Alvin And The Chipmunks trailer Alvin And The Chipmunks trailer
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Alvin And The Chipmunks trailer

  • I can’t see the link, but is this the one where Alvin actually EATS Fecal Matter?

    If so, I personally can’t wait for the movie! It’s about time that Hollywood allowed Animation to really address some mature themes.

    Thank you Jesus, I won’t miss it!

  • wow
    jason lee must have been on crack while signing the contract to this thing.
    but i hope they make another trailer with even more fecals and some fart jokes (also from the fat 3d creature)

  • Esn

    Well, it looks a bit promising. I think that their character models and voices are charming. The script will either support that or undermine it. But it’s hard to tell from something this early and short, so I have no idea how the final film will turn out.

  • Corrado (anthony)

    I had the unfornate task of seeing this today when I saw the Simpsons Movie and it was disturbing to say the least. That bathroom joke made me gag.

    Its a shame that the other chipmunks besides alvin are reduced to mindless roles rather than the actual character development they had on the cartoon show etc.

  • Billy Bob

    As they say, say something nice or don’t say anything at all.

    At least they got the voices down.

  • Larry T

    I also had the unfortunate experience of seeing this trailer preceding the Simpsons movie.

    As they say, say something nice or don’t say anything at all.

    At least they got the voices down.

    Guess I won’t be saying anything at all.

    Putting one of the other chipmunk’s sh*t in his mouth??!!!? This can’t even be funny to a rude, stupid child.

  • That wasn’t as bad as the poster suggested!

  • uncle wayne

    well, poot! My computer gives me a total white screen in that space! (Very odd for CB!?)
    went to another source to view it!
    Yukkie-Poo!! I shan’t waste mine dough!
    But Horton, on the other hand………..

  • Looks like a big steaming pile of…um…….raisins!

  • I wondered what the hell Jason Lee was doing in this, and then I remembered that he’s a Scientologist, which explains everything.

  • Really forced, unnatural and over-exaggerated body language, I’m completely unimpressed. (And that’s just Jason Lee!)

    But seriously, in response to Billy Bob’s “At least they got the voices down.”

    Voices are cute, but wouldn’t it have been nicer if Theodore had moved his mouth or changed facial expression when he’s saying “Oh” after Alvin says “you owe me big time”??? I mean, c’mon – it’s the clip for your trailer, pay some attention.

  • If I had to compare the animation with any food, it would be…raisins!

  • Alex Dudley

    At least it’s not as bad as the teaser poster made it looked.
    It wouldn’t have been so bad if it weren’t for the horrible poop joke.
    That was just nasty.

  • Shmalex

    So awful!
    And why the hell is Simon so depressed in that thing all the time?

  • Poop jokes are what make people want to go to movies! Genius!

  • Eww. Photo-realistic cartoon chipmunks.

    One steaming pile of bullraisins.

  • Alvin eats poop…who ok’d this? C’mon, even the people who laughed at the Fred Claus trailer groaned at this.

  • So as Hollywood sees fit, they have turned Alvin from a mischievous chipmunk into a small creepy version of cross-dressing movie star Divine. Complete with shit-eating. If trailers are supposed to be the “highlights” of a film, then there is no doubt that the amount of fecal feasting in this movie is off the charts. ALVIN EATS POOP: THE MOVIE

  • First movies about comicbook hero’s, now movies about 80’s TV animated series. Why doesn’y Hollywood come up with fresh new stories???
    Anyway, while their at it, I personally would like to see Jayce and the Wheeled Warriors as a movie :)

  • Taber

    We had a great Simpsons crowd, they booed when this came up in the previews.

  • So Jason Lee has gone from starring with Tom Cruise to being a supporting player to 3D revamps of C-list cartoon characters. (yes, that is a step down). Money must have changed hands.

  • Charlie

    Every day Jason Lee looks more and more like Tim Allen.

  • dcuny

    After having my expectations sufficiently lowered by the movie poster, I was actually impressed by the trailer. The voices were spot on, and the models were pretty impressive. I was about to call the kids over to have a look at it, when they got to the “raisin” joke. I’m glad I held off until the end of the trailer – they won’t be seeing this on.

    The target audience may be kids, but whoever put this together seems to forget that it’s the parents who actually buy the tickets. Plus, these are parents who may not look kindly on having “their” version of the chipmunks (there were several) desecrated.

    Is this supposed to be the highlight of the film?

    I can’t figure out which is worse – that we’re supposed to think it’s funny that Alvin put shit in his mouth, or that we’re supposed to root for characters that defecate in the living room.

    It’s too bad, because it looks like some solid work went into this. Sloppy writing, but solid work.

    Maybe this clip – like the poster – is just supposed to lower my expectations again.

  • I suppose this is the ultimate in potty humor?

    Please, please PLEASE say that it is, Then make it stop.

