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2011 is not quite done, but that doesn’t stop the studios from promoting its upcoming 2012 fare. Here’s the clever one-sheet (and a new name) for Disney’s latest Studio Ghibli release, The Secret World Of Arriety.

(via The Ghibli Blog)

The latest from Laika, via Focus Features, Paranorman, opens next August 17th. The teaser poster is quite striking:

(Via Immersed In Movies)

And finally, for all you Bronies, this scary looking poster spotted on Ventura Blvd (at Barham Blvd.):

  • Ponygeist.

  • The ARIETTY and PARANORMAN posters look pretty snazzy.

    I do have to beefs though: (1) I think the text at the top-center of the ARIETTY poster is really distracting and unnecessary. Also for ARIETTY, (2) I don’t think we need another film with the words “Secret… of…” in the title, do we?

    I will say, although I’m not one for the pink ponies TV show, the billboard does cleverly make the dials of the television set the same shape as The Hub’s logo. That was a nice touch.

    • Jane

      Uhg, I completely agree with you about the “Secret of” thing. It is completely unnecessary.

      • Chris Sobieniak

        I had a little talk about that with someone who thought it sounded a little snazzier than “The Borrower Arriety” or whatever could be translated from the Japanese title and I sorta agreed with that, but it’s certainly one that’s a toss up among viewers none the less.

  • Love the Laika poster for “ParaNorman” .

    I believe that scary Pony poster is actually sitting on top of the old Richard Williams studio building at the intersection of Barham and Cahuenga.

  • The two movie posters look great. Nice to see the Laika studio return.

    The billboard is more of a mix of incredibly great and outright bizarre.

  • Sarah

    I can’t wait for Arrietty and ParaNorman.

  • Inkan1969

    They’re releasing Arrietty in 2012? Does that mean it won’t qualify for a Best Animated Feature nomination?

  • Looking forward to seeing “The Secret World of Arrietty.”

    I’ve never heard of “ParaNorman” before. Sounds interesting.

    “Ponygeist?” I’d pay to see that made. That’s too funny!

  • Mike

    Excited for Arrietty and I know next to nothing about ParaNorman, but if it’s anywhere near as well-made as Coraline, sign me up!

  • tgentry

    Wow! What is Paranorman and when can I watch it?!? Oh right, August 17th. Cool.

  • Hal

    If you pretend that My Little Pony poster is James Woods in VIDEODROME it becomes excellent. Some nerd get on that MLP mashup stat!

  • Maya A.

    “ParaNorman” looks pretty interesting. I can’t wait to see what it’s about.

  • Great poster for “ParaNorman.” I can’t believe 2012 is going to have 3 stop-motion features: “ParaNorman,” “Pirates: Band of Misfits,” and “Frankenweenie.”

  • Totally agree with folks above about the text in the middle top of the poster. Doesn’t need to be there at ALL, and kills the beautiful art. Ah well, I’ll still see it. :)

    Some great poster design right here. Glad to see they’re trying, instead of slapping something together.

  • Geoff Gardner

    “Arriety” is going to be another Ghibli classic. Can’t wait!!!

  • AJ Gutierrez

    I come here to get updates on Animation. if i wanted to know any update for MLP i would go on EqD. Anyways i cant wait for those 2 films.

  • Toonio

    Great contrast of posters and announcements, but Studio Ghibli portraying a little woman? = o_O!

    On Paranorman seems like Laika is “crossing over” to another dimension one more time, but hopefully it will match Coraline’s awesome storyline/looks.

  • Redkanary

    I don’t know why Disney’s dragging their heels with “Arrietty.” It was released in Japan in 2010 and practically everywhere else this past summer. The Brits already put out their own English dub, different from the Disney one, back in July. And it’s already been out on Region 2 DVD for months.

    • Funkybat

      When I saw the trailer, I once again had the moment of shock where I’m surprised/dismayed by the English dub. For some reason I always expect Ghibli films to be promoted primarily in Japanese. I generally refuse to see Anime that is dubbed unless there is just no other option.

      I’m hoping that Disney releases Japanese dialogue/English subtitled versions in major cities like they used to do for Ghibli films. I missed Howl’s in the theater because I couldn’t find any screens showing it in Japanese w/ subtitles. It’s how I grew up watching Anime and it just feels different/better.

  • Onog

    Disney is probably trying to slot “Arrietty” in a spot that won’t hurt its own product and to be able to promote it in a way that also won’t hurt its own degree of promotion for its own product.

  • SteveTheFirst

    So how exactly do you pronounce “Arrietty” anyway? Doesn’t exactly roll off the tongue. Much like “Ponyo”. I’m sure once I hear it a few times it’ll be okay. Shame they just can’t call it “The Borrowers”. So what if there was already an adaptation made from the book. Better than the new title for it.