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Koochie Koochie Hota Hai

From the country (India) that brought you Roadside Romeo now comes this:

(Thanks, Rohit Iyer)

  • Julia S.

    OMG – I saw the original movie when I was in India in 1998 – this was SPOOKY – and good! WOW!!!

  • Shawn

    Well, it’s a vast improvement over Roadside Romeo! I’ll probably see this one too. If nothing else, the music will be fun and there’ll be some sweet dance sequences. There seems to be a real theme with these dog-people based movies, though.

  • squirrel

    Is it supposed to be in English… or in Hindi? I can’t figure it out.

  • Yoko

    Its the same studio that brought us Tinkerbell.

  • Jeri

    That is the weirdest thing ever. Why would you remake a movie, badly, in CGI with the same voice actors as before? And why would you add the time machine thing? Easily, the most confusing premise/trailer this year.

  • Chris B

    Haha this is way better than that panda rip off that Cartoon Brew posted about …Hmm what was it called the The Prophet?The Prodigy? eh can’t remember but yeah it beats it by a mile..

  • Ben K.

    Wow, I need to see this movie. I guess Chicken Little was just missing Indian dance numbers.

  • sudoodle

    My Indian heart is breaking…

  • cb

    They seem to be getting better at least. Character design is a definite improvement. Hope the country’s studios will learn and improve as time passes.

  • MUD

    The name’s Poochie D,
    And I rock the telly.
    I’m half Joe Camel,
    And a third Fonzarelli.
    I’m the kung fu hippie,
    From gangsta city.
    I’m a rappin’ surfer,
    You the fool I pity

  • James

    Although I have not seen the companies earlier efforts I do remember seeing the previews on Cartoon brew and it looks almost as if they have made a large leap.
    Unfortunately the movie is riddled with package shaders and canned light settings. I understand the lack of a large budget dictates that some things would have to be missed but the model and textures look as if a group of students attempted to make a version of Disney’s Chicken Little, only now the characters had progressed to high school and somehow mutated into perfect human proportions minus the animal appendages. It seems to me they could have cut a couple of song and dance sequences (which are extremely asset heavy) spent a couple more weeks on overall production (character design, lighting, etc). Although I do find myself wondering how the storylines of Slumdog, HighSchool Musical, and a slight head nod to lady and the tramp are going to mesh together. I really should rent the original before jumping to an opinion of the story based on this trailer.
    However, Low budget should not equal lack of imagination. Not to mention the trailer alone was rife with Hollywood (as well as Bollywood) cliches that cause fans to look down upon mainstream animated features. If a 2d film was executed as poorly with the tools available to it as this has with Cg it would be a laughing stock. I like to think that just because something is attempting to be different does not make it good. I always assumed a good film should be both visually and mentally engaging.

  • fishmorgjp

    Yow, is this a dreadful trailer… all herky-jerky cuts, and McDonalds product placement too.

  • ZigZag

    I would like to know why this is any worse than “Madagascar”…which came from the country that brought you “The Wild.”

  • Rodrigo


  • c-bauble

    aren’t audiences sick of this kind of thing yet?

  • Re: Rodrigo

    Not with that texturing

  • IAN

    I watched the trailer twice and I can’t fiture out what the movie is about. Is it about a basketball playing dog that goes back in time?

  • TheGunheart

    Eh, the character designs are adorable, and the animation itself isn’t all that bad for a low-budget feature, but the animation is just too fast. It feels like everything it set to fast-forward.

  • DBishop

    Was that some product placement by Mickey D’s on the basketball court ?

    The thought of animated Bollywood still makes me chuckle.

  • As others have said, this is definitely an improvement, in terms of visuals and design, over ROADSIDE ROMEO! The story seems to be a lot more involved as well. It looks very promising! I’d like to see this film myself.

  • Just to clarify the plot of the original film –

    “Rahul and Anjali are students in a college and while Anjali, the tomboy, is attracted to him, he only sees her as a close friend. She is unable to tell him about her feelings and meanwhile Rahul meets and gets married to another, more attractive girl by the name of Tina.

    After college, Rahul and his wife lead a blissful life, and soon Tina gets pregnant. She gives birth to a baby girl and they name her Anjali. But shortly afterward Tina dies, leaving Rahul alone to look after the girl.

    He does a fairly good job at this, and Anjali grows up in his care. Then Anjali comes to know about the older Anjali, and her love for her dad, and sets forth on the task of bringing them together, unsure if her dad will even accept any other woman to take his late wife’s place.”

    So it is basically The Parent Trap via Archie Comics. Only in the animated version they seem to have added the time travel bit. I guess they felt the need to make it more “animated”. Ugh.

  • Donald C.

