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Illumination Plans CG Remake of “How the Grinch Stole Christmas!”

Illumination Entertainment, the company responsible for Despicable Me and The Lorax, announced this week that it will produce a CGI remake of Dr. Seuss’s How the Grinch Stole Christmas! The book has been adapted into film multiple times, most famously by Chuck Jones in a 1966 TV special (pictured above).

The new feature, which has no release date or writer yet, will be directed by Pete Candeland, who is best known for directing the Gorillaz music videos.

Illumination CEO Chris Meledandri produced his first Dr. Seuss project, Blue Sky’s Horton Hears a Who!, while he was the head of Fox Feature Animation. In addition to the Grinch project, Melendandri is developing a CG adaptation of Seuss’s Cat in the Hat and a live-action Dr. Seuss biopic.

Read more details about the Grinch film at Variety.

  • Eman

    About as pointless as the live action remake I imagine.

  • Read more details? The generalities are bad enough.

  • Joseph Hudak

    Let’s face it: These upcoming two Suess CGI features are virtually guaranteed to be better than the two live-action efforts.

    • The Amazing Beau-san

      Amen…..Live action Grinch looked visual good , characters and setting , the story and characterization of The Grinch and who’s were very poor , Jim Carry’s Grinch was way too crazy and I hated how they made the Who’s so materialistic and hateful (especially The Major , I hate that character). The Cat in the Hat was just a dirty, filthy awful train wreck of a movie. Mike Myers was a terrible choice to be the cat and he was looked like a creepy Pedo-bear. I loved Horton Hears a Who and The Lorax. I’m so happy that finally were gonna have a Grinch and Cat in The Hat movie that we can be proud to go and see. Also a Dr. Seuss Bio-film , very cool , Dr. Seuss deserves a Bio-pic. I can’t wait for all three of these movies.

  • All the executives down in Burbankville liked remakes a lot. But the animators, who lived north of Burbankville…well they took the job since Dreamworks laid them off.

    • wever

      The animators HATED remakes, THE WHOOOLE REMAKE SEASONS!!
      Now please don’t ask why, no one quite knew the reasons.
      It could be because their revenues were too tight.
      It could be because the execs heads weren’t screwed on just right.
      But I think…… that the MOST likely reason of all,
      Is because that their hearts were two sizes two small.

  • How about they make something NEW and ORIGINAL. I don’t know, maybe an animated movie pitched by say…AN ANIMATOR?

  • wever

    Hollywood IS AWARE that Dr. Seuss wrote OTHER THINGS, right?!!?

    • Jon

      Shh…. don’t tempt them to ruin other stories… ;-)

  • Hmmm… Could these remakes (The Lorax, Horton, the upcoming Cat in the Hat, and now the Grinch) be a response since Universal no longer owns the Dr. Seuss specials anymore (Warner Bros. does now) and they need a library to back up their Seuss Landing at Universal’s Islands of Adventure in Orlando, FL?

    • wever

      Chris Meledandri is also producing a Seuss biopic.

      What’s his obsession with Dr. Seuss?? Is he in love with him?!

      • Jacob

        The Lorax movie made over $300 million worldwide. That’s really the only reason they’re making so many Dr. Suess movies. If the next one flops, expect all the others to get cancelled.

  • Toonio

    Good luck beating Chuck Jones at it.

    One golden rule of storytelling is to not mess up with the classics as you’ll always be measured against them and most likely you’ll leave under their shadow.

  • I must stop this from coming… but how?

    • Beautifully put!

    • Badass321

      If you ever find a way to stop this tell me and I will help you.

  • Brian

    Lord, no! Please, not another remake. The Jim Carrey monstrosity was horrid enough.

  • Richard

    The same stories. Released by THE SAME STUDIO.

  • JB

    Why do we need a third retelling of the Grinch? The original Chuck Jones version is still the best, and there are at least some people who like the Jim Carrey version (I don’t). I can understand trying to out-do the two versions of Cat in the Hat (both the TV special and that awful live-action movie leave much to be desired), but seriously, why the Grinch???

  • Why another Grinch movie, why so soon? At least wait ten more years or something!

    And I don’t like Illumination’s animation compared to Blue Sky’s. They’re not cartoony enough.

  • jupey

    2D version: check. Live-action version: check. 3D version: coming up. Stop-motion version in 2015???

  • zac leck

    I just hope there’s a Justin Bieber song and uh.. who’s the new slutty teenage lip-syncing broad this year.. one of her songs too. And I hope they restructure it around some hip young kid who finds the Grinch. Also, it’d be great if The Grinch was more of a supporting character, rather than… you know… the guy the movie is named after.

  • Cheesesteak Steve

    They should call this iteration How the Grinch Made Two of the Twentieth Century’s Greatest Artists Roll in their Graves

  • JodyMorgan

    Eh, I’d be exactly as unenthusiastic if it were hand-drawn.

  • Joseph Hudak

    I apologize for not being clear, I meant “The Grinch” and “The Cat in the Hat” films.

    • Greg Ehrbar

      Three live action movies — if you count “The 5,000 Fingers of
      Dr. T,” a flawed but amazing film that might be worth remaking.

