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New “Epic” trailer from Blue Sky

Here’s a really nice new trailer for Blue Sky’s next feature Epic. Based on a book by William Joyce, directed by Chris Wedge himself, in theatres May 24th 2013.

(via Coming Soon.net)

  • Jon Hanson

    Lot’s absolutely beautiful and I love how the trailer works between the editing and the music. My only worry is that a lot of the dialogue feels a bit flat.

    Big fan of Blue Sky and I’m so excited to see this!

  • Well, it looks as it is called “Epic”. Look forward to seeing it. I like how Blue Sky is going in another direction here, from style to story I know they will pull it off.

  • It’s a William Joyce year!

  • wever

    The slugs may ruin the movie for me, but overall, it’s looking great!

  • James

    Sorry, still seeing a “Ferngully” remake here, except with a more generic title and a more annoying funny animal.

    Looks okay, but nothing I can manage to get very interested in. Definitely not my cup of tea.

  • Paulo Perbone

    The overall quality is what we can expect from Blue Sky, lots of things to love. My problem is with the story as it reminds me to much of Arthur and the Minimoys.

    • Has elements of Arthur, Ferngully, Spiderwick Chronicles, Honey I Shrunk the Kids, and any other number of books and films – not to mention the dumb title – but, this looks completely different from previous Blue Sky films, and a fun if not entirely proper fantasy movie, and I am deciding now to be excited about it and hope it doesn’t end up being lackluster and contrived.

  • Matt Sullivan

    Reminds me of Ferngully.

  • Sarah J

    Not really a big fan of the talking slugs. Why does every kid’s animated movie need an annoying comic relief?

    Anyway… There are things I like about the trailer, like the action scenes and the animation. Though the story, I want to get excited about it but so far, I can’t. I kind of think that if they took away the part about the girl shrinking and just focused on the little warriors, that would’ve been cooler. But I’ll reserve my judgement until I actually see the movie, there are a lot of great movies with trailers that do a poor job of showing that quality.

  • wever

    Congratulations! You just won the “100th Reminds Me Of Ferngully” Comment!!!

    Oh wow! I– this is so sudden!!! I’d like to thank CB, and my mom, and dad….

    • hahahahahaaaa

    • Funkybat

      Honestly, I thought less of Ferngully watching this trailer than I did when I watched Avatar. And Jake Sully didn’t even get shrunken down to a tiny size!

      • Richard Gadd

        Yes – I was thinking Avartar too.

  • Aaron B.

    Looks fantastic. Absolutely beautiful.

    I think EPIC will be an important movie for the Blue Sky folks if only to show they can work with stories that are a few steps beyond the tradition talking animals. Sure, there are slugs and dandelions and emerald ash borers, but it’s not a “talking animal movie,” and it doesn’t appear to be marketed as one.

    My only complaint rests with the fact that since we’re in the “internet age,” the word “epic” is edging into overuse. I would hate for people to avoid this film because if its simple (and let’s face it, vague and not particularly functional) title. “Epic is the new awesome,” I once heard someone say.

  • Alê Camargo

    Looks like Avatar meets Ferngully.

  • Joel

    With the exception of that slug, this looks kinda cool to me. I think I’ll check it out!

  • hellohue

    It’s going to be interesting whether the slugs get groans from others than the animation crowd. It looks interesting, certainly not writing it off for its apparent similarities to Avatar or Fern Gully, which both look far less appealing to me than Epic (terrible terrible name change, is there long-title-phobia in Hollywood? The Leaf Men is FAR more interesting than a bland single word)

    If there’s one thing that irks me about the trailer it’s the voice directing/overall tone. It’s not the 90s anymore, Aziz Ansari doing wacky ad lib is not going to bring anything to this film. What is it about ‘voice for an animation’ that makes so many actors go ‘Oh okay, I’ll do overacting’ Pixar got the message with that long ago, just look at the stellar voice casts in the Incredibles, Ratatouille and Brave, the casting feels like it was done for the acting, not the celeb name.

    The animation otherwise looks absolutely beautiful. Love the more realistic depiction of nature, it’s far more endearing than the juvenile stylisation of nature in Avatar.

  • Matthew Koh

    People! If you kept telling that something new is like something in the past, you’re actually killing originality.

  • Eman

    Glad to see them taking a more sophisticated approach. Eager to see how it comes out.

  • Zekumi

    I tend not to like Blue Sky’s productions, but they’ve never been outright bad. Of course the parallels to Ferngully are extremely obvious, but the animation is attractive.

