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Hand-Drawn Sequences by MAKE for “Invisible to You” Doc

Minneapolis-based MAKE created this poignant flashback series of hand-drawn animation sequences for Ramon Nuñez’s feature-length documentary Invisible to You. The film looks at the stories of street kids (homeless, runaway, at-risk and outcast) in the United States.

Director: Ramon Nuñez
Creative Director: Danny Robashkin
Animators: Aaron Quist, Alec Mueller, Andrew Chesworth, Ben Bury, Jordan Hill, Justin Weber, Niklas Norman
Edit/Sounds design/Mix: Mike Nelson

  • Colin Levy

    Wow, these are powerful. Amazing work.

  • Mark Mayerson

    Great, great stuff. Beautiful design and animation and content that matters. Kudos.

  • Dirty Laundry Day

    I’d love to see their work in longer format.

  • Jeremy Burnett

    Wonderful work with a strong story behind them.

  • Hopeful

    Amazing, but very sad as well. To think there are people all over the world who’ve been impacted like this in a negative way. :(

  • While I have worked on several other things at MAKE, I have
    to point out that I didn’t work on these at all and shouldn’t be getting a
    credit on it – which I hate to say, because they turned out beautifully! Good job

  • kevin

    Hand drawn usage was so good, anything else would of cheapened this subject matter. Great job to Make.

  • Carolyn Bates

    Amazing, compelling stories. Beautifully done.

  • woltron

    Why no one gets it? 2D is dead! It is an old fashined media that is not as powerful as modern 3D computer animation. Wake up guys, Disney said it!

    • Aaron Mincey

      Dude did you also know John lasseter said that its not the medium its the story of animation. Guess what he’s disney as well, and in case you didn’t know that Disney is now a business so they’re gonna make decisions based on shareholders being how they purposely killed of their 2D department. Also if 2D is dead then why do we still have 2D shows that are very popular, and japanese animation, and 2D animation from Europe and so on.

      • walropodes

        He was being sarcastic and making fun of the shareholders who are dismissing 2D’s potential

      • martin

        i think woltron is trolling. which is a shame, i think its the 1st time i’ve seen trolling on cartoon brew (and hopefully the last).

        • woltron

          not trolling, its sarcasm ;)

  • Tomm

    Beautiful work

  • Roberto Severino

    Whenever Andrew Chesworth or MAKE are brought up or credited on Cartoon Brew, you know that the animation is gonna be top notch and handsomely designed! Great work.

    • James Madison

      I agree.

    • Henry Cohn

      I think the design is similar to Bebe’s Kids:

    • Alex Dudley

      I thought the art style looked familiar!

  • Grady Williams

    Not only is the quality of the animation top notch, the compelling stories of real life experiences make these amazing pieces. Seeing stuff like this makes you stop and say animation isn’t all fantasy worlds, but can illustrate real life as well. kudos.

  • wgan

    sad world, beautiful animation and design, my hats off

  • zac leck

    I remember seeing “Trudee’s Story” at a local festival here in Minneapolis and I’ve been waiting to see the other two stories. Glad they’re finally out!

  • Grayden

    Beautiful work.

  • Jasmine Lewis

    wow…my soul…