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‘The Emoji Movie’ Trailer Is What Happens When You Have Money And Absolutely Nothing Else

And now…The Emoji Movie trailer —

Tony Leondis (Igor, Lilo & Stitch 2: Stitch Has a Glitch) directs from a script by himself, Eric Siegel, and Mike White.

Maybe Sony had a good reason for greenlighting this film, but it’s not evident in the trailer or anything else Sony has presented thus far from the film. When you end a trailer for a family film with a regurgitation gag and two talking pieces of shit, it may be time to seriously reconsider why your company is creating animation in the first place.

Production values look excellent throughout – and that’s the saddest part: so many talented artists used in the service of something so feeble-minded is a painful thing to witness.

Produced by Sony Pictures Animation, Emoji Movie be released on July 28 in the U.S. by Columbia Pictures.

  • Alonzo Tompkins

    Purge this movie from reality. Kill it. Cancel it. Destroy any evidence of it’s existence.

  • Marc Hendry

    Is the well that dry?
    I’m afraid that Wreck it Ralph 2 is going to represent the internet in this same corny way. That’s worst-case scenario though.

    • Mary

      I don’t think Wreck it Ralph 2 will do that. It’s still too early to tell because we don’t have additional footage aside from the concept poster. And this is Disney; they rarely screw up when it comes to their animated movies. But I could be wrong. Let’s just wait and see.

      • ea

        Wreck it Ralph 2 should have a scene involving emulators and ROMs, and them finding a Korean ripoff of Fix-It Felix Jr called Miss Fix-It 96 Nude.

  • Pedro Nakama

    I have mixed feelings about this. From the trailer I’d probably skip this one but it does look a lot better than Tron Legacy.

  • alt animation podcast

    While I agree the premise looks bad, maybe calling the movie feeble minded might be a little premature?

    • Cameron Ward

      it is. It doesn’t look terrible. it’s a dumb idea, but dumb ideas have been done well before.

  • Inkan1969

    On the other hand, remembering “Ren and Stimpy” and “Nutty the Happy Dump”, I could imagine that scene in the last sentence coming from a Spumco production.

  • Jack Newman

    “Production values look excellent throughout – and that’s the saddest part: so many talented artists used in the service of something so feeble-minded is a painful thing to witness”

    I couldn’t agree more with this statement.

  • Dave 52

    Well, the animation is colorful and there is some creativity here and there. I chuckled at the kitten video joke with the bots and the brief bit of slapstick with the “Firewall”. That’s all I can say. Not loving, not hating it, not anticipating it and not even despising it like a lot of people are, just optimistically waiting to see the true quality of the film. Could be bad, could be something half decent. The only thing that has me truly interested is the fact that one of the writers of Big Hero 6 and the writer of School Of Rock was involved with the script. That’s it.

  • Elsi Pote

    Well is not like Sony has ever had any regard for movie goers or costumers in general. And I’m not making this up, from the infamous hack to every movie release thereafter it’s been “we are Sony, love us!”.

    But I am a Samsung gal, what should I know.

  • Troy

    Those artists had better be compensated more than the entire staff of the movie. I am not sure if Sony is using newcomers which should be fine, but if they’re veterans then they have a double standard when it comes to appropriately using talent. They certainly deserve something more than a means of surviving.

    I always question why Sony even bothers to be part of the animation, but each answer seems to top more than the last.

    • Mike Robertson

      I thought STORKS was a nice entertaining film, I think Sony only did the actual production, modeling/rigging/animation/etc. and story was developed earlier by Doug Sweetland but still, even at this rate where one out of every three movies they make is good, IMHO the animation industry is a better place with Sony in it. And not to mention, they employ a lot of talented artists who are making a living by working there.

      • Troy

        Don’t get me wrong, having Sony around in the industry is a better alternative than shrinking companies that can employ animators. I am more concern on the ethical aspect of the company as the track record isn’t promising when it comes to the animator’s respect or growth.

