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“Hoodwinked Too! Hood vs. Evil” trailer

Three years in the making! Two years on the shelf! Forget Cars 2 or KFP-2, on April 29th The Weinstein Company brings you the most anticipated sequel of the year:

(Thanks, Iain)

  • Rufus

    Yay! More fart jokes and bad storywriting! Exactly what we need!

    • jm

      Hold Your Horses man.
      Although the art for these Hoodwinked pictures is considerably low compared to DreamWorks and Disney,AND the fact that the trailer gives the impression of a movie filled with fart jokes and ¨Ouch I just fell in my crotch¨ Jokes, I´d still give it a chance.
      I have to say the first Hoodwinked was REALLY good writing. …if only the character designs weren´t so bad!.

      • And that the budgeting wasn’t so poor. But agreed, the writing was wonderful for the film.

  • Clutch

    Two fart jokes! References to movies from 7 years ago! Masterful lip syncing! And here I was gunna save my pennies for Sir Billi The Vet..

  • The trailer promises a fart joke nearly every minute.

    IN 3-FRICKIN’-D!!

  • Toonie

    Hoodwinked, one of the BEST original soundtracks for an animated movie. The Edward Brothers are freaking geniuses.

  • Jeffers

    “Wow, this is even more painful than it looks”

  • tedzey

    oh my god… it’s beautiful (tear runs down my cheek). Now this is going to give Pixar a run for their money! (rolls eyes).

    And Glen Close is in this? She still has a career after 102 dalmations?!

  • Killskerry

    Did anyone else think of Bewitched Bunny when they saw Hansel and Gretel?


    Of course this short has more laughs in one gag then this movie has in its entire running time. DESPITE THE FACT ITS NOT IN WONDERFUL HEART STOPPING FART INDUCING 3-DDDDDDD!!

    Even if the production value is 100 times better on this…it hardly makes up for the fact its comprised of all the jokes even Happily Never after 2 thought were stupid. Did the creators look deep into the hearts of America and nod to themselves whispering…yes..yes more hits to the Warburton wolf’s naughty bits…we’ll get right on it.


  • Deran

    I’ve got to at least congratulate this film for setting the bar for lazy storytelling to rock bottom. I mean, things can only get better from here, right guys?

  • 2011 Child

    Everything we kinda love and hate about Hoodwinked… all over again! What more could you want?

  • mannnn…… LET DOWN. I gotta admit, though the first movie lacked in production value, it definitely had its moments of humor and charm. I was hoping for more of the same.

  • greg m.

    Wasn’t the first one made for $2 million, or something like that?? (I know Weinsteins bought it and pumped in 20 more for P & A, and voices). It made some HUGE profit for those guys!

    I’m sure this one cost very little as well. The first one was very, very clever!

  • Somebody open the window.

  • See, it’s things like this that give CG a bad rep on blogs like the Brew.

    • errant rogue

      It’s comments like this that keep people like me from every visiting blogs like this ever again. It’s pretty easy to bash a movie you’ve never seen from your computer. Have you ever worked on a feature animation in any capacity or do you just enjoy criticizing people who actually do the work?

  • Mat

    It clearly states its not a sequel…its a 3D-quel. Let’s use proper terms here.

  • Andrew Kieswetter

    The first movie was fun,but this looks so-so.

  • Was My Face Red

    I want Sir Billy The vet NOW!!!

  • Haha, I remember there being a Burger King set of toys for this film here in the UK about a year and a half ago, when I presume they originally intended to release this film. That’s some delay.

  • Ma

    The lip-sync on that wolf, im quivering in my boots.

    I hope the artists involved were able to have fun and make the best of it. I don’t doubt that there will be some fun moments to the film, I’ll give a chance with a case of beer.

  • Gobo

    The first one looked horrible, but was surprisingly smart and fun, despite the awful animation. This one… I think it’s going to be as bad as the first one looked.

    I hope Glenn Close and Patrick Warburton made a few bucks off of it, anyway.

