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DreamWorks Pushes Back ‘Home’ to 2015

Six months before its scheduled release, DreamWorks Animation has pushed back the release date of Home from November 26, 2014, to March 27, 2015. The big-screen adaptation of the TV series The Penguins of Madagascar, which originally had the March date, will now be released on November 26th.

Home, directed by Tim Johnson and based on the children’s book The True Meaning of Smekday, tells the story of a race of aliens named Boov who hide out on Earth.

  • This does not sound good for DreamWorks. I’m wondering what kind of changes they are making for the film, and will those edits make the project better than what it would do originally.

    I also wonder if they will change the name of the Black female character ‘Gratuity “Tip” Tucci’. I hope they do.

  • Buzzster

    But that Trailer was pretty funny – every animated movie should have at least one Steve Martin appearance….

  • Buzzster
  • Dana B

    Releasing a short centered around the film early this year, just to push it back into the new year? Bad move…not only that, but March is one of the worst months for film revenue(correct me if I’m wrong). And by the looks of things, DWs really wants Home to be a big hit. Sometimes I wonder what the hell those people are thinking…

  • bizzenboom

    I’m not looking forward to Home, I like the premise, but the short from March was just too bad for me to let it slide. Penguins of Madagascar could be good, I see the show as just ok, but I still have faith in it.

  • Jeffery

    I think the Penguins of Madagascar might be DWA’s best movie yet.

  • Pedro Nakama

    I wonder how many artists they’re going to throw out the door because of this decision.

  • GW

    I respect that they’re taking their time creating it. I’ll probably watch it because it has an interesting premise. Maybe the trailer for it will change my mind when it comes out, but for now I’m interested.

  • Googamp32

    Dreamworks pushed back another movie? That’s not a good sign I remember when this happened to “Me and My Shadow”.

    • Funkybat

      I’m still hoping that movie eventually happens. I haven’t heard any news about it in a while. It and The Croods were really the only DWA projects announced over the past few years I was at all excited about.

  • rufus3698

    From the Wiki: Aliens invade the earth and move all the humans into Florida.
    Christmas, the day of the Boov’s arrival on Earth, is renamed “Smekday”.

    My guess is the focus groups aren’t sending happy messages about this movie back to the suits.

    • Chinoiserie

      Yeah hanging Christmas to Smekday especially when the film was supposed to come out in late November probably was not the best move.