  • Andres Molina

    Okay…. Um, I never thought I would say this, but The Emoji movie actually looks….. not that bad, well at least in my opinion. Okay, it doesn’t look like a masterpiece, but I am not completely embarrassed by what I saw. At least in my opinion.

    Now let me explain this trailer. The story is yeah, pretty dumb and the premise is kinda pointless. I mean it does kinda follows the story about being yourself and the premise is really dumb, I mean, some of the jokes kinda fall flat. I say kinda, because despite it looking pretty ridiculous and dumb, its honestly, in my opinion not outright heinous or vile like some people make it out to be. Most of my praise comes from the actual visuals itself. Personally, the film actually looks pretty beautiful. Yeah, the smartphone premise is pretty much cut and paste from Wreck it Ralph, but given the dumb premise, I actually really admire what the animators and set designers did with the emoji world they were assigned. And some of the sets and backgrounds are actually downright gorgeous, and pretty to look at. I also like to give credit for the look of the human world, as both the human designs and backgrounds do actually look pretty appealing, compared to overbearingly cartoony style of the Hotel Transylvania films that Sony capitalizes on. The emojis themselves are not that bad.

    I might be crazy, and some people will think this looks awful, but I personally don’t think it looks outright horrible. But still, there’s still a chance that the film can actually bomb and flop hard, but in the end, only we can decide once the films opens in theaters.

    • Sorry but it is horrible, if you read the press releases from Sony, the entire movie is about product placements. See this previous article: Basically they more or less openly admit that they paid for this new movie with wall-to-wall product placements, and the new trailer has been carefully crafted to disguise that fact – they’re trying to make you believe it’s just a harmless regular buddy movie. It’s like Wreck It Ralph, but if the worlds Ralph went through were all adverts for the latest actual games. That’s what you’ll be getting for real with Emoji Movie. One long stream of tech ads for things like Spotify, Dropbox and Candy Crush (I’m not making this up). but with crappy “humor” and a worn-out underdog plot.

      • Luzz Hockey

        yeah, the fact that candy crush makes an appearance is soul crushing.

    • schwarzgrau

      To me your comment sounds like “Yea I expected it to be awful and now I’m positive surprised it only looks really bad. The story sucks, but some of the background art is nice”. Sorry if I didn’t get you, but if I did please stop to justify this crap any more. Of course it’s a shame talented people have to do work on something like this, but if people still find excuses for this kind of movie they will produce more of it.

  • fmkguy

    Wait… This is still happening?? I thought this was canceled a long time ago. :(

  • Jack Napier

    12-year old girlz will eat this up. 😨 🙄

  • ThatGuy

    This makes me sad. But I know a lot of talented artists are doing their best just like they did for the Angry Birds and Lego movies and those turned out a lot better than the detractors thought so, here’s hoping it becomes a hit ( so artists don’t get blamed and consequently laid off )

  • Roman Reigns Owns The IWC

    How about a PG 13 or R rated Emoji movie?

    • Tre

      R rated would probably have the eggplant and peach as the lead characters.

  • Fluffydips

    It’s like they only stole from Lego, Ralph, and Inside Out and took the elements that made them good and gelled them into a mess. Could be cute though.

  • this looks kinda like the film I expected to see when I first heard the premise for Wreck-It Ralph…

  • Ryan Cullen

    This looks like the unwanted child of Wreck-It Ralph and Inside Out.

    • Jared Prophet

      Obviously this borrows the inner-workings bit from Inside-Out, but before that was Osmosis Jones. They are running around the inside of their world and trying to get out like Ozzie and Drix. (which needs a season/series DVD release)

      This looks like a lot of kids who have or want cell phones are going to want to see this. But will parents sit through it?

    • Mermaid Warrior

      It’s more like The LEGO Movie, except TLM was subversive while this movie looks like it’s gonna play all of the cliches straight.