    Looks kinda dull from my perspective.

  • greg m.

    wouldn’t doubt that someone on this board designed the characters for them! (smart of the company, by the way)

  • God dam, that was probably the most overly edited trailer I’ve ever seen. There must of been half a second of every single scene from the movie in there, it was hard to make heads or tails of any of it. The animation and character designs don’t even look that bad, it was just a very baffling trailer.

    Oh wow, and that romantic hugging in the rain scene with a big flat McDonald’s logo on the floor? Classy.

  • Craig M

    Based on the name of the production company responsible, we can assume the movie was made to further torment the castaways of “Lost.”

  • Lostfiniel

    Ian, the movie is based on the original, Kooch Kooch Hota Hai. That movie was about some college friends who played basketball together. The guy gets married, has a kid and his wife dies. Then, he meets up again with the girl from college and fall in love again. They play more basketball and sing a lot of songs. Then everything is better, everyone is happy and there is, presumably, more basketball playing.

  • “Look at my CERRRRR-AZY passport!”

    Seriously, the reportage of foreign films on this site is getting weird.
    This looks the same as most US non-Pixar releases to me, and no less alien. The cultural values of American ephemera that you people think are universal, are no less foreign to the rest of us than the Bollywood conventions seen in this trailer. And once you get past those, the animation and rendering is no worse than most films covered on this site, that earn more than their country of origin (India) in brackets as some kind of backhanded review.

    I think you should be more aware/concerned for the EXAMPLE that the US industry is setting for everyone else. This and that Bob and Bobette feature represent the same thing as Tinkerbell or Tintin, and fall under the same category as Dougal or Astro Boy. That is, this insipid idea that EVERYTHING is fair game for the CG treatment, and should be littered with butt gags while were at it.
    All of the above relate to existing properties familiar to their countries audiences, mutated for an international market. Its no good blaming countries with much smaller industries for conforming to a US lead market and mimicking its money saving practices. You started it!

  • mick

    all they need is decent character design and they would be winning me over. These ones look like they belong in a commercial for flea powder or something…. they are not terrible but they could be pushed a whole lot more.

    i expect their next movie will blow minds

  • Quick subtitles:

    Girl Puppy: “What is this?”

    Boy Puppy: “My greatest invention.”

    Bitch: “Hey, you!”

    Dog: “Who me?”

    Bitch: “Why do you keep flirting with all of these idiotic girls?”

    Dog: “Practice!”

    Bitch: “So! Something-Something happened, right!”

    Dog: “Where did Anjie go?”

    Dog: “After all, we live only once. We die only once. We love only once. And… marry only once.

    Chicken: “Wow, boss, wow! I’ve never heard such original dialogues.”

  • Scarabim

    This is what Hoodwinked could have been with a bigger budget.

  • Josh

    Amid’s not here to bash it already?

  • FP

    Technically, it looks pretty good. More than acceptable animation. The stock lighting reads better on video than fancy cinematography.

    Kids-in-school subject matter and repulsive Bollywood music will keep me from ever watching it.

  • MadRat

    I’m an American, not an animator and my experience with rendered computer graphics is making pictures of mirror balls over checkerboard floors on a home computer in the 1980s. In other words, I’m not an expert in the culture of India or computer animation. But considering Koochie Koochie Hota Hai didn’t come from Hollywood and it’s a kids’ show it looks pretty good to me.

  • w

    They’re getting better. Gotta admit it. In a few years all those token bids put out by North American productions to studios in India will result in some hard choices.

  • It’s the furry version of High School Musical… BUT WITH TIME TRAVEL!

  • Kyle Maloney

    Well, its not the worst 3d animation Ive seen, they are improving. But its not something I’d wanna see just yet.

  • TheGunheart

    It’s the kind of thing I’d probably watch piece by piece on Youtube if I were bored and wanted something different.

    Though I wonder what the time machine is about? A way to have a character die like in the original while having a way to say it didn’t happen and time can be changed?

  • Gobo

    I wish they hadn’t switched from the well-designed & appealing kid characters to the dull & generic teens. Make a movie with the pups!

  • TheGunheart

    I…I actually agree there. The puppy designs are very nice and considerably more appealing than the teen versions.

  • Lucy

    This are actually kinda cute character designs, and yeah, they’re getting there. They’re really getting there.

    Andddd I’m a sucker for most things Shah Rukh Khan, so that doesn’t hurt, either ^_^ I’ll watch it, it looks cute.

  • Cadpig redux

    When the mere mention of less than award worthy foreign films is enough to elicit a shockwave of Anti-American prejudice of this magnitude, no wonder the Brewmeisters don’t do it more often. I’m referring to the euro-film post as well. “you started it” indeed.

