‘Iron Giant: Signature Edition’ Has An Amazing New Trailer, Blu-ray Release Unconfirmed [Updated]


UPDATE: The Blu-ray release that we reported earlier has not been confirmed. Warner Bros. is only saying at this time that, “A high-definition version of The Iron Giant: Signature Edition will be available to purchase from digital retailers in the fall of 2015.” We have reached out to Warner Bros. for further clarification about this.

Remastered with two new scenes, the signature edition of director Brad Bird’s masterpiece of war and peace will have its world premiere on Sunday, September 13, at the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF).

Despite the fact that The Iron Giant was depressingly ignored upon its 1999 release from a disinterested studio to mostly empty theaters, early adopters of the film had hoped this day would come. With paranoia and apocalypse currently reaching a fever pitch, we desperately need a sentient, sweet robot protagonist with the defiant catchphrase, “I am not a gun.”

A trailer for the new edition was released yesterday, and it effectively conveys the film’s scope:

Compare it to the original trailer, which sold the film as pure kiddie fodder:

The Iron Giant: Signature Edition will screen twice during TIFF (incidentally, as part of its kids’ programming block) before its nationwide limited engagement screenings on September 30 and October 4. Tickets for those screenings can be ordered now. Don’t disappoint Brad; he really wants you to see it:

Warner Bros. has confirmed that a Blu-ray release will follow this fall.

It also won’t likely be long after the The Iron Giant: Signature Edition’s rebirth that Bird’s movie is properly elevated into the higher echelons of cinema history. With nearly two decades of growing cultural power beneath its indestructible belt, The Iron Giant is shaping up to be as potent and memorable as Kubrick’s Dr. Strangelove.

  • Mike

    I think I actually prefer the original trailer to the new one. They both generally cover the same points, and even use much of the same footage and dialogue. But the new one focuses so much on the army, action and explosions with schmaltzy sound editing and music that could be ripped straight from a Transformers trailer. The old one acknowledged those elements but played up the key element of the whole film–the relationship between Hogarth and the Giant.

    • @SpitAndSpite

      agreed. prefer original. new one seems heavy handed.
      still, we got our tickets :)

    • Hello moon man

      I agree 100%. The relationship between those two is what I remember most.

  • Hello moon man

    I’m so pumped for this to release. This may be my all time favorite movie, period.