  • l think it looks amazingly horrid, but the younger generation of kids around the age of 12 will love this just because phones are so widely used now… this trailer alone feels extremely reminiscent of lnside Out & Wreck-It Ralph as everyone has already stated, except the idea isn’t even good here.

    Production value is obviously there, so it looks pretty good CG wise, but l will not be supporting this movie and watching it at all.

  • Mairead Malesco

    I’ll be honest I was slightly disappointed in this trailer, besides the obvious reasons, mostly because I couldn’t find anything really terrible about it; don’t get me wrong, I believe this film is a dead idea from the start, and the only thing that it has me anticipated for the reviews that explain all the cringe-inducing batshit insanity within the film (Kind of like “FoodFight” or “Norm of the North”. After seeing this trailer, what I get is a few cringe-worthy elements, but on top of it what I see is just a generic ripoff of 4 good movies (Sausage Party, Wreck-It-Ralph, Inside Out, & The Lego Movie) that just seems unnecessary. It might be me but I would’ve rather seen something that’s memorably-bad rather than an unnecessary one.

    • Cameron Ward

      there are and will always be worse movies coming out. I don’t think it looks bad, but that’s just me. I get the cynicism and I get the gripes, but it’s like this site’s readers think you committed the worst act of all by not saying this looks like the worst thing of all time. It doesn’t look like it’s going to win anyone over, but if it ends up being creative, i’m down for it.

  • Cameron Ward

    I don’t think it looks terrible. Yes, on paper, this sounds like a terrible terrible idea. And to an extent, I agree, but I liked the animation and I chuckled a bit. I don’t think it will be any worse than Leap! or some of the other upcoming films. I mean, Lionsgate is going to distribute A Stork’s Journey, showing how they are still and will always be the Central Park Media of animation distribution.

    • schwarzgrau

      If you try to justify this with something like “it’s not THAT worse, it pretty much looks like all the other stuff” you draw a horrifying picture of the animation industry and nod it through.

      • Cameron Ward

        listen, you need to stop being so antagonistic towards everyone because they don’t agree with the original writer of the article.

        I’m not going to give it a free pass at release if it’s a bad movie. I just think in terms of overall first impressions, I have seen films do a much weaker job in terms of presenting themselves.

        While I don’t think it looks terrible, I’m not shoving aside the cynicism of what this film could quite possibly do wrong and probably will do wrong.

        • schwarzgrau

          It’s not about the article. I have the impression a lot of the CG-kids-features are telling the exact same story in the exact same way, sometimes even with the same jokes, cause out there are still enough people to watch it. This movies aren’t THAT bad, what makes them this bad is that they’re a copy from a copy from a copy from a story/style/etc. which wasn’t that creative in the first place. Sure not everything needs to be groundbreaking, but I’m really angry about studios producing the same stupid stuff for years and even more angry about the people which doesn’t care either. To me it seems like the people don’t like this stuff that much “it’s kinda ok, not that bad, let’s watch it”. But this way the studios will keep going on to regurgitate this crap, instead of coming up with something more original.
          I would never criticize someone who really likes it, but this “It’s not THAT bad” attitude is what brought us here.

          • Cameron Ward

            No one is even giving this film a free pass. they are saying it doesn’t look bad, but it doesn’t look amazing either. It does suck that animated films these days can’t be expanded into different stories in the American market, and it’s mostly because unless your Disney, Pixar, or the rare DreamWorks film, everyone is playing it safe due to how large the budgets are. They don’t want to spend double digit mil on a film that could flop because it was “different” and that’s terrible.

            But on the other hand, Open Road and Lionsgate have set the low bar in terms of animation distribution and have distributed or brought over films that are and will be worse than The Emoji Movie.

            I’m just saying first impressions and waiting until I see the movie for full on judgement. Even when I say “it doesn’t look that bad” it still has a slew of problems like the idea that COULD get creative, probably won’t hit LEGO Movie levels of creativity and we REALLY and I mean REALLY don’t need another “oh I want to be myself!” kind of stories unless you execute it well or get creative with it.

