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Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs talkback

Saw Cloudy With A Chance of Meatballs last night – and it’s hilarious. It’s 3 for 3 (or 4 for 4 if you count Monster House) for Sony Pictures Animation. Phil Lord and Chris Miller made a real “cartoon”, loaded with laughs and filled eye candy (the 2D end credits are especially gorgeous). See it in a theatre this weekend! The 3D effects are outstanding, and the directors really fill the wide-screen with all sorts of Kurtzman/Elder “chicken fat”. I loved it.

How about you? If you’ve seen it (and only if you’ve seen it), post your opinion here in our comments section.

  • I must admit I came into this film with rather low expectations. Most of the non-Pixar CG features I’ve seen in the past few years have (aside from their visuals) either proved disappointing, or just not that memorable.

    I am happy to report that I was completely wrong. This movie was not only beautiful to look at but made me laugh out loud over and over again with surprisingly clever visual gags, dialogue, and attention to detail. They allow some of their genuinely clever (and sometimes rather dark) jokes to be thrown out there in the background, ready to be appreciated by a mature viewer who will recognize them, while still maintaining a good level of slapstick center stage for young viewers to enjoy.

    Also, unlike Mosters VS. Aliens, which takes place in mostly in “real life” locations like Modesto and San Francisco, this film takes place in a loony stereotype of America (complete with towns like Yuppieville and Malltown), as well as traveling to loony stereotypes of France (complete with striped shirts and berets) and London (complete with bad weather and bowler hats). What’s great about this is that from frame one your belief is completely suspended, and you are allowed to buy both the goofy premise as well as all of the wonderfully overblown characters!

    It’s clear even from the opening credits that the film doesn’t take itself seriously. They introduce the movie as “A film by a lot of people,” and end the movie by replacing a drab and dreary shot of London with an equally drab and dreary London. Best of all, at no point in the interviening time does the movie ever try to be something that it’s not. It’s a goofy comedy, and it stays a goofy comedy.

    Bottom line, my doubt and cynicism were completely sucked away by this movie, and I think that many will feel the same way if they give the film a chance. Well done Sony!

  • Once I found out that the Clone High guys had made an animated film, I was excited, but cautious. I was worried that making a big studio “children’s” film would water down their sense of humor, and the trailers did nothing to alleviate me of that fear. This fear was quashed the minute that “and a whole bunch of other people” credit made its way to the screen followed by the bizarre 80s-future logo. This is one of the most purely-cartoony film going experiences I’ve had in a long time. The only time the laughs let up is when things get badass. I hope this film does very well so Phil and Chris can just make whatever they want. Animation needs minds like theirs.

  • Bill

    I enjoyed it. I laughed out loud several times. I was entertained. For that, I would recommend it. I don’t think this will prompt deep discussions of consumerism or ageism or politics. It’s not really great art. But it is nice to watch and is well art directed. Congrats to Justin Thompson!

    The film was in 3-D. My personal belief is that this gimick is distracting from the film. The 3-D effect was good, and added depth to the shots, but was not necessary. And what does it say when a highlight of this film (and many others, lately) was the 2-D end credits? The 3-D had a Viewmaster feel to it. Even the 2-D end credits were featured on one layer of a 3-D setting. I liked this, but again, it wasn’t necessary.

    Do see the film in whatever format you can find it.

  • dan

    I saw the screening last night as well and I have to say it is not in my general personality to take the time to write negative comments, but I couldn’t disagree more with the first two comments. I found this to be one of the most obnoxious and irritating animated movies I’ve seen. I love cartoony! And I love sincere. I love animation. But man, this movie was so over the top in your face every second it was grating. There were absolutley no rules in this world, nothing was explained,(not that I wanted an indepth explaination about the invention) but ugh…there was nothing to grab on to. Anything could happen, and did. So, there were no real stakes. (Pardon the pun.)You know they were going to get out of the situation is some crazy ass way that didn’t make any sense, and that’s what happened. And I have to say, I don’t think I laughed once. I don’t mean to sound like a prick, I have friends that worked on the movie and I wanted to like it, but the film was a huge letdown for me after Sony’s last film Surf’s Up.

  • I haven’t yet, but I’ll probably see this film.

    In fact, any film that gives the screen credit, “and a whole bunch of other people,” gets my vote.

  • loved it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    (… but I’m biased.)

  • If you love Saturday morning cartoon writing and you’ve just done a whole lot of speed, you’ll love this film.

  • Again with the Monster House hate!


