And now…The Emoji Movie trailer —

Tony Leondis (Igor, Lilo & Stitch 2: Stitch Has a Glitch) directs from a script by himself, Eric Siegel, and Mike White.

Maybe Sony had a good reason for greenlighting this film, but it’s not evident in the trailer or anything else Sony has presented thus far from the film. When you end a trailer for a family film with a regurgitation gag and two talking pieces of shit, it may be time to seriously reconsider why your company is creating animation in the first place.

Production values look excellent throughout – and that’s the saddest part: so many talented artists used in the service of something so feeble-minded is a painful thing to witness.

Produced by Sony Pictures Animation, Emoji Movie be released on July 28 in the U.S. by Columbia Pictures.

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