            It’s probably going to be one of the weaker films of the year for many, but I’m not going to slag off the entire project until I see it and judge it myself.

          • schwarzgrau

            I guess our opinions are not far from each other: They playing it safe by creating stuff that tells the viewer it’s cool to be different and with this doing the same stuff then everybody else (which is kind of ironic), cause it will at least double the budget put into it.
            The difference is the conclusion we come to. You say you’ve seen even worse trailers and you need to see it to judge it and I guess I’ve seen enough to be pretty sure that this film is the same crap I’ve seen a thousand times.

  • I wonder if he learns that it’s ok to be different, like every one of these @#$%ing movies.

    • Josh Evans

      *insert trite speech about being true to yourself and just believing in what you can accomplish here*

      • Netko

        I find it so ironic that it’s always the most generic, blandest movies that tout this “dare to be different” message.

    • Mermaid Warrior

      I know it won’t happen, but I really want them to do a twist where he decides not to be different in the end.

  • Marielle

    The visuals look good, but it feels creatively bankrupt when they feature Candy Crush and Just Dance. I wonder if they paid to be part of the plot.

    • Josh Evans

      Yes. Always. If you see a product or property in a wide release film, there was a large amount of money involved.

  • slowtiger

    Sony still bets on a success. I’ve heard rumours they’ve secured the rights to “ASCII – The Telegraphies” and “ASCII vs Unicode”. Mel Brooks might do “Space Bar” in Return.

    • schwarzgrau

      The upcoming ASCI-triology will depend heavily on the current nostalgia-trend I guess.

  • Andrew Kieswetter

    It looks passable. I prefer the Angry BIrds Movie myself.

  • Nina

    This will become so dated so quickly.

    • LeeFW

      was about to post the same thing and TBH you could argue it already feels dated

  • mushed potato

    Sooo… Meh is essentially Smurfette?

  • TheSeeker

    Honestly, the looks of the movie wasn’t that bad to me. Maybe I have bad taste or what, but it didn’t look crappy. However, the story isn’t really engaging to me, the same thing goes to most movies today; not a lot are engaging now. Most movies today rely on special effects and such to make something interesting and it is pretty rare now to even watch something with great story and an actual idea in mind. After watching the trailer, the first thing that came to my mind was…its a movie meshed together by a bunch of businessmen who are trying to be hip. Its not even trying to be something at all, it is trying so hard to fit in.

    • A Stranger in the Alps

      When a trailer’s defenders are saying that it “isn’t really engaging” and looks like it was created by out-of-touch businessmen with nothing to say, that says more about absurdly low expectations than it does about the movie.
      (To be clear, I’m in no way trying to attack your taste, I just honestly don’t understand how everything after your second sentence doesn’t add up to “it looks crappy” to you.)

  • Marie

    “…it may be time to seriously reconsider why your company is creating animation in the first place.” Animation, inexplicably to those of us who follow the business or are in the business, is seen as easy money. I’m seeing this attitude more and more. Rappers, athletes, musicians and everyone’s momma wants to get into animation because of Pixar’s success. Strangely they don’t know about the 4-5 years that Pixar invests into every film. It’s the same reason why non-writers and non-illustrators are making children’s books: easy money.

    • Josh Evans

      I WISH children’s books made easy money. I could quit my day job. XD

  • mick

    The animation is very nice, the design is very nice too. The story is not up my street but then again I’m one of an increasingly rare breed of people who have never in their days used an ’emoji’

  • Michel Van

    I wonder how big, gonna be the losses for Sony ?

    • Poop Emoji

      Lose? Doubt it. I can see all kids going to see this. Not me though.

  • This is Sony’s version of Inside Out, yes?

    • Mermaid Warrior

      More akin to The LEGO Movie.