    I hate motion capture with a passion, but I’ll never stop confessing my love of Monster House. The writing and story remind me of the 80s-style kids adventure movie, but set in the 90s. I’ve always thought that 90s kids didn’t get their quintessential adventure movie, like the Goonies, and Monster House seemed to make up for that in a lot of ways.


  • Tommy – Who’s hatin’ MONSTER HOUSE? I loved it myself. I only asked if Monster House counted as a Sony animation project (I think it does).

  • Dapper Jim

    Im hating Monster House, Jerry. Hated it with a PASSION.

    The story is flawed, the characters aren’t memorable and the “redemption” moment is much of an impact as it could had been. Not to mention the lazy approach to actual animation and the lack of a solid 3-arc storyline.

    Not to mention the BBW subfetishist plot that gave me the creeps.

  • I loved the film, I think you should all see it and invite 85million of your friends to tag along.

  • Julian Carter

    Jerry, wasn’t Monster House an ImageMovers Digital (well … back then just ImageMovers) production?

  • Julian – Yes. That’s why I’m confused as to whether to rank it with Open Season and Surf’s Up.

    To All: No more discussion here about Monster House or mo-cap. This thread is only for readers opinions of Cloudy With a Chance Of Meatballs.

  • Sumatra

    Kudos to Chris Miller and Phil Lord in his battle against the studio executives mutilating this great movie.

    Kudos to the sony Artist for making a really refreshing and good looking movie.

    Check out Chris Miller and Phil Lord Student film! very Plympton style specially man eating breakfast

  • I have to agree with you Dan. I was hugely dissapointed and for the first time walked out of an animated movie from a major studio saying, “This was definitely for kids”. Obviously there have been tons of movies done just for kids, but it’s usually obvious that that’s what they are. This is far from a family movie as I think a lot of adults will be bored watching this. Having said that, the art was really nice and the ending credits alone were worth the 10 dollars…still, wish I had spent that money on another film. Maybe I was expecting too much? After seeing Surf’s Up, I too was expecting a lot more out of the story and film making.

    …just my two cents, since you asked.

  • I LOVED IT! GO CLOUDY!! Stay for the credits and cheer when you see my name and my team of animators!! Big congrats to Head of Animation Pete Nash and all our supervisors.

  • Jason

    I’m sorry to have to say I didn’t love this. I almost didn’t like it. To begin with, I really didn’t care for way it looked. The visuals turned me off. At times the movie looks downright ugly. The characters look too plastic. As for the scripting, while the movie is at times amusing, the rest of the time it kind of drags, and it’s…just kind of meh.

    So…I guess I didn’t really *like* it either…

  • Jeremy – I’ll cheer my friend, I’ll cheer my lil socks off!

  • Great job on the animation, Jeremy and friends.

    -Jose S.

  • dan

    Cloudy was SO good all anyone is talking about on here is the end credits or Monster House.

  • Viridis

    I haven’t seen this movie yet, and probably won’t, because I loved the book it was based on to pieces as a child and I feel like they’ve ruined what it was in the adaptation. I don’t want to go on a rant but I do want to ask– for those of you who liked the movie, did you ever read the book? Because the two appear so vastly different that I can’t imagine enjoying this new version if you were at all a fan of the original.

  • Just saw it with my kids. They loved it. Very light movie….a totally fun cartoon. We laughed quite a lot. ‘Steve’ being the favorite.
    Once again, loved seeing another animated movie in 3D. {Just adds to the experience, making it more fun…imo}

    And yes, the credits were very cool at the end. Great work.

    ***1/2 stars out of *****

  • Dapper Jim

    “The conversion of a childhood storybook classic into a steaming shitstorm”. Thats the impression that the readers of the Brew give me… If you think that ANIMATION is still for kids (and I quote Jose “Obviously there have been tons of movies done just for kids, but it’s usually obvious that that’s what they are. This is far from a family movie…”) then, why are you still here? Grab your suit and tie and go to your office. Being an admirer of animation and the art it represents means that you also are a child at heart. Let go and enjoy! If you are stuck up on the fun factor, I will gladly suggest some more enjoyable activity like document filing and office supply management.

    Not being able to discern between an “Inspired from” to a “Based upon” is what worried me. Sure, Cloudy seems like a complete blasphemy for the purist out there; But have they tried to at least consider this as the visonary and imaginative trip INSPIRED by this same book? You sure are some blockheads (no love for you).

    Shun the non believers, shun.

