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Marmaduke trailer

What is William H. Macy doing in this?

It struck me, watching this god-awful trailer, that this Marmaduke movie is a modern day equivalent to the old Speaking of Animals shorts (created by Tex Avery). Only those were much more entertaining. For comparison, here’s the only clip I could find online:

  • what’s he doing? paying for a house extension or some such!

  • Owen. Wilson. Is.. IS! Marmaduke. Ew.

  • ponysmasher

    It would be the best film ever if they made it like this Marmaduke: http://www.imagepoop.com/image/1374/Marmaduke-Spawned-Santa-Hands.html

  • Julian Carter

    I don’t like the animation on the dog faces. Something seems off. It’s like Owen Wilson’s voice is failing to integrate with the visuals.

    Still, I can’t be sure what’s annoying me, exactly. I hate it when I feel something’s wrong but can’t tell what it is. Harumph.

  • More needle-off-the-record gags! 4 times in 1 trailer isn’t enough.

  • peter wassink

    The answer to the question is: making money. I think their both god-awfull, I’m more inclined to ask: Whats Tex Avery doing in this!? (same answer most likely….)

  • Christopher Cook

    Cup half full: At least they’re using an actual Great Dane and not a CGI rendition like Scooby Doo. I digress, I shall find it impossible to shill out $10.50 for all-concept stuff like this.

  • FP

    The movie will be as good as the MARMADUKE comic.

  • I think Owen Wilson is caught in some weird Hollywood karma. Be tormented by a wacky, misbehaving dog in one film, play a wacky, misbehaving dog in the next.

  • Rob

    I have had the unenviable task or asset management on this film… God help us all…

  • Brendan Spillane

    What happened to the large, mute, clumsy & likable dog from the comics? Did they give Marmaduke sunglasses, a speaking voice and an “attitude” so as not to confuse him with that equally famous Great Dane, Scooby-Doo? Do the suits really think the public is that dumb? We comic strip purists are never satisfied with given adaptations of certain ‘paper actors’.

  • Ya know??? It doesn’t look half bad. Would I go and see it? No. Its not my taste in movies, but it looks like fun. The little kids will love it and my guess is that it will do some serious box office.

    Yeah – and I’m sure that Tex Avery did the “Speaking of Animals” shorts to *ahem* advance the art form.

  • uncle wayne

    the comic strip always made me gag….plus he doesn’t speak in the strip!! Gag me!!

  • Isaac

    The dance sequence… Why…?

  • Scarabim

    See, this is one reason why I hate Disney now. Its stupid Chihuahua movie made money, and so now there are clones. Gawd. Even the Marmaduke comic strip is better than that trailer. There was this movie long ago called “Won Ton Ton, The Dog Who Saved Hollywood”. Marmaduke may be the dog who kills it.

  • Finally something to satisfy the public’s relentless thirst for talking, singing dog movies with cliched regional accents; at least something to tide us over until Beverly Hills Chihuahua II.

  • humming

    I hoped and prayed to God that I would not see this trailer for the first time IN THE THEATER, at a screening of How To Train Your Dragon. But there were like 15 different trailers attached to it. Guess what happened?! :P My mind is now permanently stained.

  • Steve Gattuso

    Everyone has to eat. And a brief examination of Mr. Macy’s IMDB page shows that he’s taken other roles for this need while still doing some of the finest acting around.

    They just better have paid him a damned good salary for this thing…

  • There’s a difference between Speaking of Animals and Marmaduke. One is charming and and funny the other is Marmaduke.

  • Sevenfeet

    What’s he doing? Um…..the check cleared?? Hopefully, he’s laughing too.

  • Mike Johnson

    I never much liked the Marmaduke comic…kind of a relic of the 1950’s that has somehow survived long enough to warrant a film.

    That being said…

    This trailer made me laugh out loud a half-dozen times, which for me is impressive since talking animal movies don’t generally get more than a half-hearted chuckle at best. I will certainly go and see this and will most likely enjoy myself.

    Oh, and I just LOVE William H. Macy…one of the finest character actors Hollywood has ever been fortunate enough to know. Even if Marmaduke didn’t appeal to me, I’d go and see it for him alone, as I’ve so far not missed a single thing he’s been in.