  • Silence Dogood

    I actually liked the first Hoodwinked. They didn’t have great character design or…pretty much anything at all, but the writing was good and the music was great. This just looks like another sucky sequel. :E

  • Didn’t the first movie make a relatively large profit?
    I could look it up, but nope.

    HOODWINKED had some surprisingly good moments despite its economical animation production, but this trailer suggests the sequel may have fewer such moments.

  • Trailers for comedies are especially poor these days. I’d resist judging any movie on one.

    Everyone wanting to do independent animation should be rooting for them so the distribution system will be more open to such things. Then you’ll have your chance to show ’em it can be done better. You can do it better, right?

    • Alessandro

      films like these give independent animation a HORRIBLE name, and make it that much more difficult to get funding. who would want to fund an indie project if their idea of “indie” was Hoodwinked Too!?

      and another thing… while this may technically qualify as “independent animation”, this has to be one of the most derivative unoriginal pieces of crap i have ever seen. it does not deserve the label “independent”.

  • Michel Van

    i have too see this movie
    this spoof on Bewitched Bunny, kung-fu panda, Mission impossible, three littel pigs and Hellboy gonna be funny

  • Nicola lemay

    This must be one of the four horseman of the apocalyse. the end of days is coming. Run.

  • How…. how on earth has another movie like this been made? Another blow to the animated art form.

  • mike

    At least the animation looks better than the last one. Two years on the shelf really? I thought for sure they would have rushed it out at the staggering surprise hit of the first one.
    I like that Anne Hathaway stayed away from it and they replaced John Cleese with David Odgen Steirs too. Way to go Cogsworth.
    I like the bridge troll design but the his character?…….YYYeessssshhhhhh

    • Jeffers

      David Odgen Steirs did the first movie too, not John Cleese. This one will have Cheech and Chong in it though!

    • J

      David Ogden Stiers played the same role in the first one.

  • Nipplenuts McGurk

    Hey Hollywood, how do I get one of these great writing gigs where you give me a bucket of $$$$, and all I have to do is load a script w/ previously seen gags and dialog?

    NEW RULE: Anyone who puts …..awkward!” in a script from this day on must go to “Asshole Writer Rehab” with the guys who keep writing “Oh! That’s gotta hurt”, “That’s what I’m talkin’ ’bout!”, and “Little help here?”

    Oh, and to top it off it has the nonsensical “Too” moniker instead of “2”…hah-fucking-hah. I’ll throw you in the bin-o-winners with Mannequin Too and Teenwolf Too.

  • Abel


    Yeah, it’s cheezy. ugly. probably a large waste of talent but hey, as long as it keeps those animators in India busy and not taking my gig I could give a rat’s ass.

    that troll was semi-offensive retarded though, mostly just in the “this idea passed way”… wtf? well, if jar jar binks can exist…

    hey, anyone hear about this thing in Egypt?

    • Gobo

      You sound like a hater, too, y’know. Criticism isn’t “hate”. It’s criticism.

    • Patrice

      animated in Canada.

  • This seems so derivative. I mean…some ” Kill Bill ” type music, laser security system,the troll?
    Well, when it gets to Red Box, I’ll check it out.
    Maybe it’ll surprise me. I know the first one did and I liked it.

  • I thought this thing was dead as soon as nothing new came out of it, boy was I wrong. The whole thing in my own view just looks like its a whole bunch of video game cut-scenes that look highly unfinished. Also, fart jokes of any kind are very annoying these days. Sometimes in the past it was decent, but now its nearly jammed into anything that is animated these days.

    I wish that they would make something better for animation for kids these days, but sadly enough kids love computer animation. But heck do they even like fart jokes? Unless if they are not using their brains they might, but most fart jokes these days are forced. Are those executives that shallow minded that kids would laugh at a fart joke? Like I said, I wish that they would put some effort for making good animated films for kids. Instead of this rushed sequel nonsense. This is going to make Teen wolf II as well as any corny horror movie sequel that was bad look good. Plus if you want some good animated features, look at the independent stuff. You’d find a whole lot better stuff from the minds of freelance animators compared to Hollywood who refuses to accept anything new and just likes to butcher up anything good into making it something that nobody even wants to look at.

