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FIRST IMAGE: Sylvain Chomet’s “Swing Popa Swing”

The first image from Sylvain Chomet’s upcoming prequel to his film The Triplets of Belleville, titled Swing Popa Swing, was posted on the Cartoon Movie website.

Cartoon Movie is an international conference for producers/distributors of feature-length animation, mainly children’s films for theatrical release. The conference (with about 600 participants) takes place every year in March in Lyon, France. The Chomet project, listed as “in development”, will be looking for co-financing partners at this year’s event.

(Thanks, Liam Scanlan)

  • It somehow saddens me that Sylvain has to shop around for financiers for this.

    • Beamish13

      Well, that’s the nature of the French film industry in general. Many filmmakers have to wait years between films if they can’t find the perfect combination of co-production partners, which typically includes investments from Italian, German and even Japanese financiers.

  • Seeing this image is the reason I come to Cartoon Brew. I don’t know how you found it, but I’m glad you did. It’s encouraging to know that Sylvain Chomet is hard at work preparing to charge into another beautiful 2D film, and the energy of this initial image is exciting and contagious.

    Thank you.

  • I was sorry to read a recent quote from Les Armateurs producer Didier Brunner that ‘Swing, Popa, Swing’ will be “a 3D CG-animated movie”.


    After “The Illusionist” came out in 2010 Sylvain Chomet said his next film would be CG or Live-Action.

    See here:


    • Zac

      Seems unlikely since this film is being toted as a prequel to Triplets of Belleville, but who knows. I don’t know how common it is in the French film industry to switch mediums like that. I know it happens in Japan occasionally. Not so much in the states though unless it’s a reboot or re-imaging of some kind.

  • Jason

    I read an article once that discussed the uses of 3D in both Triplets and the Illusionist, both of which were very effective in my opinion. My hunch is that his prequel will be very similar in technique, that it will still finish with a hand-drawn feel, only making use of CG where necessary.

  • Andrew

    Will this be 2D or Chomet’s first CGI animated film?

  • sam_reynolds

    Chomets Django studio was shut down after the Illusionist was delivered
    years late and massively over budget resulting in its commercial failure on a
    John Carter percentage scale. if Swing ever attracts backers long enough to
    develop into a full production, most recently Chomet has returned to France to
    work on a live action low budget musical, most of the work will be outsourced to
    the Far East.

  • Even if it’s 3D, Chomet still has such a unique voice and style that I’m sure will permeate. I’m sure he wouldn’t create a 3D film unless he knew he could stylistically make it his own.