  • diego

    Kiefer Sutherland?

  • Rooniman

    I’m really getting sick of all these talking dog films. They’re boring. Those “Speaking of Animals” shorts are better then that half-assed crap.

  • Mac

    I couldn’t make it all way through either of those videos. They were both annoying and awful. One is new and unfunny and the other is old and unfunny. What a load of crap. Still, Marmaduke may entertain some morons.

  • Mike Fontanelli

    Why do I suddenly crave a cup of Red Rose tea?

  • Hmmm. . . I was struck watching the trailer as well. . .

  • One of my favorite. . .”Cow Cow Boogie”


  • Katella Gate

    It’s just “Mr. Ed” except they make the lips move with a computer now instead of peanut butter.

  • Hannah

    We’ve come a long way since Homeward Bound. :/

  • Dr. Clysmok

    William H. Macy is probably the only good thing about this film. Y’know, if I hadn’t lost all hope in Hollywood back in the ’90s, the dance number in this trailer would have killed it. These days, I *expect* to see dreck like this, so when a good movie comes down the pike (this will not be one), I’m actually suprised.

    Just before I hit the ‘go’ button, I remembered Sturgeon’s Law (“99.9% of everything is Crap”, for those of you who never heard it), and I thought, “Yeah, I dunno WHAT I was expecting from *Hollywood*”…

  • Kyle Maloney

    Owen’s does not mesh with the visuals at all…

    How is it that the 90s Nick show 100 Deeds for Eddie Mcdowd can do it better than this?

  • NC

    It’s funny because he’s surfing, silly dog you can’t surf.

  • What is William H. Macy doing in this?

    Since when does no one know how Hollywood works. Macy is an amazing actor but he has to work and most of the time actors make deals to make a string of films so they can finance or star in a film that they really believe in. Will I go see a film like Marmaduke? I doubt it but I’m sure it will make money and thats what Hollywood is about making money, if you doubt that read Edward Jay Epstein’s book ” The Hollywood Economist”.

    Kirk Douglas made “Paths of Glory” by agreeing to make a string of films he wanted nothing to do with. In the end he made his film which at the time was not a significant financial success but is looked at today as a great film. Hollywood is a nutty game of industry and art, get use to it.

  • Rover

    What? No ‘Who Let The Dogs Out’? Somebody really dropped the ball. Fetch, boy, fetch! Wait, that’s not a ball being dropped.

  • Chris S

    Monkeys ha ha!

  • JE

    I saw this and thought only one thing: IT’S A SIGN OF THE APOCALYPSE!!! BE AFRAID PEOPLE! BE VERY AFRAID!!!!

  • My dog LOVES to watch movies with dogs in them. He sat through Beverly Hills Chihuahua twice. So I think he will give this movie two paws up. Unfortunately, he has no money so he will have to wait for this gem to show up on the Disney Channel.

  • Kevin Wollenweber

    You know, I rather used to like that song “What I Like About You”, but movies like this have killed that enjoyment for me. I’m unfamiliar with the comic and, so, have no desire to see two hours of dog poop and ass-sniffing jokes. I could make a few of my own.

  • Charles

    LOOL. You gotta love it! For all the grousing and clamoring we do on CB for Hollywood to produce quality animated movies, it seems to get us nowhere.

    The kiddie and cartoon schlockbusters never cease to make their way to the big screen. If it’s the heyday of animation you’re hankering for, Jerry can feed your famine on Tuesday nights. LOL Those outside of Los Angeles, consult Youtube or dust off those VHS collector copies.

    Face it, it’s a new day for animation! You gotta love it. :-( *profusely sobbing*

  • beanie

    Why do I always get the impression that on this website, if it’s old, it’s a classic and good, if it’s new – be suspicious, very suspicious. Nice to have baby boomer memories if you can afford to…

  • I find it interesting that nobody likes the Marmaduke comic strip, but everyone is up in arms – because in the comic, Marmaduke doesn’t talk – but in the movie he does. So lets assume that they’re only using the name Marmaduke as a hook to get people to see an original movie about a Great Dane. Not a bad move.

