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Michael Dudok de Wit’s ‘The Red Turtle’ Wins At Cannes

Dutchman Michael Dudok de Wit’s debut feature The Red Turtle (La Tortue Rouge) can now claim to have won a prize at the first festival in which it screened: Cannes.

At the award ceremony last night for the festival’s Un Certain Regard category, Dudok de Wit’s film, co-produced by Studio Ghibli, won the special jury prize (which, while not the top prize in the category, is still a noteworthy achievement). It was one of 18 films competing in the Cannes sidebar, and the only animated film in the group.

Dudok de Wit’s film is next headed to Annecy, where it will be the festival’s opening night film.

Sony Pictures Classic (SPC), the media conglomerate’s autonomous art house arm, announced a few days ago that it has acquired the film for distribution in the United States. SPC will be gunning for its first Oscar nomination in the feature animation category since Sylvain Chomet’s The Illusionist.

Prima Linea Productions handled the animation production on Red Turtle; other companies involved in the production and financing of the film include Wild Bunch, Why Not Productions, Arte France Cinema, CN4 Productions, and Belvision.

  • Tomm

    Could this be the first non Hollywood production since Spirited Away to take home an Oscar?

    • IamError

      Only if this year’s Disney films end up being Cars 2 subpar, my guess.

      • Oscars

        I believe that Spirited Away was running against Lilo & Stitch the year it won the Oscar. So a Ghibli movie did win the Oscar the same year that a successful Disney film was nominated. Although, that may have been due to John Lasseter’s efforts to popularize Miyazaki’s films in North America by lobbying an Oscar. By the time The Wind Rises came out, it was not really in Lasetter’s interest to lobby for it to win an Oscar. Although, he was probably involved with getting Miyazaki the lifetime achievement Oscar the following year.

      • Doconnor

        Disney’s newest Princess film is also still schedule to come out in November,

        Moana, and it probably shouldn’t be underestimated.

    • Seansong1

      I feel Zootopia will win it

    • Oh how I wish that would happen.
      International (non-Hollywood) animation deserves way more recognition than it has now with the common people.

    • Anthony Johnson

      Michael Dudok de Wit’s already won an Oscar in 2000 for one of his short film (Father and Daughter). Not sure he will have a second one, unfortunately. Dreamworks, Pixar and Disney use to win all the Oscars, almost every year.
      But we can still have hope : everything produced in Hollywood is in 3D, not in 2D.

      As explained in Annecy last year during the WIP, “The Red-Turtle” is a TVPaint 2D digital animation film and Michael Dudok de Wit has shown that he could really reach a very high level of quality. In my opinion, his film will probably be much more beautiful than any 3D film in competition.
      So will see the result of the Oscars competition !