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Masaaki Yuasa Has Made A New Feature ‘Night is Short, Walk On Girl’ (Trailer)

A trailer has been released for Yoru wa Mijikashi Arukeyo Otome (which roughly translates to Night is Short, Walk On Girl), the first full-length feature that Masaaki Yuasa has directed since 2004’s seminal Mind Game.

The romance-fantasy film, set in Kyoto, is based on a bestselling 2006 novel by Tomihiko Morimi, who also wrote The Tatami Galaxy, the basis of an 11-episode tv miniseries by Yuasa. Morimi’s novel has already been adapted into a manga series and a stage play. The new film teaser is below:

Science Saru, the studio that Yuasa started with Eunyoung Choi, is producing the animation for the film, which reunites key staffers from The Tatami Galaxy including screenwriter Makoto Ueda, character designer Yusuke Nakamura, composer Michiru Ōshima, and the band Asian Kung-Fu Generation, which is providing a theme song.

Toho will release Night is Short, Walk On Girl in Japan April 7, 2017.

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  • ea

    They better get an american distributor ready for this to qualify in next year’s award season.

  • Mmmmmmm

    I’m confused, is this a sequel to The Tatami Galaxy, or a feature-length reinterpretation of that miniseries? The character designs here are identical to the characters in The Tatami Galaxy. I’m not familiar with the author or source material, but this can’t possibly be an all-new, unrelated story, with all-new, unrelated characters?

    • Sara Bersani

      “The romance-fantasy film, set in Kyoto, is based on a bestselling 2006 novel by Tomihiko Morimi, who ALSO wrote The Tatami Galaxy”

      • EthanJH

        Right but do you know if this just takes place in the same world or is a direct sequel or just features some of the same characters?

        • GW

          It’s a different story, probably with unrelated characters.

  • Sara Bersani

    Now THAT’s great news, along with Studio Ponoc’s birth

  • GW

    They’re very similar but the girl is more elfish, the main character’s hair is more unkempt, and there’s an old man instead of an old woman. I don’t know why they made the character that looks like Ozu. Maybe the similar art style is a nod to the fact they’re both adapted from works of the same author or maybe it’s a Tezuka-like use of stock characters. Not sure on that part, honestly.

    • Mmmmmmm

      Ok, after your comparison to Tezuka stock characters, now I’m sold! I just couldn’t understand why they would look so similar, but there’s indeed a precedent for that.

      I wasn’t complaining about the characters, I was just confused, and I can’t wait to see this! It couldn’t have been that difficult to create characters in the same style but more distinctive/less recycled, but really it won’t matter as long as the movie is good!

  • It’s both from the same director, that’s enough reason for me to see why he’d go with the same designs.

  • GW

    I was wrong, then. Sorry for misleading people. I was just making wild guesses and from the looks of it, some inaccurate observations too. Thanks for setting us straight.