    For the rest of us who will gladly learn, experience and be curious for new iterations of old memories, I welcome you. We had a good time, eh? From the funny moments with Earl/Mr. T Dialogue AND Animation, to the Extremely well crafted animation for Flint [1000 controllers for his facial expressions? Color me amazed! Not to mention to give props and kudos to the lightning and effects department], passing by one of the most fun-filled scripts of this year (Cmon, the creators of Clone High penned this work? Amazing!)… This movie is an incredible asset for Imageworks and its crew, It truly redeemed you guys from that horror that was Open Season.

    I am excited for your next work, Hotel Transylvania (Please, keep the original art assets like the Invisible man Bar, the colorful and fun designs of the small town with the turist trap, as well as the scary-go-lucky mood of the Zombie bartenders!) Good work, Good job and keep your chins up… You are truly a creative force to be reckoned with.

    Again, to the blockheads out there… Give it a chance, you will be surprised.

  • I’ve enjoyed Sony’s last two features Surfs Up and Open Season greatly, and for me they did it again with Cloudy. It was wild, flamboyant, insane, and reminded me of the golden age of animation with Bob Clampett and his just zany off the wall cartoony sensibility.
    Some people are saying this was just for kids, I guess you can look at it that way of you want. Though I saw it as a film anyone can enjoy, I haven’t laughed so much in an animated feature well ever.
    Sure it didn’t have any slow parts you can knock it for that if you want. At least it threw a curve ball though giving us something different then there first films. Last I checked each film live action or animation is its own with different rules and guidelines that it can follow or not follow.
    As for the 3D this was the first film I viewed in 3D and you were right Jerry it blew my mind. They were just spectacular, it brought a new depth to the composition of the film without using the typical in your face 3D spit or hand gag. Well bottom line is I truly enjoyed the film, it was refreshing to see something other then the reoccurring style of 3D animated characters. Character designs that weren’t just following the tired and true formula. Not bashing on Pixar its just nice to see something new for a change. Long winded speech over anyways if you haven’t seen it what are you doing here? Go out and see it for goodness sake!

  • ben colbourn

    really loved the 1st half, but the ending dwindled for me. maybe it got too serious.

  • Sorry Jerry, didn’t mean to change the subject.

    We saw Cloudy last night and WOW, hadn’t laughed that hard in a theater in years. It was so consistently funny. Can’t wait to see it again.

  • Bill Haller

    If you grew up loving cartoons like tex avery, WB, upa, etc. like i did, you really need to go see this movie! Even if you dont care for cartoons, you still should see it cause you may be taking yourself too serious. it will be good for you! Trust me, I cant remember a single animation dailies that i wasnt laughing about something. Congrats, to all the crew. It was a blast!

  • Loved it! I never expected it to be so cartoony, but that’s exactly what I’ve been dying for in the last few years. Long live the cartoon!

  • Rob

    For those of you who have seen the movie and know just how eloquent Steve the monkey is… Here is the behind the scenes video with actor Neil Patrick Harris, the voice of Steve.

    BTW, to clear up the question. “Monster House” was done by Imageworks for Imagemovers and Columbia Pictures. Sony Pictures Animation was not involved. “Cloudy” is SPA’s third film.

  • I saw it yesterday. I laughed in several places. I also enjoyed the cartoony animation throughout the whole thing. Finally a cartoon that’s not ashamed to be one. No, it’s not quite at the same calibre as the classic toons done by Tex, Clampett, Jones or anyone who tried to be them back in the golden era, but these days a movie like this is about as close as we’re going to get so I appreciate it on that level. (Of course, that doesn’t mean we should stop striving to do better. There’s hope yet.)
    I would not be at all surprised if this film was nominated for an Oscar this year. Although, I think we all know it’s going to Coraline.

    At any rate, I urge cynics and optimists alike to go see this movie. There is fun for all.

  • I enjoyed CWACOM, but didn’t love it. The frantic pace got to be a bit much over a feature-length film. A few of the characters suffered from the dreaded “Laff-A-Lympics” effect; they looked like they’d stepped in from other productions. The gag with the dad’s eyebrows was a pretty weak payoff to justify having him look so different than the others. For all the wackiness, the few sentimental and moral-delivering bits (or, as we liked to call ’em when I was a kid, “the moments of shit”) seemed completely out of place; it was as if, toward the end of a Bugs Bunny short, Bugs and Elmer turn to the audience and tell them that “guns are dangerous and you should never kill another living thing”. Elements were introduced up front that only seemed to exist for the resolution, like comic stories edited by Julie Schwartz. That peanut allergy’s swelling-up symptom needed to be demonstrated to the kids waaay before it was used. I really never felt that the lead characters were well enough developed for me to care what happened o them; once the weather girl was established to be a secret nerd (in today’s world, isn’t being a nerd kinda cool?), her glasses seemed to take the place of an established personality. The 3-D made the images look a bit fuzzy.