    But to be honest, the purist in me dreads what they’ll do with Ernie Bushmiller’s “Nancy”.

  • dr. giraud

    Don’t forget MGM’s Dogville shorts. As disturbing as Lars von Trier’s Dogville.

  • Ben

    I just don’t think there was a great need for a Marmaduke movie in general. I feel the way about the comic strip that I do about Family Circle, and Bazooka Joe…basically very tired jokes and bland art. So, I really can’t be upset that Marmaduke now talks. I just don’t care about the character enough. Still, I find this movie pointless.

  • Nope sorry. Paul Winchell will ALWAYS be the voice of Marmaduke in my eyes… er… ears. Whatever.

    Note they didn’t say who does the voice for the house cat…. probably because he’s voiced by…. ahem… a “voice actor”, and not some random celeb.

    BTW, Geroge Lopez. First “Beverly Hills Chi…” however you spell that. “Marmaduke”, and soon “Speedy Gonzales”. Are you just loco e la cabasa, man?

  • Marmaduke and Garfield have two things in common. 1.Is that their live-action movies are awful. And 2. They need to be put to sleep for obvious reasons.

  • Guy

    Why do I always get the impression that on this website, if it’s old, it’s a classic and good, if it’s new – be suspicious, very suspicious. Nice to have baby boomer memories if you can afford to…

    There is nothing on the planet that you could criticize on Cartoon Brew without getting this reaction at least once, is there?

    There really isn’t.


  • I hear good old Unca Thurl’s voice coming from one of those chimps!

  • The forgettable comic strip is now a forgettable, bloated movie! Awesome!

  • Donald C.

    I believe is what I am feeling right now.

  • Andrew Kieswetter

    Looks amusing. When’s the Sherman’s Lagoon movie coming out?
    A CG Thornton the polar bear would be cool!

  • hm…. I think that trailer is exactly as painful as the cats and dogs sequel trailer that I was subjected to before “How to train your Dragon” yesterday. and the chihuahua movie…. and all the air bud movies, snow dogs…….. *facepalm*

  • Erin

    Why are they remaking Beverly Hills Chihuahua?

  • Mick Collins

    So now we’re waiting on the “Grin And Bear It” movie, huh? Or will it be Robert Zemeckis doing “The Lockhorns”?

    Geez, I better not say that too loud…

  • pheslaki

    The dance sequence at the end looks like a bunch of dead dogs on puppet strings. Ick. They’re all moving in exactly the same way, regardless of their size or shape.

  • Thomas Dee

    I’m surprised to find anyone actually defending this. And to the man who claimed to have laughed 6 times watching this trailer- exactly what was it that you found funny? There is literally not one new idea, not one new angle on an old idea, not one fresh take on anything in this video, and nothing at all that I could recognize as a joke or as a funny moment.

    The animation is sub-sub par, the voice work weak and obvious and the inclusion of Macy in the cast, following as it does his performance in Old Dogs, just ensures that I’ll never look purely to his involvement in a film as an indication of the project’s quality ever again.

    I’m not being a snot, but I would honestly like to know what it was that you found so funny in this preview.

  • s.w.a.c.

    This would be a great double feature with The Born Loser.

  • FP: Actually, every panel or Sunday strip you can find of Brad Anderson’s original “Marmaduke” comic is funnier and more enjoyable than this piece of garbage.

    The thing is, like every other live-action/CG-adaption of a comic strip, this film isn’t even trying… it disrespectfully changes Marmaduke’s whole personality. Marmaduke is no longer the slightly old, silent, endearing and sneaky dog from the original. Here he’s given a pathetic, wanna-be-hip voice and a pathetic, wanna-be-hip personality. And why the heck did they have to make him a teenager?Part of the original strip’s point is that Marmaduke is actually in charge of the whole family. The family members think (or thought) they own him – but Marmaduke is the one with authority; the one who’s sleeping in their beds, dictating when to walk him and deciding what to buy at the grocery store. This film (well, at least this trailer) retains none of that clever comedy. But I guess I never expected it to…