Hand-Drawn Feature “Une Vie de Chat” Opens in France Hand-Drawn Feature “Une Vie de Chat” Opens in France
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Hand-Drawn Feature “Une Vie de Chat” Opens in France

Une Vie de Chat, a new hand-drawn animated feature directed by Alain Gagnol and Jean-Loup Felicioli, opened in France and Belgium last weekend. The film was produced at Jacques-Rémy Girerd’s Folimage studio, which has also been responsible for the features Mia and the Migoo and Raining Cats and Frogs.

Une Vie de Chat‘s opening weekend earned $552,663 in France, landing the film in 12th place. However, it had a limited release in only 171 theaters. By contrast, Megamind, which also opened in France last weekend, appeared in 695 theaters. Co-production partners on the film include Digit Anima (Belgium), Rhone-Alpes Cinema (France), and Lunanime (Belgium).

The idea sounds promising: “A cat leads a secret double life: he spends his days with Zoe, the daughter of a commissioner, but at night he accompanied a thief on the rooftops of Paris. While the mother of Zoe investigate burglaries at night, another mobster kidnaps the girl.” More details about the film’s story can be found on AnimationInsider.net.

(Thanks, Michel Van)

  • wish i could understand what they are saying!

    The look and the premise are so refreshing!

  • TheGunheart

    I love that effect with the shading. It literally looks like a comic come to life.

  • How wonderful! I love the designs, and the graphic style of the environments.

    Once again, I’m left to wonder why we can’t have quality 2D features that take chances like this in North America. Sita Sings the Blues is one of the few I can think of off the top, but they seem so common in Europe and Asia.

    • Chris Sobieniak

      They just don’t have our mindset to think these would not work at all.

    • Ariel

      Agreed wholeheartedly.

      What amazes me is that there’s only “10” comments on here (*compared to Jessica Boruztski’s “Bunny” film. 127 comments)

      I think it just falls to the differences between american and european tastes. American audiences take to flashy, action-packed, overly-polished material. Europeans have broader tastes. And taking a chance on a graphic-style, hand-drawn film just shows their love of traditional and experimentation.

      Could only wish we could see stuff like this here in n. america. But it’s all about the money and mass-consumption here unfortunately.

  • Michel Van

    the story is diverent as the source on Animation Insider:

    the cat dino wander at night with burglar Nico over roofstop of Paris
    one day Dino return with bracelet to his owner the girl Zoe
    the mother of Zoe investigate not the burglaries of Nico
    She investigate the murder of her husband, Zoe dad
    Zoe investigate were Dino got the bracelet and find Nico
    encouraged Zoe try to find also her dads murder, a mobster Victor Costar,
    who try kidnaps the girl, after Zoe came to close to truth
    but she get help by Dino and Nico and chases true and up Paris start.

    in time were CGI Animation get overhand
    the maker have the moxie to push there project true again the trend
    this movie show there still hand-drawn animated beauteousness

  • Folimage continue to show the way. More power to them .

  • pheslaki

    Oh, this looks like a lot of fun!

  • Jorgen Klubien

    Looks great!

  • Hans W.

    I saw the film yesterday and I just LOVED it! Brilliantly animated, great designs and a very good story! I hope this film will get to the States eventually, so many people can go and see it. It’s clearly targeted towards a kids audience, but adults can have a good time watching it too (provided you like 2D and stylish designs…)

  • Wayne

    With so much CG animation these days, it’s easy to forget that the world of 2D hand-drawn animation remains a vast, unexplored universe. This film looks like a sumptuous book-illustration world come to life, and I totally want to dive into it to my heart’s content!

  • Philippe Tardif

    Looks Awesome! Glad to read that Hans W. liked the story, because I thought it sounded promising. I’ll definitely watch this with my son, if I can find it!