  • Yude

    Wow, what a contrived flappy wet turd. The character animation is awful, just awful. I have worked on TV shows with juniors that have no experience who did better work than this…

  • somewhere a furry is having the biggest orgasm ever.

  • The singing/rapping, while an interesting alternative from the usual deep boom narration is…um, pretty lame. Also I find it odd that the character designs are all pretty solid and appealing (afro goat!), except for the main couple who just look like people with ears.

  • Without doubt there is a marked improvement from Roadside Romeo. Or I shouldn’t use the word “improvement” because that was made by a different studio than this, but yes for something coming from India, this is an improvement for sure.

    Having said that, whats disappointing is the character design, which looks so much similar to Roadside Romeo and something which has very very less appeal. it just doesn’t connect with me.

    But we cant blame the studio, as they have done what the producers have asked them to do. Another instance of good talent way under utilized. No doubt the animation studio and its artists must have worked hard and slogged a lot of hours, but again I feel in India, Animation features are not getting the status which is there in US or other countries for that matter. And all this definitely reflects in the final output because a lot of strings are pulled by the producers and other executives who are yet to gain how to pull off an Animation Feature.

    For the sake of Indian Animation Industry, I want this film to do well, to at least break-even or make profits as that’s the only way more Animated features will get green-lit and get made eventually.

  • Chattersocks

    I think from now on this blog needs to always relate two terrible cartoons in terms of their country of origin.

    From the country that gave you Sunday Go to Meetin’ Time now comes: Titanic the Animated Movie!

    From the country that gave you My Sexual Harassment now comes: REIPUMAN!

    From the country that gave you Rocket Robin Hood now comes: The Ripping Friends!

  • Wow, looks pretty bad.

    I’m REALLY starting to hate computer animation now. Faces that look like stretchy plastic, eyes that look like huge glass eyes. . . the same dubious visual cliches have pervaded it all, from Pixar on down.

  • victoria

    I guess I’d watch it, hell I watched Rock-a-Doodle way back when.

  • If they left out the time travel and the contrived ‘cartoon’ garbage – the cars getting air over a hill, the supreme idiocy – I’d be there.

    I would love to see an animation which is, more or less, about a guy falling in love with a girl/vice versa. Talking dogs or no. There’s no reason animation can’t speak to the heart.

  • NoTimeForThat

    This is all kinds of creepy, disturbing, and disgusting.

    Just looks to me like more creepy furry fetish fuel. I’d burn this with a blowtorch and toss it’s bangled charred corpse into the Atlantic Ocean, if I could.

  • Mick Collins

    Only two furry bashing comments? You guys are starting to let the side down.

    Character design aside (I agree with whoever said the main characters looked like humans with ears), this looks like a likable movie to me. Then again, I am utterly unfamiliar with the original.

    I must admit to some suprise that so many people think the character design looks better than ‘Roadside Romeo’. I don’t get it: what’s so different? I mean, I notice some rendering/texturing differences, but to my admittedly non-professional eye they look like they could have come from the same studio. Can one of you pros educate me?

  • Dunno about watching this with subtitles…but once they get a proper dub into English…(yeah I’m prejudice like that) I’d so plop down some dough for this..looks really cool.. looking forward to it.

  • Shib

    I think all this snobbishness goes out of the window when Americans smell the possibility of a populous market in India..just like Pavlov’s dog!
    Then they are ready to come to this country where according to them automobile was introduced yesterday(!!)..:P..Very distasteful article..smells racist! Shows just the kind of bubble Americans live in..

    But never expected this in an animation forum!

  • Shib

    THANK GOD..Amid didn’t open his mouth this time..
    For the criticisms he makes for Indian animation is not at all constructive!

    Anyway,I dont think this bollywood themes will do any good to our animation industry.Poor and cliche stories and poorer art work..this is what it will end up being.We should encourage independent thinking in this field right from now before mass taste get spoiled by these kinds of films.As it happened for live action films in India.Common are now sedated with dumb song and dance numbers and good films are considered art film/parallel film(!!!)

  • TarunMansukhani directed Dostana; was in my name is khan he wrote on our fan page Tarun MansukhaniHey Guys, thank you all for joining up here… Itfeels great to readall your thoughts and responses on the trailer…Haven’t finalised therelease date as yet but will keep you allposted!E…njoy!Please join our new page http://www.facebook.com/pages/Koochie-Koochie-Hota-Hai/304141428206?ref=ts

  • Saffy

    Kuch Kuch Hota Hai! Yay! Weird that they are dogs though…but still! I love Kajol’s voice!

    KKHH is my favourite Hindi movie of all time! I hope this film won’t be a disappointment..The animation looks good though