“Ice Age: Continental Drift” Trailer “Ice Age: Continental Drift” Trailer
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“Ice Age: Continental Drift” Trailer

The 2012 feature trailers are coming in thick and fast… here’s the latest installment in the Ice Age saga, out in theatres on July 13th:

  • No Thanks

    These are the last three animated characters I’d want to be stranded on an iceberg with. And it looks like it’s 1/3 of the movie.

  • Schultz!!

    It’s difficult for me to enjoy the “Scrat” character – every time it turns up I keep wondering if the Chuck Jones estate shouldn’t be getting a piece of the action.

  • Why is Blue Sky still relying on Emo jokes? Wasn’t Jojo enough?

  • HM

    Admittedly, I missed these guys. Ice Age makes me reminisce of when animation was a lot more character-based. Plus the designs are a lot of fun and they still hold up.

    Sure it’s a sequel we probably didn’t need, but I could sure go for some pre-historic bromance right about now.

    • Sarah J

      I would have to agree. I’m not gonna lie, I kind of enjoy these characters even if their movies aren’t the greatest. (first one was decent, second one was kind of weak and the third one was a little… bad) I’m not expecting the movie to be good but some of the character situations do look interesting.

      • wgan

        i third that, always dig the character designs, who’s the original character designer by the way?

      • Tony

        was and always has been the awesome Peter deSeve

  • ohgodplease

    I didn’t think the trailer would make me hate this idea more. They just had to prove me wrong.

  • Confusion

    Wanda Sykes? Urrrgh, this flick is gonna be a challenge in patience.

    • Old Man Father Time

      She was perfect in Over The Hedge!

  • Megan

    If Scrat just ate the damn acorn we wouldnt have to suffer through anymore sequels.

  • Clint H.

    Plot sounds a bit too far-fetched, but the animation and designs still look great!

    • a LITTLE far-fetched? Only the first film really had a straightforward story which had something to do with the ice-age setting, the others all had highly implausible plots.

      I wonder why the characters couldn’t just face ice age-problems like drought, starvation, threat by man, separation, or loss to make a good movie.

      No, we had to have unlikely floods, dinosaurs, continental drifts, tribes of mini-sloths and other fantasy animals… and pirates.

      • Baron Lego

        They’re saving the aliens for the next installment, ” Ice Age: First Contact”.

      • Sarah J

        NO! Don’t give them ideas!

      • Lucy

        Baron, then had a flying saucer frozen in the ice in the first movie, if you remember.

        But, yeah, guess that means aliens have been covered, too, then. Huh.

  • Al

    Grrr this is why most of America doesn’t believe science!!

    But I digress. The movies are okay enough, and they keep animators busy, so I can’t complain too much.

  • kwert

    I’m surprised to find myself really digging the designs of the new characters.

  • Skip

    I have liked all of the Ice Age films so far, and enjoyed the third film the most out of the series. That said I felt that three films have been more than enough time to spend with these characters. I think that Blue sky is a very talented studio, and certainly knows how to hit more than miss. I will most likely see this film, but hope that Blue Sky will invest their creative energy in to other possibilities in the future. If they make a fifth film it will begin to feel like they’re beating a dead horse, lets hope that after the release of this film, they choose to instead to put this horse out to pasture. After all they are so talented, why not utalise that creative energy by giving us something new.

  • Jason H

    I feel like the talent in their animation department to be completely amazing. I just wish I felt the same about their story department.

    • Bud

      Blue Sky has a very strong story department, but a lot of Fox meddling, so-so directors, and weak “writers.”

  • Toonio

    Blue Sky is slowly digging it’s own tomb by appealing to the status quo. More Rio less Age if you please.

    • Sarah J

      They’re actually gonna make a sequel to Rio. Big shock, I know.

  • Recent Grad

    Who wants to bet that we just saw at least 75% of the punchlines in this film?

  • M. Seegz

    OH, WHY NOT?

  • I’m surprised that I’m starting to look forward to this movie. Story wise, the Ice Age sequels aren’t the greatest, but the character development and design is what draws me to enjoy watching these films. It’s what Blue Sky is very good at.

  • Tak

    2012 Animation Box Office Battle is going to be EPIC! Entertainmentotality!
    Audience WINS!

  • Oooh please, not another sequel, not another acorn-splits-the-ice-device, not another highly unlikely and erratic story, drifting those characters more and more away from their ice age setting, and please, no pirates, for god’s sake!

    Please, Blue Sky, stop this milking to nausea, and give us new, original and lean films with a heart. We KNOW you can do that! (and if in doubt, check your first film)

  • I wonder who thought Sid character was funny or visually appealing in the first place, although he got slightly funnier in the third movie.

    Personally I’m kinda liking the pirates, and the story looks slightly more believable than the last one, which I found to be the funniest, even though the plot wasn’t very good.

    But I still don’t really like the main characters, just Scrat.Reiterative as he is, I think they prove to have almost as much imagination as Chuck Jones (I said almost) cause they come up with half-new twists from time to time.

    At least all the characters look really cute, something that doesn’t happen in some Dreamworks productions. And even though it would be better to prove new ideas I really thought Rio wasn’t very funny and the characters had zero appeal or personality (visually they were very cute too). Not even one single character had half the charisma of Scrat.

  • Oh goshie, the graphic and the charachterisation of the animals look stunning as I could expect from the guys at the Blue Sky, but… will the plot be at the same level of the past chapters?

    My fear is that the “Ice Age” movies are going to follow the same destiny of “Shrek”: as many can remind, the first one was a breath of fresh air into the animation field, the second film definitely reached the edge (it was very enjoyable indeed)! Unfortunately you can’t say the same for the third and even the forth one, they got boring and flat..

    My impressions are that the producers added another chapter to wonder all the fans of Scrat -undoubtely the most beloved charachter- that he’s going to talk and to add a female mate to the lonesome Diego, so…wouldn’t it have been a better idea to develop a TV series to add those extras instead?

    Last but not least, I didn’t like the chipmunk-sort charachters of the trailer… it seems the norm in nowadays animation films to introduce charachters like that in order to allure a bigger and broad audience!

  • Richard

    HOLY CRAB is right!

  • Alissa

    I liked the crab, and the pirate monkey dude. Why couldn’t we have a movie completely unconnected to the main cast starring crazy prehistoric monkey pirate shenanigans?

    And now that song will be stuck in my head all day…

  • E. Nygma

    You would think at this point that any new idea by blue sky would be more intersting than this. They are becoming the ice age studio. What happened to ideas like Robots. That was a great film. More new ideas please!

  • Andrew Kieswetter

    Pretty good. I considered Ice Age 3 to be the best of them but this looks like it might top that.

    As for future Blue Sky movies,I really hope to see a sequel or two to Rio.

  • Jazzy

    I know this is just an animated movie and I shouldn’t let things like science affect my opinion of it, but their idea of continental drift is just SO inaccurate, I can’t stand it. The whole idea was that it was a slow, gradual process…as in, millions of years gradual. That alone turns me off of this movie. Little kids are going to think the continents formed within the time-span of a tragically overdone sequel.