    • P. Cornhair

      with all due respect, a ‘forced fart joke’ is called a ‘shart joke’.

      you’re welcome.

  • Michael F.

    I wonder why it was delayed as much as it was. Maybe test screenings were negative, maybe they wanted to do some casting changes, maybe the market was too crowded or maybe they wanted to go from 2D to 3D. Either way, there’s got to be a good reason for it. Why else would you release this movie more than a year after making Burger King toys for it?

  • lola

    Just makes me want to go watch the Venture Brothers.

  • Alissa

    Bet ya Hansel/Gretel are the real villains and the witch was actually trying to save everyone. After all, it worked in the first movie.

  • Aj

    Now we need “Doogle 2” and “Happily Never After 3” just to round it all out.

    • Cyber Fox

      Um, Keep in mind “Doogal” was a poor americanization dub of the CG film adaptation of “The Magic Roundabout”, A british cartoon that was only shown on Nick’s long-running yet now defunct show “Pinwheel”

    • Vzk

      If only the Freaky Flickers film was released :(

  • I really liked Hoodwinked! And I’m actually lookin forward to this. I’m down for supporting the more independent animated movies.
    I was in 7th grade when the original came out and everyone at my school kept saying ” De-nah-me-tay!” I can still pop that movie in the dvd player and me and my friends will have a good time.

  • Kitschensyngk

    Err…did anyone actually like Hoodwinked 1?

    • Inkan1969

      I did. “Hoodwinked” actually had one of the better written plots of recent cartoon movies. I thought their “Rashomon” scenario was well constructed. Also, the original movie emphasized characterization over cultural referencing. I thought “Hoodwinked” was a better parody of fairy tales than any “Shrek” movie.

      This trailer did leave me cool. But trailers can be misleading. “Tangled” and “The Fantastic Mr. Fox” had terrible trailers, but the films turned out good. I’m crossing my fingers for “Hoodwinked Too”.

  • Bruce Wright

    I love the facial animation on the wolf for the “even more painful” line.

    It’s like the animator (I use that term loosely) said, “Hey, instead of keyframes, I plugged a random value generator into each of the animation channels.”

    • Patrice

      they changed many of the lines for the trailer, without changing the animation.

      • Bruce Wright

        Is there any line of dialogue that works with that animation?

        I mean other than “AEDD WoowSii weeelllleeeAME.”

  • The long anticipated sequel- has more fart jokes than Yogi Bear.

    And my honest opinion is, I didn’t like the fart jokes either.

  • Martin Juneau

    I seen the first movie in theaters and haven’t yet the perception of what good animation suppose to be, i enjoyed it.

    Now i seen this trailer and realise they have finally a sequel, i’m far worry. Fart jokes, a billion of scenes ripped from other movies, animations who look like made for videogames. For one time, i will see if it came out at my city, but i can’t guarantee i will enjoy.

  • Ivan

    I was in the Philippines back in 2006 and I remember seeing some of the artwork for this. Glad to see that it’s finally coming out. I thought the first one was funny enough.

  • Regarding all the negative comments posted above:

    Where the hell is yours?

    Sure. You could do better. So why don’t you?
    It’s easy to dump on someone else’s production until you’ve walked a mile in their shoes.

    For the record, I have nothing to do with the Hoodwinked production. I don’t know the producers. I didn’t see the first film.

    But trust me – making a film (or TV series) is a huge accomplishment. The fact that the first installment of Hoodwinked earned enough money to justify a sequel earns these guys my sincere respect.

    To all the “future Walt Disneys” out there – I’m waiting to see your ‘epics’. Talk is cheap. Deeds speak.

    • The Gee

      While this is a reply to you, it is also a reply to “N” who posted below this, more recently.

      The negative comments are rather predictable. It is to be expected here.

