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“Little Johnny”

Please forgive me for posting this. It’s a contender for Worst Animated Feature of the year. From Australia, NSFW, submitted for your approval: Little Johnny.

(Thanks, John)

  • YEAH!

    • ilk

      Me too!

  • So basically now all you need for an animated feature these days is jokes so old they’re in the fossile record and about five frames of Flash symbol sets?

  • Wasnt there already something like this on newgrounds…. 10 years ago? Im actually curious as to how many “little johnny” jokes they crammed into this shitfest haha.

  • Mat

    I apologise on behalf of all Australians for this piece of crap. I guess it’s aimed squarely at the bogan market.

    • I Hate Manga

      Really? Are you serious??? You must be one of the Australians who make all those wonderful high class film and television productions… like… um…

      • like…um… i dunno…. Passion pictures in Melbourne together with Shaun Tan who recently just won a bloody oscar ?

        Animal Logic and Dr D in Sydney which are working on Happy Feet 2 and Madmax Road Warriors ?

        Adam Elliot who made one of the most substantial adult animated feature in recent memory… i dunno, a little film called Mary & Max ?

        The People’s Republic of Animation who consistenly makes international standard high end animated intros for video games

        i can give you a whole list of aussie studios and production houses but i think i’ve made my point

      • Mickey Mouse

        The studios you have named do not produce traditional or flash productions…can you name an Australian studio that does produce high quality flash/traditional animation?

      • The Peoples Republic of Animation produced the tradionally animated short “the Cat Piano” which achieved considerable acclaim, although I admit to not having seen it.

        I could also add a bunch of studios to the list including Kapow pictures, Dirty Puppet, Renmotion, Square I and (cough cough) Rubber House. I can list many more prolific and talented directors that tend work alone outside the studio system including Peter Lowey, Neil Sanders, Jonathan Nix.

      • discord

        You’ve only listed people who have either done small/short animations or who work on their own or mostly on their own. The directors you’ve mentioned are indeed very talented, without a shadow of a doubt, but none of them have ever worked in a series or in an animation production within a studio. (This is said with the exception of Neil Sanders who I dont know but have heard of). Aside from Square I ( for Dogstar 01 and 02 )and probably The People’s Republic of Animation ( but I dont think they do a huge amount of flash series, but I could be wrong), no one else in your list hires large groups of people to do both design and animation. At least, not here in Australia.

        Some clients have the money but absolutely no creative flair to make THEIR vision come to life and are adamant that certain styles or requests need to be met or worse…they insist on being director, when they approach studios.

        What are studios suppose to do? Say “no way, we have artistic integrity, take your money elsewhere” ?

        What are animators or designers suppose to do? Say; “Ah, that looks like shit, am not working on that, I’ll go back to hospitality and serve coffee until a project worthy of my talent comes along” ?

        Not everyone can go of and make their own animation company or even want to go down that route. The same with obtaining private funding or stay on centrelink because funding ran out mid-way on production because the film was overdue.

      • Ann

        I agree. Animation is struggling in Australia, especially when it comes to series. It’s a fight to get the money to pay people a basic, decent wage, so if there isn’t the money, the schedule suffers by having to be too short and the staff suffer by having to churn out animation/design/etc very quickly, or inexperienced people get hired. This does nothing to represent our industry well overseas. I can’t speak for how it is in other countries in terms of industry support, but I know that when we get animators from Canada and the US looking for jobs in Australia, they’re shocked at what they’re expected to produce each week and for how little money. All I know is that with the combination of a lack of support from local broadcasters, a paucity of money from funding bodies, a shying away from anything that hasn’t been done a million times before, a reluctance to support and mentor NEW and talented directors and artists instead of the same old guard, and outsourcing to production houses that can always do it cheaper (with varying levels of quality), it feels like our industry is slowly suffocating.

      • What a passionate, steamy discussion, good so many people are passionate in Australia!

        Commenting on the quality of the animation only, I agree with both Ivan and Ann, there are talented people here, and money is very scarce.

        But may I say symbol-tweened “2001-pornsite-banner-ad” (excelent description, jinnaboy!) technique animation is not the solution to low budgets.
        It is painful to watch and cumbersome to produce.
        I will disagree with anyone claiming that tweening-symbol-animation is a time/cost-efficient technique.