  • Tre

    Visually it’s kinda nice, but the trailer hasn’t done anything to make me want to go see it.

  • cartoonguy

    It doesn’t look terrible. I don’t plan on seeing it but I am 100% not their intended audience.

    I was out yesterday and overheard a group of kids – pre-teens probably, all girls – talking about how “lame” shows like Family Guy are, which to my 30something sensibilities still seems edgy. These kids mentioned how much they love shows like the Cleveland Show and Spongebob. Goofy stuff. Silly stuff. Light on story. So maybe this is for them: just scene after scene of antics, with some thin story used to hang everything onto.

    Is that wrong? To make a thing specifically for an audience that will pay for it? Not if you’re a business. I wouldn’t call it art but it looks competently produced and will probably please the intended audience. Artists were paid to work on it and it looks like they did a good job. So it’s hard to me to get upset at it.

  • Dan Weeks

    “Production values look excellent throughout – and that’s the saddest part”

    Why is this the saddest part? Because professionals did their jobs well? Because they’re not working on a project YOU would approve of?

    Don’t get me wrong, I have no interest in seeing the film. But I’m not the target audience. It looks like a lot of fun for kids who ARE the target audience.

    Maybe you shouldn’t be so quick to judge a movie based on just the trailer. Maybe you shouldn’t crap on peoples’ hard work just because it deals with subject matter that’s “beneath your level” of intellectual subject matter.

    • Chicken McPhee

      Yes, let’s all have a civilized discussion about the cinematography of scatological humor.
      He said the work done is excellent and of high quality, and the sad part is all this talent wasn’t used for something without actually stooping to pee or puke jokes. And he’s right. If you worked on this, great job, man, but hope your next production is something more substantial.

    • Josh Evans

      Eh, agree to disagree. As someone who works very hard on blockbusters which often turn out to be terrible, I’m always thrilled to read terrible reviews of the final product. It makes the frustration felt while working on it feel totally justified. Different strokes I suppose.

    • Troy

      So what this implies that we should hold it to the same level as say… the Lego movie, Sausage Party, Cars, Turbo, or the Nut Job? In case you forgot animators have no say about what their work entails. They can make it kid appealing to the point of making of making babies say “I want to watch it again” as their first words and being above the level of Pixar, but the question is the matter of how they’re going to watch it if the parents feel it is not worth their time. Saying they are allowed to do this because of target audience is nothing short of an ignorant excuse to degrade the medium into a general standard of kids-only works will make animators have difficulty getting rid of the stigma.

      • Chicken McPhee

        Plus kids are above these sort of disgusting jokes. Showrunners almost never understand that, because the kids laugh, right? That kind of humor may be universal, meaning various adults will laugh at those jokes too, so why condition them from early age to be mental midgets? Just sayin’.
        Same goes for all the poop jokes in Guardians of the Galaxy 1 and 2 as well (which are at least good movies with good values otherwise).

  • LeeFW

    I’ve got a soft spot for Sony Animation studios as I love Cloudy with a chance of meatballs and Hotel Transylvania was an unexpectedly fun movie but this….I just can’t like it, watching the trailer made my brow hurt I frowned so much.

  • Chicken McPhee

    ‘Eating puked-out candy’! Stay classy, Sony.

    • kiko

      At least the didn’t use a Milk-the-male-ox joke like the guys from Ice Age.

      • Chicken McPhee

        Or the drinking Angry Bird’s piss joke, like Sony…oh, wait…

  • Luzz Hockey

    if parents were smart they wouldn’t subject their kids to this corporate trash heap of a film – but i have a feeling it’s going to make a shit ton of money.

  • hernandez2014

    So, no Popeye movie from Sony?

    • Dave 52

      Popeye is still happening just not under the direction of Genndy Tartakovsky.

    • Apparently, it’s still in development (they have a writer. Genndy’s version is cancelled). So……development hell, I’m assuming..