      But, after having just watched it without the sound on, to see if I could get it without being told what it is about….man.

      I’m sure it is watchable. It might even be a good way to pass some time. But, that doesn’t mean it is good or worthy of defending. Just because it is in the can and is being released doesn’t mean it was worth making in the first place or is worth watching period.

      My reservations about it are fairly basic: it looks like something which a live action writer came up with. Period. Even if it is making fun of that or certain kinds of action adventure movies, I don’t really care. How much of that has been done in the past 10-15 years? How much navel gazing and ridiculing of films and genres does there need to be?

      Now, I’m just going on looks from the trailer. But, I don’t care. It just doesn’t seem worth caring about.

      So yeah, go ahead and celebrate that it was made and released, or just be respectful that it was, but don’t get rankled if people call it crap because it just might be that.

      • Excuse me?

        “It looks like something which a live action writer came up with…”

        That statement makes no sense at all. Good storytelling transcends all media. I would love to see an animated movie written by Aaron Sorkin, William Goldman or any of the great “live action writers”.

      • The Gee

        Then egg ’em on.
        See what the end result will be.

        I know you were involved/created some canadian live action show, so I don’t mean any offense to you. You put your time into the various aspects of animation. And, even not having seen the TV show you worked on, I am not going to say you don’t have what it takes.

        But, I stand by what I wrote even if it doesn’t make any sense to you.

      • So what you’re saying is – you don’t know what you’re talking about.

        I created a Canadian ANIMATED show that had some puppet elements. And trust me, even today – ESPECIALLY today, it stands up to the best of what’s out there.


      • The Gee

        That is the case. I know little to nothing about the show you worked on. I was just trying to show you deference in saying that you–a person who has worked in various facets of the entertainment industry, including years in animation–shouldn’t be lumped in a pile with straight up live action writers.

        And having worked with enough live action writers who think writing for animation is a cake walk, I stand by what I wrote even if it doesn’t make sense to you.

        I don’t think the creme de la creme can cut it unless they have the right sensibilities to begin with. Try as anyone might, and please tell me you know this, craft isn’t the same across the board for writers.

        Sure, a good yarn should translate well in different mediums and when told in various ways it can be told. But, that isn’t to say that someone who is just a good writer is going to be able to make a script or story for a good cartoon.

        Keep in mind: what usually happens in animation, especially features, is adapting stories written by others and those adaptations are usually done by those who know a thing or two about animation. Is it an iron-clad thing? No.

        There’s obviously plenty of folks who can and do live action who also work in animation writing. It happens like that and for those who do a good job, great for every one involved, from crew to audience.

        But don’t say that good writers (live action or otherwise) are gonna be good animation writers.

  • I thought the first one was clever and funny despite its terrible visual look. This looks a little better (not too much) visually but a lot dumber in the gags.

    I checked and it seems it was written by the same guys , it looks like they put less effort this one.

    The first one was actually more clever than Shrek. I liked the story structure a lot. With good animation it could have had a certain Looney Tunes touch.

    I guess I should appreciate that they are not repeating themselves and they are spoofing another genre…but the cinema noir-esque tone of the first one was more interesting than the action movie approach they seem to take here.

    I won’t see this one in cinemas.

  • N

    Wow, if I ever make a movie I’ll be sure to steer clear of advertising it on the Brew. I’m simply appalled at all the ugly and hateful comments.

    It’s okay to voice your opinion. Good film-makers value constructive criticism. But constructive is the key word. “This trailer sucks and everyone who worked on it is a hack because it has a fart joke in it” doesn’t qualify as constructive.

    I have no opinion on the movie either way but I wish the film-makers and animators the best of luck! The first one was a financial success (which is inspiring for aspiring indy-animators) and I hope this one does just as well!

    • Well, first it’s a fart joke. Second, it’s pretty similar to another one in Jay and Silent Bob Strikes Back. And third, I thought it was already lame in the original movie to begin with.

      And it’s not only that but most of the other gags in the trailer are not especially brilliant either.