        Furthermore, the perpetuation of that quality does not entice local broadcasters to fund or acquire local content.

      • another point

        I know the people who worked on The Cat Piano, they are industry friends of mine and I was going to work on it myself. It was high quality, made by a talented artistic crew, but it was a short film. If these same people had come to work on Little Johnny, the look & result wouldnt have looked any different than it does now…because of the budget, time and because the art design had already been created. You work with what you get and that is that, you have no control. The Cat Piano was created by an artistic crew who drove the design themselves and artists worked on the pre-production look for some time.
        Another big point is that The Cat Piano was animated traditionally in photoshop, so it was bound to have better quality, it was not flash animated, which Little Johnny was.

    • Funkybat

      Huh….”Bogan.” I guess that’s they call “chavs” Down Under….

    • ilk


  • Kevin Bloody Wilson fans will probably like it.

  • This looks like it could be Johnny test’s messed up brother that he never knew. In other words. It looks like garbage, and its predicable with recycled humor that we already get in any modern cartoon that is garbage.

    • Johnny Test has better animation. Not by much, but hey.

    • Funkybat

      I was trying to figure out what this was reminding me of, and you got it!

      And while Johnny Test has more appealing character designs and better animation (somehow) I actually would be more interested in watching this, just for the “car crash curiosity” factor of seeing something so utterly crude and boorish apparently being aimed at kids.

    • ilk

      Predicable… well I guess that’s most films these days as nothing is original anymore.

  • Rey

    Damn! They stole my jokes!

  • Look up the history of Kevin Bloody Wilson to understand this film. He’s an extremely blue Australian stand-up, and all those jokes in the trailer are ones he’s told before, although they were old then. Little Johnny was one of the more famous subjects of his jokes. This looks like a literal retelling of those jokes with a strand of plot thrown in. And the dad character looks like and is voiced by Kevin Bloody Wilson.

    I’m not saying this in defence, just so you get the context. If I was feeling glib, I’d say it’s the equivalent of Eight Crazy Nights Down Under.

    • Sounds a bit like Bebe’s Kids, too. Which is never good.

    • Steve Gattuso

      “I’d say it’s the equivalent of Eight Crazy Nights Down Under.”

      That may be the best summing up of this travesty possible.

  • I usually take a “wait and see” attitude. But in this case – aren’t there starving orphans in Africa who could have been fed with the production budget from this crap-fest?

    • cst

      Well, there ARE starving orphans… but I see no sign of this “budget” you speak of.

      • Mickey Mouse

        The starving orphans were us that were working on it…I know that if anyone of the crew had left there would have been someone else desperate for a job.

  • rebecca

    Yuck this looks horrible. I’m sad to say that this animation looks like the stuff that is making its way into Australian Saturday morning cartoons eg Dogstar. Almost as bad as Flipper and the other Yoram Gross productions. I suppose Kevin Bloody Wilson’s got to make money some how. What next, a feature film based on Austen Tayshus’ Australiana?

    • Mickey Mouse

      I think you are being a bit harsh putting Little Johnny and Yorum Gross productions together with Dogstar…Dogstar may not be punchy with humor but it has some pretty awesome backgrounds and colour and the animation crew who worked on that series worked pretty damn hard. Budgets are so so small, I didnt work on it but know those who did.

      Im not saying Little Johnny is good at all, but when you havent got alot or anything to pick from in your town to work on, you get what you can find. I had rather work on this then in hospitality.

    • DOGSTAR pisses all over this. In design especially, but certainly in animation/writing/vocals too. Insert appropriate crew disclaimer here.

      • Ann

        Guys, don’t forget series 2 of Dogstar hasn’t been broadcast yet, where the quality did improve across the board, so people have generally only seen series 1. It might not be Emmy-winning stuff, but Dogstar’s better than a lot of Australian animation that gets picked up.
        Also insert appropriate crew disclaimer here.

    • Granted, Yoram Gross wasn’t the greatest animation studio of time (Blinky was okay) At least it was actually ANIMATED.. It wasn’t crudely designed animated puppets.

  • People were paid human money to work on this.

    • Wally

      What sort of money do you suggest we work for?
      When it’s the choice between working on a movie or dealing with centerlink, I choose the movie. And will make the same choice every time.

      • Ann

        Yeah, I agree: everyone’s worked on stuff they weren’t happy about, but it’s WORK. Much as I would like it to, high-falutin principles don’t pay my bills.

