film took the characters back to their roots. Don’t get me wrong, I still like the show, but lately it’s just been 12-minute capsules of some really weird stuff.

    • Crystal

      I feel like if it did that, people would complain it’s repetitive like they did with Phineas and Ferb, Rugrats or Fairly Odd Parents.

  • Milton Alm

    “The animated film will be produced by Chris McKay, the animation supervisor of The LEGO Movie and director of the forthcoming The LEGO Batman Movie, and Roy Lee (Vertigo Entertainment), one of 18 producers onThe LEGO Movie.” WHAT? Is Roy Lee Producing Adventure Time Movie? Is’nt he supposed to produce The Minecraft Movie? Any Thoughts on this?

    • J.S

      He can produce both things i guess.

  • Crystal

    I am SO excited for this but scared that it might have to be CG or something. I’m hoping it will be good, there’s definitely a way to do a great Adventure Time movie but hope it doesn’t go for “Only way it can make money is if it’s CGI” idea.

    I would love if this movie were a finale and if the show were to resolve more plot points before the movie. Then again, I can understand the problem if most of the movie revolves around being familiar with the show. It worked for Fullmetal Alchemist, but I realize anime gets to do that a lot more than Western animated films based off of shows.

    I’m guessing if this makes money, other CN shows can get movies, so yeah, go see it if you want that to happen!

    • Josh Moore

      Who knows, maybe it might be something like Spongebob Out of Water with much of it being in 2D but they promote mainly the CG parts and everyone wins.

  • Rafterman00

    Only in Hollywood is writing the movie considered “some” involvement. But a producer who steps foot on set (or in the studio) three times during the whole production gets their name first on the credits.

  • http://craaaaazycanuck.tumblr.com John McBloom

    YES! A MILLION TIMES YES! I’m so glad that Adventure Time’s finally getting a movie, and that Cartoon Network is doing more movies as well. Now that they ARE doing more; the Samurai Jack movie must be right around the corner…right?…right?

    • Metlow Rovenstein

      Well, if the AT movie does well financially and critically, then a Samurai Jack movie would be more likely than it is now. Hopefully, Tartakovsky will be the one to direct the film.

    • SuperSlugger64

      At this point you might as well hope for a live-action adaption directed hopefully by the creator because that’s the only way they’re gonna be able to pool a large enough audience. Of all the shows I think MIGHT work as live action, Samurai Jack has the best shot. (plus I kinda wanna see live-action Jack take on CG Aku…)

  • Metlow Rovenstein

    CN isn’t the one who’d do such an action; you’re thinking of [adult swim].

  • Connor Faust

    Is this movie called “Adventure Time Movie”?

  • Paul M

    Yeah, and if they are successful they may pave the way for Samurai Jack