      On the subject of originality, I seem to recall an interview with Dr.
      Seuss himself who dismissed his own “How the Grinch Stole Christmas” as a rewrite of “A Christmas Carol.”

  • jhalpernkitcat

    I’d personally find it funny as hell if someone decided to make a Private Snafu movie–after all, Dr. Seuss wrote some of those too.

  • Craig M

    It would be a bigger risk but greater payoff if they would remake a Dr. Suess work that can be improved upon, say, “The 5,000 Fingers of Dr. T.”

  • If it turns out better than the live-action version (and they DON’T get Jim Carrey to voice him), then good.

  • Scott Shaw!

    Audrey Geisel will approve anything as long as she gets cash and an exec producer credit. If you’ve ever read Ted Geisel’s biography, it’s clear that she’s coldbloodedly avaricious. And although it’s bound to be padded to fill out a feature film, I’d welcome a faithful adaptation of HOW THE GRINCH STOLE CHRISTMAS! over the nauseatingly cutesy-pie Chuck Jones version. Again, Jones’ ego parades itself through the TV special, which, in many ways, barely resembles Geisel’s original illustrations; my understanding is that “Dr. Seuss” hated what Jones did.

  • Lady Viridis

    There are plenty of good CGI films that have good storytelling– Pixar is the obvious example, but even Disney films like Tangled or Wreck-it-Ralph and Dreamworks films like How to Train Your Dragon or the Kung Fu Panda movies have all shown an excellent pairing of story and technical craft.

    No, the problem is that children’s books generally don’t have enough material to adapt beyond 30 minutes, so in order to make it into a 90-minute movie, Hollywood throws a bunch of unnecessary crap in and/or throws out the original point of the story. People enjoy the traditionally animated versions of Dr. Seuss’s stories because they told the story, and that’s it. They could do a CGI remake of the Grinch, and you know what, if they kept it to a 30-minute short, it probably would be fine. It’s all the weird stuff they added that people object to. I have the same complaints about films like Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs, not just the Seuss films. If there’s only 30 minutes of material, do not stretch it to 90!

  • Ed Thompson

    This may be piling on, but add my voice to the ‘why does this need to be made’ crowd. With some movies, the original is old enough that it is no longer known to the current generation and you can get away with a remake. That’s not the case here, it is still on tv every year and still one of the highest rated specials. Get a new idea, or at the very least, get an old idea that was good but poorly made, and do that instead. The idea that you can ‘improve’ on Chuck Jones’ animation by making it CG would be laughable if it wasn’t so pathetic.

  • Eric

    Many years ago I suggested we might eventually see the original Looney Tunes remade in 3D but was met with many “No way”s and “It will never happen”. Well, I guess you should never say never. It does seem the logical progression. But I of course was thinking the studios might take the original soundtracks and mimic the exact 2D animation sequences and simply update the films for the times. If they’re going to fiddle with the Chuck Jones classic, I simply hope they stay true to the character designs and don’t stray too far from the original story line. Wishful thinking, I’m sure. Before we know it the Grinch will be using a smartphone, a snowmobile and Whoville will become Whoangeles.

  • Andrew Kieswetter

    How about doing Yertle the Turtle or Green Eggs & Ham instead?

  • Andrew Kieswetter

    They should make Horton Hatches the Egg instead. I know Bob Clampett/WB did a cartoon short of it,but it would make a great feature too.

  • JWLane

    All the talk here of Jim Carrie; how about an animated version of Love You Phillip Morris?

  • Mathias

    I think it will be amazing. Illumination productions are gold.

  • Anna

    so.. if the Lorax was selling SUVs and pancakes in their tie-ins, will Grinchy here be selling Black Friday early deals and Hallmark cards?

  • Zekey

    I loved Horton since despite all the extra fluff it managed to stick to the themes of the book. Lorax was all over the place and forgot what it was even about before the movie was half over.

    I am worried since this isn’t Blue Sky.

  • This is something I was always thinking for such a long time: If they want to be very faithful to Dr. Seuss’ books, without having to make so much unnecessary padding, they should do an anthology film. They can call this DR. SEUSS ON THE LOOSE (just like the special of the same name), and it’ll be similar in a way to that Dr. Seuss tribute special from TNT (where Matt Frewer played the Cat in the Hat – as a matter of fact, I liked Matt so much that I’d nominate him for the voice of the Cat!), where the Cat read Dr. Seuss stories to two children, and they can be the top stories he’s done, including THE GRINCH! This’ll be the ultimate compliment to Seuss’ legacy, if done right. Even if it were to be made in CGI.

  • Raven M Molisee

    Hm. I’m curious to see if anyone can successfully make this story into a full feature. If they don’t warp the core message like the live-action movie did I’ll be pleasantly surprised.

  • I really want to see them in CG version. The live-action ones were pretty bad but I think this one’s worth giving a shot.

  • Professor Widebottom

    Animators are looking for a Moses to lead them out of their pestilent story concepts and rain of locust impoverishment. None seem to have the skill or stomach to actually be an executive with tact and taste themselves. Artists have always slaved for Kings and Popes. Nothing has changed.

  • We already have a live-action remake of this danged story. Why is it necessary to make a CG version of the Grinch?