  • A Stranger in the Alps

    The saddest part for me: Almost fifty comments here on how this trailer doesn’t look as terrible as it could’ve, and under 10 on the Breadwinner trailer, which actually has the potential to be something special. Or on discussions of films like The Girl Without Hands, or on the vast majority of interesting & unique shorts that Amid and co. post here regularly. I know anger & disgust & snark will always make for louder conversations, but it’s still always disappointing when it works out that way.
    (I’m absolutely including myself in this callout, btw.)

    • Fried

      It’s hard to have a discussion on a website with moderated comments that get approved at a sluggish rate. The most people can do initially is share their first thoughts, and there isn’t much to say to a good-looking project besides, “How good it looks”, especially when it’s a non-American project. Any project America does is a direct result or commentary on the state of things here. “We’re stuck in a ghetto”, “2D is dead here”, “Uninspired commercial products”, etc. So people will take every opportunity they can get to comment on that, because all you can do is soapbox for a bit, hit submit, then wait hours to days until someone finally reads it and hope you expressed yourself enough to get some responses. You won’t get that from just a, “Looks exciting!”.

      Even though there’s a lot of crappy CG kids movies being made overseas, like Ozzy which was a Spanish/Canadian production, people don’t care. They wave it off, it’s not American, they don’t know how different industry production might be there, who cares. But The Nut Job? Flip our lids over that movie, looks like kiddie drivel!

      Like, take the Brazilian Woody Woodpecker movie. That barely got any attention and people just threw their hands up and said, “Eh, it’s Brazil”. But the Marvin the Martian and Hong Kong Phooey CG tests, people blew their damn minds over it. You would’ve thought the stock market crashed with how much people were freaking out over its existence.

      I dislike it too, but this just isn’t the proper place to have discussions for anything other than snark and outrage, especially when the jumping off point is an article laced with passive-aggression. That alone can make the difference between the response to the Peanuts trailer and the response to the Captain Underpants trailer.

      I also dislike that people in the animation community will gravitate towards anything that is “pretty” looking, like say Steven Universe or DuckTales, but completely overlook anything “ugly”, such as Uncle Grandpa, Billy Dilley, or Pickle and Peanut. It sucks that people complain about things being too vanilla but then go and prove why studios continue to re-use those methods the most.

      • ValjeanLafitte

        The DuckTales reboot is pretty looking? News to me.

      • A Stranger in the Alps

        Yeah, I think you’re absolutely right that the lag in comments make it harder to get a conversation going (and in your other points too). I just wish it was as easy to talk about art aspirationally as it is to talk about it critically. For some reason, it’s just so much easier to soapbox on why something represents everything wrong with your industry (and then for someone else to say why it doesn’t) than to do the same on why something is exciting, or promising.

        • Mick

          It’s a matter of sharing misery… everyone can share misery. Happiness is a great deal more personal. Independent, Misery is a communal activity and requires support

      • Netko

        So basically you think it’s unfair to expect big studios with lots of money that hire actual industry professionals to be judged differently than some small foreign (or domestic) studio. Yeah, I fail to see the problem here.

        There is a huge difference between a style that’s ugly but appealing in its own way (e.g. Ren and Stimpy) and a style that looks terrible and amateurish because the designers are incompetent. It is the difference between Picasso’s art and art made by a toddler. Uncle Grandpa, Billy Dilley and Pickle and Peanut fit the latter category. And they aren’t original in the least. They use the typical generic CN style and their characters are annoying beyond belief. It’s baffling to me that this is what passes as daring and “non-vanilla” for you. Was crappy direct-to-dvd Disney animation also daring and non-vanilla because it was ugly and incompetently made?
        I never thought I’d see someone who was pissed because unfunny, uncreative drivel like Pickle and Peanut wasn’t getting attention. Yes, I’m sure that “not being pretty” is the only possible reason people would have for disliking crappy entertainment. Maybe, just maybe, some people actually have taste and don’t think they owe it to every animated show to like whatever it is it’s doing. Maybe these people know that animation can be both mainstream and good, something that’s been proven over and over again and maybe they expect a hundred million dollars and hundreds of professionals who do this for a living to make something better than a freakin’ Emoji movie.