    One thing’s for certain; the overzealous, gymnastic policeman — voiced by Mr. T — stole the entire show, judging by the audience’s reaction. He was by far the funniest and most charismatic character in CWACOM. Whenever he was on screen, the crowd went wild! I pity the fool who disagrees with me on this point!

  • By the way, has anyone else noticed the TV ads for CWACOM that are obviously aimed at the stoner demographic? The spot mentions that the film is for anyone “with a case of the munchies) and promises that CWACOM “won’t harsh your mellow”! Appropriately enough, these are being aired on late night television on Comedy Central and the Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim.

  • I dug it. Did not see it in 3D, but it made me laugh from start to end and my son enjoyed it. Kind of like an extended skit, but I tend to like that kind of movie in live action too. The visual nods to the late 70’s and early 80’s were funny enough in themselves. They managed to take a silly situation and take it just seriously enough that it held up as a kind of modern fable, populated by goofy characters doing goofy things. A cartoon movie populated by humans featuring giant food could have gone down a really dull or ugly path, and for my money they steered well clear into something smart, cheerful and refreshingly cartoony. (Could have used a lot less of the color pink, but that’s a quibble). Really nice body language, animation and designs on the characters. Reminded me of the Muppets meet Rankin/Bass.

  • Matt Sullivan

    cloudy with a chance of AWESOME! This film rocked. It’s just a FUN movie and I haven’t had that much fun at a film in a long time.

  • jake Tashjian

    i saw it opening day and really liked it.
    so funny, great animation, i mean what more could you want?

  • Lucky Jim

    I really liked it. It’s nice to see an animated movie that’s an unabashed cartoon, and is perfectly content to be as weird as possible. I’m particularly fond of Carey Yost’s charmingly simple character designs and Michael Kurinsky’s wild art direction. Top notch stuff.

    Plus I can’t hate any movie that casts Mr. T and Bruce Campbell as lead characters – that’d be breaking Film Geek Law.

  • Going by the interviews, the Clone High creators are a really smart and talented team that hasn’t gotten much recognition over the years. They came up with a truly excellent film, which was one of the rare times I checked out a non-Pixar or Disney CGI film.

    No giveaways, but my girlfriend and I saw it in 3D, and it had loads of scenes worth talking and laughing about. The ONE thing about the movie I didn’t enjoy was the token fart/piss/poop gag, which came from the monkey throwing “chocolate” snowballs. And this was a film about FOOD.

    I knew Chris Reccardi was involved with some of the visual development, but I was surprised to see Paul Rudish’s name too.

  • Brad Constantine

    I haven’t laughed that much out loud at an animated film since Toy Story 2. Great Job, Sony Team…I had a great time with my son and friends. The whole theatre was laughing loudly the whole film, and the kids laughed more than the adults…(I shouldn’t need to explain this) and I caught the guy next to me wiping a tear at the end. Well done. End credits were cool.

  • Rio

    I loved this movie! You could see Andy Samburg’s comedic genius all over the film. I love quirky, odd comedies like this. My daughter and I laughed through the whole thing.

    I think Sony adapted the kids book very well. The character design and color scheme is just what the industry needs too, something that’s not Disney, Pixar, or Dreamworks. They have their way and that’s cool but finally a CG feature that takes a risk with cartoony animation!

    87% on Rotten Tomatoes! This film is fantastic all the way around.

  • I’ve loved the book for ages and was really worried that the spirit of the book would be lost. I was pleasantly surprised. I wasn’t sure if the 3-D was warranted, but it added to the fun. I actually used the phrase “Mr. T really shines” without hesitation or embarrassment when someone asked me about it. This is the first great movie of the fall. At least as far as I’m concerned. Neil Patrick Harris as Steve the monkey is comic awesomeness.