      • Let me rephrase what I wrote:
        Somebody paid people to work on this.

        Now the emphasis is on the employer not the employee. This is what baffles me.

      • discord

        Sometimes the man/woman with the money and the vision to make his/her dream of having so and so project made is not the person with taste. Unfortunately, it would seem that a lot of people with no creative flair, hold more money than the creatives.

  • hey i worked on this, the producer is a 60 year old surfer that during one meeting (he called it bonding sessions) suddenly let go of his rental car’s steering wheel and told me to take control from my passenger seat because it is a test of trust.

    • â–‘
      What, the meetings were in a moving car? Cool.

    • Mickey Mouse

      This doesnt sound real…did you work at Instinct because this doesnt apply to the studio where the crew were.

      Still, sounds funny.

      • hahaha i was joking, i never worked at instinct. but the story abt the crazy client car meeting is actually REAL. just not for this particular gem of a film.

      • Mickey Mouse


  • The Flea

    If it weren’t for the bad puppet animation and character designs, this wouldn’t be a bad flick.

  • Baron Lego

    I bailed about halfway through it.

  • Funny… the buffer for the video game on at 1:03, right as he’s dropping his pants. I waited ten seconds, as the video continued to load, but then thought, “Nah, I think I’ve had enough.”

  • Paul M

    The dirty jokes parts were ok I guess – the animation is crap but this could make a good short or two. But a full length movie? Include me out.

  • Karen

    “Worst” cartoon of the year? Obviously you haven’t seen rango yet.

    • Arse Gratia Artis

      Really Karen? Really?

    • Steve Gattuso

      I haven’t seen it either, but Roger Ebert gave it four stars so I’m willing to give it a fair chance. Its trailer certainly looks better than this piece of tripe.

  • Michael F.

    It looks like they just want to throw in tits and sex stuff for the fun of it without any real purpose.

    • David

      I think you just gave them the quote for the poster.

  • Scarabim

    I got as far as the eff word, and bailed. Not that it offended me. It’s just that when it comes to animated cut-outs and gratuitous curse words, South Park does it so much better.

  • Worst of the year? Johnny, don’t set you sights so low, I think you are a contender for the worst of all time.

  • Oliver

    While we’re sort of on the subject, whatever happened to Yahoo Serious?

  • Iain

    Yyyyeahhh, no thanks. I dunno if there’s anything to make most modern animated “sh*t-coms” and web-series emulating “Family Guy” any better, but this almost is taking the cake of making the comedy in those look good.

  • Clint

    Nothing can be worse than THE LEGEND OF THE TITANIC, with that frickin’ octopus saving everybody on the damn ship!

    As for this, the animation is lame, but the rest is OK.

    • Funkybat

      I had never heard of “Legend of the Titanic.” I availed myself of YouTube to see what this was all about. I now wish that I had remained oblivious to the existence of such a thing. MY GOD… makes those Rankin-Bass Christmas specials look like feature animation, and makes Bluth’s Anastasia look like Sleeping Beauty by comparison….

  • Did the kid say the F word?

    • Only about a dozen times. It’s easy to miss what with that being about the least-bad thing about this.

  • Thom Foolery

    If the trailer wasn’t enough, I pr1esent you with this line cut and pasted directly from the film’s website:

    “It will remind you of the great cartoons of yesteryear — but on steroids!”

    • â–‘
      I thought Yosemite Sam and Elmer Fudd already suffered from rage and shriveled nuts.

  • AJ

    situation from childhood, rude responce. I have only seen about 2 minutes and I feel I have essentially seen the entire films content.

    • Funkybat

      that was probably the most annoying aspect of that whole trailer, it gives away not only the premise of the film, but many of what i suspect are the “best lines” and then shows much of the epic climactic race and how the competition gets knocked off one by one! Why would you put that in a trailer? I really do feel like I’ve seen all i need to of it.

  • Rich

    Most offensive thing here is the lame “I gotta win the race” achievement arc they stuck in for a story. They should have picked a deliberately dumb one instead of such a pedestrian example if this is supposed to be a comedy.

  • Daniel J. Drazen

    And if the makers of this thing decide to follow it up with an animated feature film version of “The Aristocrats,” we’ll know we’re living in the Endtimes.

