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‘Lion King’ Director Roger Allers and Salma Hayek Push Forward on ‘The Prophet’

Roger Allers, the co-director of Disney’s The Lion King is moving forward with his production of Kahlil Gibran’s classic 1923 poetry book The Prophet. Casting updates were reported earlier this week by Deadline Hollywood. The film, which we first reported on last year, is being produced by Salma Hayek, Clark Peterson, and Ron Senkowski, and funded by Participant Media and Doha Film Institute.

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The film’s animated segments will be produced by Joan Gratz (Mona Lisa Descending A Staircase), Joann Sfar (The Rabbi’s Cat), Paul and Gaetan Brizzi (Fantasia 2000), Michal Socha (Chick) and Mohammed Harib (Freej), who have been added to the already announced directors Tomm Moore (The Secret of Kells), Nina Paley (Sita Sings The Blues) and Bill Plympton (Guard Dog). Also, Liam Neeson, John Krasinski, Frank Langella, Alfred Molina and Quvenzhané Wallis have all signed as voice talent, along with Hayek.

While Allers will be in charge of the film’s central narrative and supervise the film as a whole, the above-mentioned directors will helm individual chapters within the storyline. The animated film is set to be completed in spring 2014.

  • tedzey71

    As a half-lebanese boy who for a while has been reading up on Gibran’s poetry, I am definitely looking forward to this movie! I just hope it doesn’t become too overly ambitious…

  • Strong Enough

    i tried to scroll down and read the article but kept looking at that selma pic for about 5 mintues

    • Pudleiner

      Are you saying that you are also not going to stop and stare at that photo of Roger for about 5 minutes as well ?

      • mick


    • So Salma’s cleavage is on display… can you be a little more professional and not tell us about how you can’t stop staring at it when the topic is the film that she’s producing? No? You’re reminding me of the gif found here:

      • canimal

        Great comment. Wish I could unread the comments on that website you linked, though.

        • SomeChick

          Hey…I’m a girl and I like the boobs…

      • mick

        quite right. let’s stick with the boobs… sorry, facts… stick with the facts. This is a news item aboob… about a film. Be professional for the love of all that is restrained. To be honest though Salma’s attire rarely inspires people to compliment her shoes. Just to level the playing field let’s have a snap of Tomm Moore in the nip. He works out you know. The porcelain finish of his irish buns in the Kilkenny peat fog is something to behold. It sets my teeth on edge just thinking about it

      • Strong Enough

        relax. i know girls hate it when guys do that stuff but its a joke. calm down

        • Keen Bean

          It’s cool to like boobs just. This is about cartoons not boobs. As hilarious and fresh a joke it is to point out that someone has nice boobs in a professional environment, just keep it on the inside.

          • Strong Enough

            yeah this is the internet. not a work environment. get a grip buddy

      • Eric

        Can you please refrain from shaming male sexuality? You’re reminding me of those people in Sweden that want to make it illegal for men to pee standing up.

        • fanartflan

          Dissenting to objectification ≠ shaming male sexuality.

  • Blasko

    Wow. Very impressive lineup of animators. Looking forward to this. Sort of reminds me of those BBC/Christmas Films compilation films.

  • Didgaraya

    This comes as a great surprise, to be most honest. “The Prophet” is a rare example of mystical writing, although generally (like Tao Te Ching, imo) quite accessible writing when compared to, let’s say, William Blake. Nevertheless, this short book is packed with sentences or small groups of sentences that resonate with the fabric of reality on more than just one level, and I am very doubtful if a Hollywood mainstream (or any, for that matter) is capable of delivering anything that will not be a mockery of the book. Such a movie asks for Orson Welles’-like approach that he applied to “F for Fake” where the movie, in itself, was a fake. Too high mountain to climb for the mekka of materialism and consumptionism that Hollywood is, if you ask me. I will be very, very surprised if something astonishing comes out of this movie. The book feels like Gibran’s most ripe fruit, and while it doesn’t require a sacred approach to the book to give justice to it, it certainly requires a mystical one. Alexandro Jodorowsky does mystical movies, but not Hollywood directors. All in all, I’m almost shocked to see Gibran’s book to be picked by Hollywood ‘artists’. Especially now, when Hollywood stopped eating its tail and began to devour its buttocks.

  • Nikolas

    Guess ya’ll couldn’t find a photo of Roger Allers in a tank top or of Salma Hayek wearing a shirt.

  • Didgaraya

    So do I, but not done by Hollywood. Hollywood perverts everything, and I doubt there’s a single person working there who wouldn’t called Blake a mad man or, at best, an obscure visionary genius, you know. None of these is what could give any justice to Blake’s mythology or poetry.

  • z-k

    Let’s complain about boobs.

  • John A

    I read the article and I was very impressed with the talent assembled for this project. Ihave high expectations for this film, it may not become a blockbuster, but at least it will prove whether there’s an audience out there for more non traditional animated films.

  • Joel

    Thank you very much for that comment! (And, though not a part of that group, I sincerely apologize on behalf of all the people commenting on Ms. Hayek’s body and shrugging off comments of concern.) I’ve personally never read or heard of “The Prophet,” but the information given about the film seems really interesting. (I practically drooled when I saw Tomm Moore, Nina Paley, and Bill Plympton listed to direct segments) Perhaps the source material might even make a good summer read!

  • Strong Enough

    not fair? what are you talking about?