        It’s not that people love bad shows because of the appealing art styles (though that certainly helps considering that animation is a more visual medium than most), it’s just that shows with competent showrunners who have taste tend to have appealing styles and not look like they were made by someone’s cousin. People love Rick and Morty which also has an absolutely horrible style, but they love it because the writing is excellent.

        Also you seem to think that people being critical of animation, many of which actually do this for a living, means you can’t post your own comments because people won’t huddle around you to shower you with words of agreement and encouragement. What’s worse is your completely unrealistic idea that any movie that doesn’t look like the next Pixar classic gets bashed here, meanwhile whenever trailers like this come out, there’s usually a plethora of people saying it “looks better than expected”, “it’s just for kids” and “I won’t judge it till I’ve seen it”. The few exceptions go for movies that are obviously such complete and utter garbage that offend on a special level so even the most tasteless fans wouldn’t defend them.

        • Fried

          Thanks for posting this so people didn’t have to scroll very far to see exactly the kind of person who makes the comment section so insufferable to begin with.

    • Cameron Ward

      Maybe if comment moderation was better and people weren’t instantly antagonized for not agreeing that this looks bad (I don’t think it looks terrible. I’m not saying it’s going to be fantastic, but there are worse films coming out this year that are going to be visually and writing wise worse), this site wouldn’t be known for being toxic in the comment section.

      Like, yeah I understand and agree to an extent this doesn’t look like the most promising film of all time, but I’m going to wait and see when it comes out and I know ahead of time there are worse looking and worse story driven animated films out there.

      • Netko

        Like how you guys are antagonizing people who think terrible-looking movies look terrible? Should only happy and positive comments be given a pass for the sake of not being “toxic”?

        • Cameron Ward

          No. You can still think a bad-looking movie looks bad, but saying to others who think it doesn’t look bad “you are the problem with today!” is toxic. No one here is even saying it looks like the next best thing, but they get attacked for apparently giving it a free pass.

    • Lexi

      Lol people are always going to be drawn to a trainwreck, so I’m not surprised.

  • jhalpernkitcat

    To be honest, the poop joke was pretty funny. Otherwise “Meh” perfectly describes this movie.

  • jhalpernkitcat

    Has anyone else realized that the talking poop emoji is voiced by Patrick Stewart? Only Patrick Stewart could make a literal piece of shit sound sophisticated.

  • Ga5ton

    This looks so damn awful. I have to agree with some people in the comment section though, it’s not that bad, like Foodfight bad, but don’t be nahive, it’s still terrible. Sure a couple of jokes weren’t shit but it’s not like they have a whole lot of possibilities for creative and clever comedy… because it’s a movie about goddam emojis with too much product placement, it’ll be passable at best and i really doubt it will.

  • Dante Panora

    I’m surprised this comment section did not blow up sooner. But there is some interesting video somewhere that poked fun of “Every CGI animated trailer ever” with a parody outline of a trailer and it was beat for beat the emoji movie even though it came out three months prior to this trailer.

    • Mermaid Warrior

      Ha ha, I think I saw that one. Was it The Wacks? “BUT ONE OF THE WACKS WASN’T WACKY ENOUGH”.

      • Netko

        I’d like to see that, can you remember the name?

        • Mermaid Warrior

          It’s a post floating around on Tumblr, it doesn’t have a name. (though the blog it came from is Wermking) It’s hilarious, three months ago this chick makes a silly little fake trailer for a fake generic kid’s movie. Then the Emoji Movie trailer comes out and it’s exactly like it. You should be able to find it by typing in “wermking emoji movie” on Google.

  • The criticism for this film (based on the trailer) is not towards the animators and artists who took the challenge on for this project.

