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First Image From Genndy Tartakovsky’s ‘Popeye’ Reboot

Genndy Tartakovsky’s Popeye reboot is officially a thing now. While the film doesn’t have a production greenlight yet, Sony’s licensing division has begun to promote the property with concept art at the Licensing Expo in Las Vegas. Some CG tests have been done on the film, but the image (above) they’re using on their promotional flyer is a concept painting by Richard Daskas.

Tartakovsky is directing Hotel Transylvania 2 at the moment, so don’t expect the Popeye film anytime soon. Here’s the entire flyer via Film Divider. Click on the flyer for a bigger version:

  • Wish they had posted a higher res image. From what we can see, the look is pretty nice. It would be so cool if they could explore a non-real rendering style like this for the actual film.

  • Jack Blackstone

    I hope they are not like the color Popeye shorts of the past. Every Popeye that was not black and white were awful. (besides Sinbad the sailor and Popeye and the 40 thieves).

    • Roberto Severino

      The 40s Famous Popeye shorts were for the most part pretty good to me. Obviously not the same as the Fleischer shorts but there’s surprisingly some decent stuff in the bunch especially every cartoon that Jim Tyer worked on. They really get bland and boring in the 50s though. Yuck.

  • Jiles Matlocke

    Are you including the Fleischer cartoons among the horrid Paramount cartoons?

  • Roberto Severino

    I still have a lot of faith in Genndy and that even if the Popeye movie is completely done in CG that it will still have a lot of cartoony animation and will stay true to the spirit of the comics and animated shorts. CG is slowly but surely becoming a lot more viable when it comes to having cartoonier animation IMHO than in the past.

  • AmidAmidi

    There is no CGI in the image. But why bother reading the post when you can just make misinformed comments…

    • Ryoku240

      My mistake, the CG test bit through me off.

  • Jerry

    Do you just want random people to do the voices then?

    • Crystal

      How about actors who aren’t currently popular/famous? Or better yet, actual voice actors who have more range, experience, and aren’t ever difficult to work with (if they are, they don’t get hired much) that become the character instead of making the character them. Genndy used them in all 4 of his television shows and co-voice directed them in The Powerpuff Girls.

      • Honest_Miss

        So people who are already famous are unable to also have range and experience?

    • John A

      A lot of people that did cartoon voices WERE working actors in Hollywood. Hans Conreid, Mel Blanc, Elenore Audley, Bea Benederet, Jim Backus, Sheldon Leonard, Bill Thompson, Elmer Q Bryant, and a whole lot of other actors that did voices for the Disney features. Jiminy Cricket was voiced by a well known character actor named Cliff Edwards, who interestingly, looked like a little bug himself.

  • Barrett

    Those “social conventions” need to be shamelessly flouted, Popeye is a character of the hardscrabble early 20th century. No “modernization” would ever be acceptable. A lot of why Popeye cartoons are so entertaining is the raw, brutal, man/woman/rival aspects that are central to the whole thing. It’s timeless in a way, no matter how many layers of “PC” or “evolved social consciousness” we may have atop our ape-like selves.

    • John A

      Popeye only fought with Bluto over Olive Oyl in the short cartoons. In the comics he used his strength to defend himself and protect the community. He was tough and crude but he had a heart of gold.

    • You say “evolved social consciousness” like it’s a bad thing that children don’t work in factories, women and “coloreds” have the right to vote, and that men can fight for and attain shared custody in a divorce.

      The heart of Popeye is something that works in any setting. You have the sailor with the strength of an ox and the heart of gold, his beautiful love interest, and the oafish barbarian who doesn’t understand no means no. In fact, I feel like Popeye works today more than ever because of that.

  • jonhanson

    I love Popeye but he never seemed like a feature length type of character. Still, if someone is going to try it I’m glad it’s a director like Genndy.

    • John A

      I disagree–the Popeye comics would have never survived if it just repeated the Popeye-Olive-Bluto triangle like the Paramount/famous shorts. In fact the Popeye universe is a lot richer than the shorts were ever able to explore, that’s why I thought Popeye would be a great subject for a weekly TV series, with the four main characters (Popeye, Olive, Wimpy, and Bluto) living in Sweethaven having “Seinfeld” style character driven comedy adventures. Popeye would still be strong as an ox, he just wouldn’t have to beat someone up every five minutes.

      • jonhanson

        I’ll admit I only know him from the cartoons so ‘ll take your word for it. I’ve always meant to read the comics.

  • David

    looks good but Popeye has jean and converse on. stupid exes

  • Roberto Gonzalez

    I think it looks great and I hope the final product has a simmilar look. Most probably Genndy will do it ok. Im a bit concerned about Hotel Transylvania including a lot of contemporary humor that will probably not work so well in the future but this doesnt have Adam Sandler and friends writting in it and Sony also produced Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs so Im pretty sure they will let Genndy do his work and the results will be good. Im actualy a bit exciten about this one, It may be the first time they picked and adequate director for a cartoon reboot.

  • Actually I saw a Popeye test a few weeks ago when we were visiting Sony as part of the KLIK! West Coast Tour. And it was amazing. It doesn’t look anything like the low-res image in this Cartoonbrew post.

    I’m really not that into making 2D characters CGI, but the test Genndy showed us was mind-blowing. The squash and stretch animation, the lighting, the coloring, everything was extremely well done. If the final film will have at least half of the quality of the test, then I can’t wait to see it in theatres!

  • Paul M

    Dang it Sony, you have the John Woo or Tsui Hark of the animation world on your payroll and you’re wasting his talents.

  • Roberto González

    Yeah, there are two things that worry me about the image: 1/no pipe. 2/the clothing in Popeye seems to be a bit updated. However I guess I can accept the absence of the pipe if they keep some of the fighting. And yeah, the comic books really have richer stories than the cartoons and would work better for a long movie. However Genndy said that even though he read and liked the comics the movie would be definitely more inspired in the cartoons.

  • Rufus

    Alright, that doesn’t make me want to puke.

  • MaskedManAICN

    Looks pretty nice from the pic. Assuming it’s good, and a hit, maybe someone will give Genndy the money to make the Samurai Jack movie.

  • Piledriver

    Reprints of everything are currently ongoing at IDW under the “Classic” label. Also a recent reprise of the character in comics was done at IDW, with more respect for his Thimble Theater origins than most previous comic-book efforts.

    All that should be available in digital formats via someplace like Comixology as well.

  • John A

    Yes, I goofed. I knew I had the name wrong as soon as I sent it, and then I tried to correct it with a second post, but I never bothered to do anything crazy, like actually check one of my books on WB cartoons for the right answer. Facts, y’know, who needs em? Well, now I’ve been wrong -TWICE- I, I don’t know what to say, I don’t think I’ll ever live this down *sniff* Good-bye every one.(sound of footsteps leaving room, sound of door closing, dramatic pause, Gunshot. sound of body hitting floor)

    Oh by the way, I missed and hit an innocent bystander by mistake, But I’m O.K., every thing’s just fine. Later.

  • Princess Sparkle

    That comic made me sad…

  • MilloAF

    Genndy himself has gone on record saying that there’s a fair chance that if this movie does well then Sony studios will produce the Samurai Jack movie he’s been wanting to make for a long time. 2D and everything.