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Alcon Plans A Series of Fully-CG ‘Garfield’ Features

Feature animation is so hot right now that it’s not just the big studios who are announcing major projects, but also Hollywood production companies like STX Entertainment, which announced an Adam Sandler project this week, and now Alcon Entertainment, which has announced its intention to produce a series of Garfield theatrical features.

Alcon, whose primary investor is FedEx CEO and founder Fred Smith, has produced Hollywood hits like The Book of Eli and The Blind Side, but has rarely made animation, the notable exception being the 2005 live-action/CG talking animal-pic Racing Stripes. With the acquisition of Garfield movie rights, the company plans “to build a franchise of fully CG-animated Garfield feature films.” Alcon has a long-standing distribution deal with Warner Bros., which makes them the likeliest home for the Garfield films.

John Cohen, fresh off his stint producing The Angry Birds Movie, has been brought aboard to produce the film, along with Alcon’s co-founders Broderick Johnson and Andrew Kosove, and producer Steven P. Wegner. Garfield creator Jim Davis will serve as executive producer along with Bridget McMeel of Amuse (the film and TV division of Universal Uclick and Andrews McMeel Publishing).

“I’ve been so impressed with the quality of animation and storytelling coming out of Hollywood of late,” said Jim Davis. “I can’t wait to get into production with the terrific team Alcon has assembled.”

Garfield, a cat known for being lazy is anything but when it comes to animation. He has appeared in dozens of animated projects over the last thirty-five years, among them, two live-action/CG theatrical features (Garfield the Movie, Garfield: A Tail of Two Kitties), three direct-to-video films, the 2D cel-animated series Garfield and Friends, and the CGI series The Garfield Show. And then there’s this bit, too:

  • Jack Newman

    I just hope they don’t give him realistic fur.

  • Elsi Pote

    Jim Davis hasn’t touched Garfield in ages and with the reputation from previous features, this movie will be just about turning a quick buck.

    • Dave 52

      First off, you do not know that. Secondly, Davis is going to be an executive producer on this one so obviously he is interested in bringing Garfield back to the big screen again. Thirdly, everyone thought that The Peanuts Movie was going to be “just about turning a quick buck” when it was announced and look at it now, it’s a perfect adaption of the comic strip with groundbreaking CGI and a lot of heart. If a new Peanuts Movie can be great than in the right hands a Garfield Movie could possibly be great too.

  • Nicole

    Looove Garfield. When I would read Peanuts growing up, I would smile or nod in appreciation. But when I would read Garfield, I would laugh out loud. That’s the big difference. Peanuts was good, but Garfield was hilarious.

  • Dave 52

    I literally started gasping when I found out this news. I love Garfield ever since I was little and I still love him today I always wanted them to make another movie but animated he next time around and I glad that they are. With the success of The Peanuts Movie it is about time Garfield get another shot at the big screen done the right way.

  • I don’t know how I feel about this. I’m sure they will do their best to make it a strong production for all fans and audiences, but I don’t know.

  • mechasus

    Given that the FedEx CEO has a hand in this, I can safely bet Garfield will get stuck in a FedEx box at one point in the film.

    If any Hollywood studio can make an animated feature these days, I bet any nudnik with a computer can do it too.

    • Tre

      Nermal makes it to Abu Dhabi in record time thanks to FedEx!

      • I’d think it’ll be a fun spin if they address it to Dubai this time around, just to pull our leg a bit!

  • J.S

    The direct to video movies were released theatrically in some Latin America territories.

  • Kid West

    because the dress, eyelashes and makeup don’t give away that she is female. truthfully the plastic surgery lips are super weird too.

  • GOATmaybe

    Garfield + Full CG = Grounded optimism,