  • This movie is sure to be crap (since a character literally eats crap, it’s almost guaranteed), but here’s hoping that the movie will lead to the original Alvin Show (which is 1000x funnier than this movie could ever hope to be) getting a DVD boxset.

  • Alvin

    Putting one of the other chipmunk’s sh*t in his mouth??!!!? This can’t even be funny to a rude, stupid child.

    I suppose the next joke has Alvin putting Simon’s nuts in his mouth.

    Hey, they ARE chipmunks.

  • Autumn

    IE doesn’t seem to wanna play the clip. Must be an AOL vid thing…

    But as far as the clip goes, I’m….disturbed. I’m avoiding this movie like the plague. I wish if they were going to do an Alvin and the Chipmunks comeback movie, it would at least be traditionally animated (HA wishful thinking). I’m not liking their “realistic” designs. I grew up on them, and I don’t really want them to change all that much. I’m getting burned out on CG movies as of late. Under Dog and Alvin…*shakes head*

  • I’m very impressed with their appearance.

    But yeah. They ate poop. What in the hell. :(

  • It’s called coprophagia, and all the kids are doing it. At least
    when it comes to the kind of movies that are put in front of them.

  • Bleugh. I agree wholeheartedly that the chickenraisin trailer, but I’m extremely disappointed in Jason Lee. I admit, I don’t watch much of his live action, but he was Syndrome, for goodness sakes! I guess being directed by a skilled director like Brad Bird makes an unbelievable difference, even when the animated designs are good (which they are in the case of the chipmunks).
    But honestly, who think sthis is what is okay? It’s as if they knew this wouldn’t be funny for kids and marketed it to the cynic who learned to loathe the chipmunks in the 80s.

  • I think the Chipmunks themselves are pretty good, but the guy whose playing Dave looks like he’s really out of it…. the scenes with him are too obviously cut in. I think doing it all CG/animated would of worked a lot better. Even with the poop eating, they are cute, and kind of look like a fluffier version of RubySpears designs….. while the scream Dave gives is kind of odd. At least it means we’ll be seeing the first Chipmunks movie all over the place soon.

  • I thought animation was supposed to do things live action couldn’t. Why is the trend these days to make animated characters look as much like their live-action counterparts as possible (Underdog as a real dog, Alvin as a chipmunk who actually looks like one, Garfield as a “real” cat)?

    And that poop joke is a new low.

  • Pedro Nakama

    The end is near…


  • TJR

    Suddenly the Horton Trailer doesn’t look so bad.

  • tom

    This got a bad reaction from my Simpsons crowd too.

    This is beneath Jason “Underdog” Lee? It’s been a long few years since his star making animation debut in The Incredibles. Sigh.

    We’ll always have Earl and Syndrome, Jason. Hail Xenu!

  • Many producers of animated films now come from live action backgrounds. There is a decided trend toward ‘realism’ in animation when this happens.

    I’m not against ‘realistically rendered’ singing chipmunks. I am against the sort of ‘humor’ that this film contains.

  • Well, the voices sound just like they should (not difficult though, really), and it looks like they got the casting of David Seville spot on (not used to seeing Earl without his mustache and with such clean teeth, though). All in all, I wasn’t as disgusted by this trailer as I thought I’d be, dispite a pretty low-brow joke at the end. Hmm.

    (Still wouldn’t go pay to see it though.)

  • As much as I enjoyed the the 80’s 90’s cartoon (sings: “alvin, simon, theodore! doot! doot! doo-doo-doot!”) it really needs to be said that the chipmunks were never exactly, excuse the term, three-dimensional personalities. Dave included.

    Oh and I saw the Fred Claus trailer (at Harry Potter). After the preview I said, “So its like Sideways at the North Pole right?”
    Roommate, choking back giggles: “Um no.”

  • christy

    that movie looks like the biggest pile of steaming crap i’ve ever seen.

  • Bugsmer

    I can’t wait for the third sequel!

  • I saw this before the Simpsons on Friday in a sold-out crowd in NYC. The crowd booed.

  • I thought animation was supposed to do things live action couldn’t. Why is the trend these days to make animated characters look as much like their live-action counterparts as possible (Underdog as a real dog, Alvin as a chipmunk who actually looks like one, Garfield as a “realâ€? cat)?

    It’s typical Hollywood fare. All the cartoon movies resemble live-action and all the live-action movies resemble cartoons.

  • Chris Sobieniak

    > It’s typical Hollywood fare. All the cartoon movies resemble live-action and all the live-action movies resemble cartoons.

    Sad really. It’s gotten so twisted I wonder when will it ever get straighten back?

  • corey

    looking forward to all the nut jokes

  • I’ve got to give this trailer credit for transparently laying it on the line. It’s as if they’re saying, “come and eat our shit with us; get it between your teeth, nice and sticky”. It’s the kind of disclosure that will hopefully jolt the undiscerning fools who might have otherwise wasted their money.