  • victoria

    Wow, I really liked that! :D

  • Silver

    The title sucks; stupid marketing decisions. I was a bit skeptical about this movie thanks to that generic title, but the trailer sold it to me; it feels amazing and interesting. Looking forward to seeing it.

    • Funkybat

      I’m a lot more excited about the movie than I am about its title. “Epic” sounds like an internet meme text, not to mention that it tells you almost nothing about the movie, even if it might apply. It’s lice calling a Stallone movie “Action” or a Seth Rogen movie “Hilarity.”

  • Sarah

    Except for the talking slugs, this looks really cool.

  • Bud

    Looks FANTASTIC! Can’t wait.

  • gPetricic

    Why does that guy look almost exactly the same as Flynn Rider from Tangled?!

  • Mudmarox

    Wow this is so original !! A teen girl with a scientist father who shrink and talks with animals !! So original…and also she meet tiny people that are in war against evil people that wanna take over the forest !! But the most original thing is that she falls in love with a teen met in that community of tiny green people !!!! SO ORIGINAL !!!

    • bob

      i don’t know if you’ve noticed, but almost all movies nowadays can have parallels drawn to them. There really isn’t that much variation in mainstream film today…

      • KitKat

        As my animation instructor put it, everything in storytelling has already been done. It’s all about how you make it fresh again.

    • I believe the image is based on the Kubik dgsein which is constructed from a number of interconnected and illuminated water tanks that create stunning visual effects as they change colour in synch with the live music played from within. They’re like water cubes, that kind of look like glow sticks .Monica

  • Nic

    The name alone has the power to kill this thing in the water, but I’m hoping it doesn’t happen. Looks good and I hope it’s successful.

  • Haven’t we already seen this in animated films, over and over and over again?

  • JM

    Despite how good the designs and overall look is…
    A hell lotta clichés.

    Look for the classic Aladdin “Do you trust me” move at 1:24, without even saying tha character looks like a mad mash up of Disney Princes ( even tho Flynn Ryder is not one)

  • Ben

    As the obvious has been pointed out, that the story here looks a lot like FernGully, it’s also like several others, The Borrowers/Arriety, Honey I Shrunk the Kids, Arthur and the Minimoys, etc. Still, the visuals here look good to me, and even though we’ve seen “shrinking person” movies before, this looks like it could still be different enough. I like what I see, and i like that it’s going in a different direction than the average Blue Sky movie.

  • John

    I’m amazed at the lack of creative/original design that’s happening in feature CG animation at the moment. Everything’s starting to look the same. The artists really need to stop looking at other animated films for their design inspiration and start looking more at life and how they see it.

  • Lauren

    Still better than Ice Age 4

  • Honey I’ve shrunk the kids

  • Shawn

    Heeeey female protagonist! She’s normal looking, not over-sexualized, and seems to have a personality! I generally approve. The story might seem a bit contrived, but if she gets to join in with the ass kicking, I’m willing to overlook any similarities to a million other things that already exist.

  • E. Nygma

    Sure it looks derivitive, but looks more mature than past Blue Sky films. So far “Robots” is still my favorite Blue Sky project.

    • James

      I hope so. I’m just concerned on whether the “comic relief” dominates the movie as it does in a lot of these animated features. Did this movie need to “star” these slugs? Hopefully, they are very minor characters that are just in a few scenes like those two birds in “Rio”

  • J

    Thumbelina meets Fern Gully. As those were two favourites of my childhood I’m totally up for this.

    I love Blue Sky and it’s terrific animators, to see them working with more realistic-ish humans and to see their great animation put on them is going to be great!!

  • Looks great, although I dread the wacky bit during the bit end battle where the slugs prove to be surprisingly effective in combat.

  • Mister Twister

    Hmmm… main character goes into a magical world, to save it from an evil overlord… I have nothing against popular tropes. but, for the love of God, use them sparingly!~!

  • I love it already, really cool world and character design!!

  • Chuck

    Can someone PLEASE stop giving WIlliam Joyce 100 million $ + animated films…. He’s the kiss of death. Has he ever had a financially successful film yet? But it seems every studio has worked with him.

  • Laura

    Ok, I just decided I want to see this.

  • Silence Dogood

    It looks great. It really does. I just hope the characters/plot won’t be as Mary-Sue-ish as they appear…

  • Bruce

    Only so-so on the movie (sorry, but do we really need wise-cracking talking slugs?), but I really like the music. Anyone know who’s supplying the soundtrack?

    • Bruce

      Found the answer, Danny Elfman.

  • Nou

    Visually it looks great, but somehow I’m not interested. Not sure if it is the script or the characters, but I’ll need to see another trailer or some more clips to decide if I’ll see it in theater.