  • I absolutely LOVED this movie. Based upon the great job that Sony did on Surf’s Up, my expectations were not let down in the least. Being an animation student, I’ve found that I have started looking closer at animation films when i see them, and the small things that i saw were inspiring. I didn’t see the 3D version and I think its just as good without the extra money grabbing bit that 3D is. I laughed almost entirely throughout the film, as well as the friends that I watched the film with. In a theatre filled with children and parents, it seemed like we were the loudest laughers. Some jokes seemed to be lost on the children, but i could tell that they still enjoyed the film. I LOVED all the flying fingers, and crazy rubbery animation.

    GOOD JOB SONY! I look forward to future films.

  • Nipplenuts McGurk

    Absolutely fantastic. Best CG cartoon yet, due to it actually EMBRACING cartooniness. LOVED the designs, LOVED how they were animated in such a fun way.

    Even though I see most of the CG animated movies – I never come away excited about the ACTUAL ANIMATION…even in Pixar movies! They just never have that feel of 2D that makes me happy. This movie finally accomplishes that! Funny stylized movement, expressions, poses, silly walk and run cycles. As much as “Up” had wonderful visual storytelling – I felt the characters were boring. “Cloudy” embraces pure fun characters in a way that I don’t think I’ve seen Pixar or DW do.

    My love for this movie makes me hate that “Christmas Carol” trailer even more….creepy mo-crap screaming Jim Carrey for 2 minutes…glargh!!!!

  • It was absolutely beautiful, all of the characters were appealing, the story was funny and the animation was unique, Sony is always innovating. I can’t believe how great it looked that new style of animation, having the characters frozen for some frames in the screen which usually makes them look dead, in this case it looked awesome… I would love to give it a try to that style of animation.

  • ask

    I read the book, but that was when I was a child! This film fit my experience of viewing it with different eyes. I adore anything that has an obvious cartoony look, and the story, while nothing special or dimensional in the slighted, fit the tone. The 2D end credits were fantastic, as anyone else here said, and I wish we could’ve seen more of that in the body of the film.

  • Annabela67

    Great film and great animation. I know little about cg, less about animation, and I loved the movie enough that I forgot I was watching a movie. I truly enjoyed this film, great work to everyone involved!!!!

  • Dennis Lynch

    Wow, I think I liked this one as much or even better than UP!
    Witty, stylish, consistent and featuring a great “Super Science” story. Didn’t know any voices going in, so was completely surprised and delighted by what I heard. The right length, the right look, and laugh out loud funny, repeatedly. The subplots of romance, and the lad’s relationship with his dad, the mayor and everyone else in town were well realized. And exceptionally well integrated 3D. A grand time! Spectacular beyond the trailer, and just the right length.

  • Sylvain

    It was great ! Wacky like I expected from seeing the trailer. It had a lot of technical prowess, I guess they have a lot of software engineers. GREAT animation, very well directed and plenty of snappy gags. Kudos to them for opening the titles with “A Film by… a lot of people.”

  • So much fun!!! I loved it! Sony’s best picture yet. Hooray for being silly and funny! And loved the visual style too!

  • Dapper Jim, you have misread my opinion. I in no way think that animation is just for kids. I don’t even believe that this movie gave me that impression because of its’ cartoony style of the animation. I welcome that and actually loved that about CWACOM….that’s why I made it a point to congratulate Jeremy and the animation team in my second post, because I loved the animation. I just stated the fact that a lot of movies ARE just for kids and that it is often obvious that that is what they are. You can usually spot them. They don’t even have to be animated to be just for kids. Plenty of live action movies have been made just for kids. I was just saying that I got a different impression from the trailer but ended up leaving the theatre with a “just for kids” taste in my mouth.

    There’s no need to take it so seriously or start making this conversation personal. I keep forgetting why I don’t post my opinions on public forums/blogs anymore. Thank you for the reminder.

  • Uh… It’s a cartoon and it’s funny. Watch it. Twice.

    Btw, if it looks like the characters moved like muppets sometimes, thats on purpose. Phil and Chris and Pete rocked it out.

    Bottom line, loved the movie, loved working on it and uh oh yea…

    RottenTomatos: 87% and 31.million is kinda’ saying something no?

  • My 4-year-old and I liked it a lot. We stole the 3D glasses. I’m proud of all the friends’ names I saw scroll by in the credits, and pleased at how the design translated, on the whole. I’ve got to say, once the Mr. T character came on and started jumping around I though I was OUT, but man, he grew on me, the character, and actually sold some solid acting moments. Nice pay-offs for a lot of gags that could have gone nowhere, across the board. It was a nice Sunday afternoon.