  • chipper

    How odd. It looks like they could have easily made a really charming family flick, but instead decided to try to emulate South Park.

  • Pedro Nakama

    I’m there!

  • This is probably the worst cartoon I saw since a while!
    Lameass reused wannabe Family Guy jokes, combined with pedo scenes(good thing on that abomination is that the most characters doesn’t look like kids), shitty animation and bad character designs!
    Not even worth being a TV show. I feel sad for all these poor tortured people who had to work on this!

    • Wally

      Hey, I’m quite proud to have worked on this!
      Myself and everyone involved worked very hard to make this movie.
      Don’t feel sorry for me. Working on little johnny was a valuable experience that I wouldn’t trade for anything.

  • tedzey

    Writers? This movie was WRITTEN?! More like a late night of Booze and Charlie Sheen rather than an actual script! It’s premise is a joke (no SERIOUSLY!), so what’s their next movie? The Aristocrats?! That’s a movie that should stay the hell away from animation!

  • Matt P.

    is this a joke?

  • Dan

    Hey. it made me laugh more than the looney tunes show clips did.

  • This makes me almost ashamed to say I’m an Aussie, but thank Christ I didn’t work on it.

    • Mickey Mouse

      So what are saying about the people who did work on it?

      Dont be such a snob

      • I’m not the one using an alias for my comments.

        …and I do know people who worked on it and they are embarrassed.

      • Mickey Mouse

        Its not an alias name…my dad Walt gave it to me.

        Anyway, no matter what the project is, Im not going to be ashamed to come from Australia. It was a stepping stone for new artists, unemployed artists, artists who had been burnt by another studio, artists from outside the country and anyone who just would rather work on in the Animation industry than nothing. Yes it isnt quality, but we all worked hard to do our jobs and those who it is aimed at are looking forward to it.

        But that isnt me. I actually wouldnt show this to my friends…hang on, my friends all work in the industry and will probably see this post…dang.

      • I think “Mickey Mouse” did work on it, and he/she doesn’t seem embarrassed. Work is work.

      • Mickey Mouse

        Actually, I think I know who you are, we are connected through the industry & friends hehehe. I cant believe we are debating over THIS…I think we both have the same view but just slightly different. No offence intended, I just would have had no job if this project hadnt come around.

        peace out Richard! :)

  • The whole clip looks like a TOON BOOM elementary tutorial file. Excellent use of the “Glue” tool!

    Damn thing made me laugh a couple of times. Is that bad?

  • mike

    the only thing worse is the link at the end of the video to the one of the guy sitting down telling the jokes. Ughhhhh it gave me douche chills

  • Mickey Mouse

    You know, some of us had to work on this project, so please dont rub it in :D

    • Funkybat

      I’m truley sorry for your lots… ;)

    • tedzey

      Okay, “Mickey.” Why don’t you show us the work you’ve done rather than troll the comments and say you’ve worked on this project. I DARE you!

      • Mickey Mouse

        Im not trolling the comments, I didnt even know what that really meant and had to look it up :D

        “troll is someone who posts inflammatory, extraneous, or off-topic messages in an online community”…none of my comments fall into any of that discription. All my points are relavant to the topic…unless I still dont understand what “trolling” means.

        Therefore I dont feel I have to take on your dare…so double dare! MWA HAHAHA! ;D

      • tedzey

        So it only took you 5 days to come up with that? So far, you’ve managed to not put a link to your work therefore you still stay in ambiguity. Just what I expect from a kid who poses as a beloved cartoon character!

  • Toast

    I watch cartoons to forget the cruddy things in life to laugh even for a few minutes. This, for some reason, magnifies my anger. I don’t know, I feel like I want to beat someone up.

  • Dr.Truth

    “mateship” ….classic

  • aw.. i feel sad for my old short with the same name :(

  • Dr. Ivo Robotnik

    Vulgarity is not automatically funny.

  • I Hate Manga

    I love that this is low-brow. Just like Kevin Bloody Wilson’s best songs. Crass, cheap and bloody funny. I for one love this and my friends think it’s hilarious. Before you all judge us my friends are a mix of teachers, accountants, builders etc. Basically people who just love a good laugh! :)

    • why do you feel the need to flaunt your friends career choice, teachers and accountants can still have bad taste (i reiterate, probably DO HAVE BAD TASTE) when it comes to films and humour

      Saying this is low brow is no excuse, what is ultimately the biggest offense here is that this film expects people to fork over their hard earned cash for a feature length “film” of pornsite web banner standard of animations from 2001 ?