    The criticism is at the head(s) of Sony for believing this film is worth being produced…especially when they continue to shut down possibly strong projects from animation veterans (Genndy Tartakovsky and Lauren Faust). Sony has (and will have) the talent to create amazing projects, on par with Pixar, Disney, Illumination Entertainment, and so on…

    ….the problem is, they are not interested in really creating strong, consistent works that at least grabs interest of potential audiences to give them a shot. That’s the sad part – Sony could really provide some power and opportunities for themselves…we just don’t know if they want to, and that only comes to hurt the animators and artists in the long run (when it doesn’t have to).

    • Abdul Kader

      that’s the most eloquent way of putting it, I wads thinking the same, What is up with Sony’s decisions?!

  • In the right hands, this concept could’ve led to an interesting story. Instead, in the
    hands of Sony, this is your average outcast story with a ton of product placement.

  • Emmanuel Asiegbu

    Whining about and insulting movies/companies you don’t like *yet again*. You’re dead to me, Cartoon Brew…

    • Josh Evans

      Yet alive enough to comment. ;)

  • Some Guy

    What a terrible concept for a movie.

    “Yo Joe, remember that Angry Birds movie ya pitched? It was a hit! What else ya got, buddy?’

    “Those little face things on my phone. I don’t even know what they are, but they gotta be for something right?”

    “Ya mean those smiley icon thingamajiggers? …. *claps hands and snaps fingers* … BRILLIANT. Move this man next to my office, he’s a GENIUS!”

  • Mermaid Warrior

    The trailer revealed the entire film, confirming our expectations that it’s gonna be a generic kid’s movie with a generic plot that we’ve seen a million times before. This is exactly what I expected it to be. Main character is different, he sets out to be like everyone else, has a fat sidekick and a CoolGirl love interest, learns that it’s okay to be different, the end. Unless there’s some twist that they avoided revealing in the trailer (considering how much they’ve shown, I doubt it) this exact story has been done in countless kid’s films.

  • David Zweig

    We Americans have a low bar in terms of quality.
    Trump is president. Talking poops that crack jokes for the whole family?
    Odds are that the Emoji Movie will make huge bucks.

    • Akira Kurusu

      Reminder that Koreans made an entire film about a talking poop for the whole family.
      So you can’t pin that on Americans.

  • BurntToShreds

    I originally thought that this movie was going to be made and placed straight-away into the bargain bin at the grocery store. Instead, it’s apparently the movie that Sony’s film division is depending on to save them.

    The path this movie managed to take to get to this theatrical release was filled with countless individuals who could have just said “No, this is stupid”. Is the movie industry really full of the stereotypical studio executives and yes-men that you see constantly mocked? The ones that people joke about who say “The kids these days, you know, they really like [Insert Subject Here]…”, are there actually real humans who think that way in that great a number that this got approved? Because it’d be nice if The Emoji Movie’s existence was mainly the result of a few higher-ups strong-arming the movie into existence.

  • BeansHarpoon

    It looks far better then it deserves to be.

  • Mill MitMan

    The smiling female emoji is the obvious antagonist.

  • Barrett

    Bleh……never have I seen a greater divergence between the quality of the animation and the quality of the concept/story. Well, perhaps I have, but the inverse, with the works of Don Hertzfeldt.

    It’s galling that something so limited, so basic, and so trite, was given what appears to be top-tier visual development, animation, and voice work. I mean, T.J. Miller didn’t have time to return to his role as “Fred” in the upcoming Big Hero 6 TV series, but he had time for THIS?! (Or maybe it was just a bigger payday?)

    This film is so “basic” it makes me pine for the creativity and originality of Dreamworks’ recent work. I’d rather watch “Turbo” or “Home” than this…..

    Gawd Sony….you sh–canned Popeye and Imagine That in favor of THIS?!

  • Liam

    Thanks for keeping it unbiased