  • pain.

  • A Christmas release, huh? Maybe it’s time to rewrite that song:

    Christmas, Christmas time is near
    Time for films that make us jeer
    We’ve been good, but we can’t last
    Hurry Christmas, hurry fast
    Jason Lee, how low he’ll stoop
    Me, I want a hurl a poop
    We can hardly stand the wait
    Please Christmas, don’t be late.

  • tom

    Santa, why hast thou forsaken us?

  • RodTramonte

    Dang, what I most hate in those cartoons-turned-to-movies is the inclusion of low-brow humour in them, when the original toons never crossed the line too far… Scooby and Shaggy holding a fart contest and George of the Jungle getting hit in the groin are acceptable, since most toons today use that kind of potty humour, but Alvin eating crap is a complete lack of good sense…

  • Just horrible!

  • red pill junkie

    I just remembered that scene in Mallrats where Brodie (Jason Lee’s character) sticks his hand right between his sweaty butt cheeks and then shakes hands and offers brownies with the father of TS’ girlfriend. I guess the guy has finally come full circle in his acting career…

    What exactly is the demographics the producers are aiming with this movie. Haven’t they pay attention to Pixar and Brad Bird? Why don’t they understand an animated feature should be though to entertain EVERYBODY regardless of age or gender?

  • Juan Alfonso

    Every parent in the USA is going to get dragged to this movie!Looks better than “Underdog”(at this point I think ANYTHING looks better than that)Buy the Woody Woodpecker cartoon collection and don’t go near a movie theather.
    Got to give credit to the CGI folks-the chipmunks are cute and are well animated.I imagine Simon’s sour expression means “Who wrote this stuff!?!”

  • Some days I hate the internet.

    Why is it that most of the posts on this site get a handful of responsible comments, but every time Amid or Jerry post up the trailer for some shitty blockbuster, theres about 60 posts all saying the same nothing?

    Yes. Its clearly a terrible movie. But do we really need *everyone* piping up and stating as much?

    I frequent to this site to find and enjoy intelligent animation discourse, including within the comments -but I fear that if we readers don’t start exercising some self discipline then this place is going to turn into the frickin AICN talkbacks.

    Come on people, if you want standards in your movies, have some standards in your internet!

    Meanwhile, for all those people who keep congratulating them on getting the voices right – its because they ARE the original voices. Performed by Ross Bagdasarian and Janice Karman -the original creators son, and his wife, respectively – who have executive produced and voiced the franchise together since the eighties, and are also responsible for this incarnation.

  • The animation is uninspired, but I’m sure it’s not the animator’s fault. This has all the signs of YET ANOTHER Rhythm and Hues gig where the tech people refuse to accept the fact that you need more than just one head model to get any sort of expression out of the characters. Go Rhythm! Show us all how technology is placed before performance!

  • ErosLane

    Warm, fun memories of Alvin ruined forever.

    Feces eating? In a kid’s movie? Thank you Hollywood! (Not.)

    At CineHell (place of employment), it is unanimous among all: we’re not going. Period. (And remember… we get in for free!)

    What I should be doing is going all Tyler Durden and running the end of John Waters “Pink Flamingos” after the ALVIN trailer. When people come out to complain, I’ll just shrug and say, “What? What! Ma’am, I just saw you laughing at the ALVIN trailer and figured this was right up your alley!”

    I’m so depressed now. C’mon Hollywood… do something good with all that money.

  • Keith Paynter

    Saw it ahead of The Simpsons Movie. Great…now we have to endure fecal humor in trailers. I didn’t need to see that, and it gives me more reason to pass on any adaptation of Saturday morning television of my youth.

    You know what I would dare Hollywood to make (read: screw with) – a live-action/CGI version of the Beatles cartoon show. Then we will know for sure we are living in the Matrix.

  • Inkan1969

    You’re dead on, ErosLane. When I saw the trailer I couldn’t believe they would permit that horrible joke in this movie. When John Waters does it the movie gets an NC-17 rating. But now it’s O.K. for a children’s movie?!?! 8-0

  • Chris Olson

    I just saw the 1970s version of Invasion of the Body Snatchers the day before seeing this trailer, which has an opening scene in which Donald Sutherland is a health inspector at a high-end restaurant, and he’s just found a rat turd in their soup of the day. The maitre’d claims it’s only a walnut, so Sutherland says, “Oh yeah? Then eat it.”

    I didn’t expect to see the same joke repeat itself in the trailer for Alvin and the freaking Chipmunks.

    But did anyone watch the beginning of the trailer and immediately think of some kind of World War I restrospective with the black and white footage of the police and barbed wire? Everything about the trailer seems to be setting the wrong tone.

  • Fingers what hath ye rot?