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In case you haven’t seen this, Pixar has established a website for the fictional corporation in their forthcoming film Wall-E.

Check out Once you realize it’s bogus, it’s subversively hilarious. And check out the Store page (with actual stuff for sale).

(Thanks Brad Constantine and the Luxo Blog)

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  • Gary Pearson

    The site is great fun but I couldn’t help but thinking I was looking at where the Walt Disney Company is headed.

  • I particularly love the BnL Legal T-Shirt, with its lines and lines of small print XD

  • Steve Gattuso

    So _that’s_ what Halliburton’s new name is!

  • red pill junkie

    He He! I’m SO going to enjoy pulling a little prank wih this jewel to my Grailer buddies @ ;-)

  • Chris Sobieniak

    God I thought that was real, still, it’s no different from the path America and the rest of the planet’s heading to. I’m already starting to consider myself as a Luddite as I find it inconvenient to try to buy anything from one or two giant places nowadays than the local hospitality I used to receive from a smaller local shop.

    Already I got sad yesterday when I glanced at this article in my local paper to find out the hardware store a mile west of me is closing for good after 80 years of service, all for another mammoth drug store to locate to, just across the street from a Walgreen’s. :-(

  • I’m completely floored by all the articles. Hilarious!

  • Richard

    WHAT!? I MUST BE REAL! I want to have a visit from the Monkey Money robot.

  • I want that T-shirt.
    The fun I would have explaining it to people.

  • Chris Sobieniak

    I think the best fun is to NOT explain it at all, they’ll just think you’re a part of THE SYSTEM!

  • Norty Amerman

    It’s a hell of a trick to be as big as Pixar and still be able to pull off such believable subversion.