      • Mickey Mouse

        No one is expecting you to fork over money, what a rediculous statement! Anyway, it is being released on dvd to the target audience it is aimed at and if you were to go to the facebook page, you would see ALOT of people from that target audience eager to see it. Just because people have different tastes in entertainment or dont see other artforms to compare the quality, doesnt make them less than you or I. If they want to watch this type of thing then that is up to them.

    • John

      I have many friends who love a good laugh as well. So we’ll give this a miss.

  • ilk

    Hmm… funny all the who-ha over a crude animation. Let’s be honest, the animation looks pretty good and while the story might not be everyone’s cup of tea – its still pretty damn good. As for the animation… from my research this was done by Studio Moshi who employed the very same people who are now saying how crap the animation is. Go figure?

  • I worked on this, it wasnt my taste of humor because I dont own a Ute and swear like a trooper, but it was an industry job which gave me multiple roles and a credit on a feature. I got to work with a small crew of friends and got to do layouts professionally and the project really came to life once the animators started working their magic. No, its not for everyone, but I do look forward to going to the premiere at the Melbourne Comedy Festival to see it in one big chunk. I like to think that in the small traditional/flash animation industry Australia has, it is a stepping stone to more projects. I only ever get to work on pilots or trailers, so it will be nice to see my stuff on the big screen for once.

    On another note, I was watching Conan a couple of weeks ago and Fifty Cent was on there and he told a Little Johnny joke…but it was a Little Susie one and took me a seconf to realise it. Ive never heard a LJ joke until I worked on this film, but when he told it I was able to pick up what it was. I think Fifty Cent might enjoy the film :D

    Hello to all the LJ crew!

    • Daniel

      Couldn’t’ve put it better myself, Adele!

  • Sleazy Exec

    Looks great! Can’t wait for it on blueray.

    • Bob

      Are you kiddin’?

  • L O’Brien

    In the Australian animation industry, everybody has to make sacrifices to perfect their craft.

    Hopefully, this film will open the door for more Australian productions to be made and distributed internationally.

    • I agree. Thank you for your insightful comment, Mr O’Brien!

    • That’s very hopeful thinking. Why would an awful product encourage more exposure for future Australian productions? It’s much more likely that it would discourage future investers.

      Why shouldn’t we be critical of the creative merit of “Little Johnny”?

      Personally I think it’s a bit of a distraction to even discuss the story or concept (which is admittedly flawed) as there are more damning problems at the route of this production. As visually minded people we should focus our attention on the lack lustre art direction, animation and character design.

      Little Johnny looks completely artless. The characters are a collection of awkwardly connected shapes with no real form or overall statement. It is possible to make a comedy with strong design, even a stiffly animated sitcom, for example Mission Hill. Furthermore, Flash need not be a excuse for bad design and animation, see Fosters Home for Imaginary Friends.

      I’ll attempt to be balanced for a moment because screaming “this looks shit!” can be hurtful and doesn’t really achieve much. Little Johnny doesn’t have the worst backgrounds and the compositing looks fine.

      Working in Australia is also no excuse for poor quality, there are plenty of well crafted productions being made here. I listed some excellent studios in an earlier post if you want to see some good work.

      A small budget shouldn’t hinder the creative potential either. We should be taking inspiration from the early days of TV animation where small budgets let to some of the most creative solutions to designing characters and motion. Digital tools are great! They can speed up production and even lead to new creative solutions, but they should be paired with a knowledge of design and sound drawing skills.

      Finally, I work in animation in Australia and I know that not many opportunites exist and that it’s difficult to get started and gain industry experience. Should we encourage new animators? Yes. Should we support our industry peers? Yes. Should we accept bad animation? No.

      • discord

        No one wants to make bad animation or bad design, (unless it’s their thing of course). The people who work on a lot of these shows are damn talented! Tell me though, just how good can the quality be if you need to get an entire 22 min episode done in a week or need to have 1-3 minutes of footage done in about 5 days or less? Or a design team needing to draw backgrounds and props for an entire episode being drawn up in 3 days when people should get WEEKS to work on it? Or when there is no more budget and a studio can only afford one person to create animatable characters for the animators? What if clients demand a certain animation style which you dont agree with or is just not good for both budget and time? You argue but they wont listen. Or character designs that they did themselves and tell you, I want that, just make it move! At this point, the one with the money (and not a lot of it I might add) dictates what the creatives do.