  • This is a bit delayed but I just saw it last night. I thought it was brilliant! They took some risks with the cheese and the super snappy animation and it was wonderful! It was just like watching Saturday morning cartoons! I think anyone who truly likes enjoys animation, especially 2D will love how Sony pushed this movie! It’s a step in the right direction for CG films :)

  • I saw it and I’m going to keep this short, simple and sweet.

    It was so funny and entertaining. I enjoyed all the characters. Everybody in the theater seemed to be having a great time. I would watch it again and would definitely allow my future children to see it. Oh and they made ice cream look so good. I was definitely distracted by it during that scene and couldn’t stop staring at the huge mounds of ice cream.

  • “Cloudy’s” 90-minutes are packed with more great scenes and laughs than any movie this year. It’s a comedy, love story and action-adventure film all in one! I can’t wait to see it again to catch all the funny lines and inside jokes that I missed the first time.

    Bill Hader voices Flint and leads an impressive cast that includes Anna Faris, James Caan, Neil Patrick Harris, Al Roker and even Mr. T.

    The animation is fantastic, especially the cartoon food. And the fast-paced action scenes, especially when Flint is moving his hands so quickly on the computer, are amazing. I saw “Cloudy” in IMAX 3-D, which was phenomenal. If you have the chance – go for it!

    “Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs” is rated PG for some brief, mild language and mild cartoon violence. It’s appropriate for everyone 5 and up. Just don’t go when you’re hungry.

    On The Official Kid Critic Report Card, “Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs” gets a B+. It’s one of the funniest and best films of the year.

    As we head into the Fall movie season, 2009 has been only so-so thus far. But with “Up”, “Ice Age 3” and now “Cloudy”, animation is leading the way. Hopefully that will continue with some very promising animated features still to come before the end of the year.

  • Connie Pinko

    Late to the party, but I finally saw this today. Best, funniest, and most original film I’ve seen in a long time. Hats off to Sony!

  • I thought some of the visuals were amazing. The spaghetti tornado was very original and CG was perfect for it. I think the whole look of the Father was GREAT. Even though it is completly unrealistic that a man would have Eyebrows like the father did, it worked really well in the movie.

    The Character development and story line was very poor however. I thought they used slap stick humor rather then character driven humor and they tried to make everything FAST. I think they thought that the faster the characters moved the more into the movie the audience would be. I didn’t see much REAL relationship with the boy and the girl.

  • I’m a bit late with this, but I finally got around to watching this film. It’s a definite winner in my books! I enjoyed the film thoroughly, from the opening to the end credits (love the reference to London weather!). I’m not one who usually enjoys outrageous plots, but the characters here won me over and I was able to go along with them on their crazy adventures. I thought they were very well fleshed out, they existed as INDIVIDUALS, and they were sincere with a lot of heart. Best of all, this film is seriously funny without being obnoxious! Right ingredients + right balance = awesome film! Go SONY!!

  • J

    Finally got a chance to see this on DVD and it was absolutely fantastic! The character designs, the gags, the story – all so very well done. As soon as the movie finished, I got the urge to watch it all over again :)

  • I finally saw it at home last night and really regret missing it on a big screen. I loved it — overflowing with imagination and energy, a surprisingly nice and non-jokey performance by Bill Hader, and the funniest line of the year (and I’m sadly paraphrasing): “The disaster seems to be following a pattern of hitting recognizable national landmarks first!”

  • I liked this movie quite a bit. Maybe if I weren’t extremely sick when I was watching it I would’ve enjoyed it more, but still, what a film!

    The characters are appealing and perfectly cartoony. They did a good job of making them likable protagonists- too often in animated films you don’t care for the main characters, like in “Monsters Vs. Aliens”. The point is that you want to see the hero succeed, you want to cheer him on. “Up” provides a good example of this. Flint’s struggle with his dad was interesting and it helped give the movie an emotional undertone. I hate emotionless movies. “In the best comedy you have to shed a tear for your hero before you laugh with him.”

    I liked the style of the movie. Some people were a little indifferent to it, because of the really large/round eyes, but I actually liked it. It’s perfectly silly to fit the tone of the movie and it’s very different from Pixar’s or Sony’s style.

    The backgrounds and just overall graphics of the movie are gorgeous. There are a few times in the movie where it looks like a photograph. The color palette couldn’t be yummier.

    Vocal performances were good and memorable, I loved Mr. T’s character. There are a few moments that are genuinely epic.

    While I will agree that it starts off with a bang but the last half drags a bit, I must say this was solid family entertainment. Good job Sony!

    4 stars outta five.