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Fox Releases New “Epic” Trailer

The next major animated release in the U.S. will be Blue Sky’s Epic, out on May 24th. Fox just released this new trailer for the Chris Wedge-directed film.

This trailer has a lot of the same shots from the original trailer, but it’s very different in tone. Also, Aziz Ansari’s slug character now says, “What’s going on, girl?” whereas in the first trailer he said, “What’s going on, babygirl?” This makes me wish so badly that I could have been a part of the meeting where they discussed the nuances of a slug saying ‘girl’ versus ‘babygirl.’

The trailer has the same top-level quality we’ve come to expect from Blue Sky—lush production design, appealing characters, funny bits of animation, and gorgeous lighting. Frankly, I’m always impressed with the individual elements of Blue Sky’s films, even if those elements never seem to add up into a satisfying film experience. But Epic looks promising, and I’ve got high hopes that they’ll pull it together into a solid package.

  • brownbox

    Consider my interest for this movie piqued.

  • gepinniw

    That fruitfly gag at the end was inspired!

  • jhalpernkitcat

    The fruitfly gag reminded me of the one from Fairly Odd Parents.

  • Toonio

    Hope the yapping doesn’t go as long it went on the trailer else this could be a snore fest.

    And Beyonce??? really??? She is a fine entertainer but far off a voice actor.

    • Deaniac

      Uhhh dude? I think I’d be more concerned of PITBULL being in this movie than Beyonce..

      • jhalpernkitcat

        Or Steven Tyler. Geez, I could recognize his voice right away.

        • DJ

          I don’t understand why they’ve bothered to cast any of the three listed above, it’s not like any of them are big enough actors to draw in an audience. Maybe something to do with them working on the soundtrack?

  • Deaniac

    I had no idea Christoph Waltz was going to be in this movie until recently; that alone is an incentive to see it. I first saw this trailer before The Croods on Friday, and it just makes the movie look much more interesting in general. And yeah, that fruit fly joke was just SO well done!

  • I can’t wait to see the new Ferngully- er…I mean Epic movie :}

  • Really bankin’ on the star power here, eh? Ah, but what animated movie today isn’t doing that, am I right?

    I love the action scenes and a lot of how they use their world with their size… But I reeeeeally hope the slugs aren’t as prominent in the films as they are in the trailers.

  • Still considering seeing it but I’m rather skeptical. The “Tine World” Story has been done so many times before and this movie doesn’t look like it is adding anything new. The voice cast concerns me as does the two snails that will be there to derail the story at every turn. Also the forest looks boring. I know that this is going for a more realistic look but if you going to animate it why make it look just like a forest? A bit more style to the characters would have been nice, But that’s just my personal preference.

  • The Lazy Student

    Why can’t this movie have another title? Seriously, since day one that’s the only thing that has bothered me the most, not even the freaking snails compare to the stupid title. Many years ago, it might have been okay, but I really hate the word epic thanks to how it has been corrupted by newer generations. At least the title in spanish is more decent. “The Secret Kingdom”. Or the title form the book series!

    • Funkybat

      If I like this movie, I’ll have to do what I do mentally whenever I think of “Tangled” and replace it with “Rapunzel.” Of course, some movies with dumb-sounding names can still be great. “The Emperor’s New Groove” is fantastic in so many ways, though the title isn’t one.

    • canimal

      Agreed, I despise that they called this movie “Epic”. One-word movie titles in general are awful, but this one is especially heinous. How are you supposed to google this movie? Most people would think to try “epic” or “epic movie” which wont work. You have to type in “epic film” or “epic blue sky” which is really silly to expect the general audience to figure out on their own.

  • spicelux

    I simply adored Trailer #1 for EPIC. I was addicted to it! Simply couldn’t watch it enough. Was so pumped I was planning my birthday celebration around this film — and I am 50 years old. Now there is this…..Trailer #2. ::sigh:: I must now reconsider everything I once knew to be true.

  • Natalie Belton

    It’s visually lovely and the character designs are really inspired. But, all the celebrity voices and talking slugs might ruin it for me.

  • steph

    Anyone else notice the really off editing in this trailer? I feel like half these audio snippets aren’t actually in the scene on screen.

  • As a huge fan of all the Ice Age movies, I’m looking forward to this. I think it looks cute and fun enough, and while it won’t be a movie that really has deep meaning and/or themes like a Pixar film, I think it’ll still be a good watch for adults, too. Also really liked that they used “Shooting Star” by Owl City in this trailer, I hope the song makes it into the actual movie, too. A nice mix of familiar songs and original tunes would be cool

  • Rodan Thompson

    Great animation… not sure if there’s a story…and I am growing tired of name dropping in trailers of animated films. That’s one of the great things Walt Disney did right. the “names” are annoying, and a distraction to the story. Makes me think they might not even have one.