        In a perfect world there would be an ample budget, a large timeline in-between deadlines, a client that leaves the creatives to make their visions come true (or are at least willing to discuss options), a good bunch of experienced,talented designers, director, writers, animators, compositors, sound, etc and a producer(or assistants) that know how to market, timeline, budget, get along with the staff, know when to say “no that isn’t possible”, to networks/clients and are diplomats.

      • discord

        PS. I am drawing on the experience I’ve had in different studios and this is not a direct description in the making of Lil Johnny.

      • I agree with everything you’ve said here, but we’re sort of arguing different points.

        It’s great that you’re providing valid reasons for why a production would end up like this. All I’m are saying, and I’m not the only one, is that the end product is awful. We agree on this, yes?

        It seems like you’re blaming the system for the poor result without acknowledging that the result is indeed poor and that the people here criticising shows such as “Little Johnny” are expressing valid opinions.

        I think we should all be focusing on how to fix the system. Is it about educating those with the power and the money?

        I’m also not completely convinced that the people responsible for shows like “Little Johnny” are as talented a you’ve described. It may be a matter of personal taste. I’m judging based largely on the end results, as that’s generally all we have.

        Once again, it’s great that you’re outlining all the things that are out of the hands of the creative team that can make a production go sour, but this doesn’t change the fact that end result has questionable creative merit that is worthy of discussion.

        By the way, I worked on Dogstar series 2 in the design department so I am somewhat (and I stress somewhat, I am no expert) aware of how big series production work. I have heard some horror stories about Ettamogah, which I didn’t have the misfortune of experiencing first hand.

      • I know a few of the animators and designers and I’ll vouch that they are quite talented. This isn’t showing their best stuff, just the best they could do in 6months.

        I think this film helps the Australian animation industry as well as what Tezuka did to the Japanese animation industry

  • They got movie made and distributed and give you fair warning about what’s in it in the trailer and its existence disadvantages none of the people complaining here as if it did.

    • John

      You write comments as badly as this film is animated. Almost makes me think you worked on it.

      • The world is richer for your insight into this.

      • Ann

        Ha! Yeah cos what we’re really discussing here is grammar and syntax. Jeez.

  • Mad dog


  • Steven M.

    That was painful to watch.

  • Bob

    Let me put this delicately.

    Obnoxious piece of excrement.

  • Okay.. As an animation student working in Australia this depresses me. It’s once again a reminder the only animation jobs for me out there in studios that work with 2D is this repetitive, crudely designed and tweened puppet animation. I have worked very little in studios down here. The people are nice, and they all mean well. Some are even very talented artists. However.. It’s just sad to me that because of lack of sponsoring or budget, we see tweened animation here in Australia over and over again. Part of this has made me even more fired up to one day open my own studio that only does TRADITIONAL, hand-drawn animation that’s also well written. Each year I have seen Australian animation worsen and the shows become more bland and repetitive.

    It saddens to me to see we are losing the heart that was once present in Australia animation, a little over a 10 years ago.. We were producing “Fern Gully”, “Blinky Bill” (although I realize Yoram is not to everyone’s tastes, especially in voice acting) and even “The Magic Pudding” if you will, was a decent film with lovely animation and awesome voice acting. And now Australia’s only good animated films are produced by a company who decided after a while of doing special effects for overseas would venture into motion pictures, and then we got “Happy Feet”. The exception here is Adam Elliot’s stop-motions movies of course.. But I fear we have come to the end of tradionally animated 2D movies here in Australia. I hope one day to animate some stuff for TV, and I hope there are other animators in Australia who feel the same way. Or we are going to stay in the tweened Era for a long time. I want to say also, that it seems like the animators got a decent experience from working on this production, I mean and we all need to pay the bills.. However, I just don’t think we will ever be taken seriously if our latest theatrical animated production on the market is some tweened, crude story about Little Johnny. The concept is an amusing one, it just could have been done so much better.

  • Drew

    I f***ing liked it. Kevin Bloody Wilson is a legend. I loved how they reworded some of his songs.

    Piss funny movie!!!