      Maybe there are much better gags in the movie, but this trailer shows that they have at least four or five jokes that rank from “mediocre to bad”.

  • jq

    High Times magazine gave the first Hoodwinked a two thumbs up for best animated video to trip by.

  • Marc Baker

    Killskerry, your not the only one who thought of that ‘HAN-SEL’ line from ‘Bewitched Bunny’.

  • What is the frog from Meet the Robinsons doing in this movie?!?!?

    Everything else I can say, has already been said.

    • snip2345

      The frog was in the first film. I’m surprised you’re mistaking him for a music group that doesn’t resemble him at all.

  • Was My Face Red.

    Agggh, my eyes! God, I love posting that.

  • James E. Parten

    I saw the orignal “Hoodwinked”, and found it to have been a pleasant surprise. It was based on a clever, cunning concept: taking the Fairy Tale and treating it as a Police Procedural. Tacking on a dollop of “Rashomon” didn’t hurt either!

    This trailer suggests that, instead of doing the Police Procedural bit, they are taking fairy-tale material and adapting it to today’s loud, noisy “action” pictures. We will just have to see if it works out.

    Clearly somebody thinks that the target audience has to have “fart” jokes, so we’re supposed to get at least two of them. At that, the one with Granny actually worked!

  • Andrew Kieswetter

    I’d rather see sequels to both Bolt and Over The Hedge (or have the makers of the OTH comic strip forbidden such
    a thing?) than this. I really liked them both.

  • jgpunk

    in the original it was lacking in some in CG and lip-sync… texturing wasn’t exactly awesome BUT the movie itself was great (as was the original soundtrack). the writing – clever and funny. it has been a family favorite for years. for this alone, i put my trust in the Edwards brothers. did i like the trailer? not particularly (yes, the crotch and fart jokes seem a bit overdone). however, if the actual “meat” of the movie has a hint of the writing from the original, i am sure we will once again enjoy it.

    regardless of how good or bad it will be, i am just glad to see that the Weinsteins have finally taken it off the shelf and are letting the public decide. Good luck to the Edwards brothers!

  • jgpunk

    and now some comments (and apologies?) from Cory Edwards’ blog:

    “Forgive the abundance of fart jokes and crotch kicks — those were not in the script we wrote (okay, ONE… but that was really a “nerve gas joke”). Also, this trailer has some sound effects and lines that aren’t even in the movie. I guess the Weinstein machine thought it needed ONE more fart sound and ONE more joke about Twitchy not wearing pants.”


    • More people on here need to see this. But given how cynical everyone on CB, it probably won’t do any good.

      On topic, the animation looks leagues better than the previous film. I liked the 1st one, so I’m keeping my eye on this one as well.

  • Clint

    I really loved the first Hoodwinked movie. Despite the fart jokes and cliched puns, I might check this one out.

  • han

    i’ll be there opening night

  • Alissa

    To everyone comparing this to a videogame, where have you been the past five years?

    There are games that are far and beyond better looking than this. Go play Final Fantasy: 4 Heroes of Light, Ratchet and Clank a Crack in Time, or even go back a few years and pick up Psychonauts or Shadow of the Colossus.

    All these games on a various platforms manage better graphic and better story than most of the movies bashed on the Brew.

    Videogames as a medium are no longer restricted to blocky low polygon counts or even sprites (and several recent games have absolutely beautiful sprites now that I think of it). While there is an overabundance of shovel-ware there are also more than enough gems to make up for it.

    Sorry about the rant.

  • E. L. Kelly II

    Hmn. I never saw “Hoodwinked,” so I can’t judge that.
    I will say that, judging from the trailer, the story seems worthy of a film. I hope the producers and artists do everything as well as they can under their circumstances.

  • rghbr

    ….No thanks

  • Mister Twister

    I’ll watch that, cause I liked the 1st.

  • Rooniman

    I am shocked at the amount of cliched gags, fart jokes, and so forth cramed in just 2 and a half minutes.