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Michel Gagné’s “Saga of Rex” Optioned for Animated Feature

Veteran animator Michel Gagné’s graphic novel Saga of Rex has been optiond by Belgian animation/vfx shop Grid Animation for development as an animated feature.

The Saga of Rex was initially serialized over a period of 6 years in the now-defunct comic anthology, Flight. It was subsequently compiled into a graphic novel, which was published in 2010 by Image Comics. Then, Gagné ran a Kickstarter campaign that allowed him to produce this proof-of-concept short:

“Years ago, I discovered The Saga of Rex in Flight, and I immediately loved it,” says Mark Mertens, managing director for Grid Animation. “After the Kicktarter campaign, I contacted Michel to inquire about the rights for the movie. I was thrilled to discover that they were still available.”

Grid, which was awarded “European Animation Producer of the Year” at last year’s Cartoon Forum, has provided animation services to films like The Triplettes of Belleville and the upcoming Astérix: The Mansion of the Gods. The company has facilities in both Ghent and Brussels.

“I’m extremely excited about the prospect of working with Grid Animation and have access to the amazing European talent pool,” says Gagné. “With a proper budget, and an inspired team to help me fulfill my vision, my dream of making an animated feature film that is a poetic work of art is now closer than ever to becoming a reality.”

  • zac leck

    I loved the Rex comics from the Flight books but I was a bit underwhelmed by his kickstarter effort. From what he explained in this this forum a lot of that came down to budgetary/time issues, so maybe with a production company supporting him we’ll see something interesting. Either way, I’m happy for him.

  • Tres Swygert

    The Saga of Rex has been a fun adventure to read and watch. I hope that Grid Animation keeps the format 2D, as Michel Gagne’s vision is very stellar to see in that format.

    Huge congrats Michel, and may the project exceed in your expectations and delight many!

  • Sandro Cleuzo

    Fantastic news to Michel and for all of us who still do hand drawn animation.

  • tom bancroft

    Good for Michel- the hardest working independent pro on the planet! And he’s incredibly talented to boot! Let me know, Michel, and I’ll pack my bags to help out!

    • 2MKcreations .

      Go for it, Tom! I think sooner or later, more 2D animators across the Atlantic will flock to Belgium to work on Gagne’s film.
      Look’s like it’s going to become the greatest animation exodus since the production of “Who Framed Roger Rabbit?”!

  • Harry Bastard

    NICE! Can’t wait for a full-length Gagne film. Congratulations, Michel!

  • Jen H

    Fantastic news! Hope to hear more about this in due time!! :D

  • Matt

    This is awesome news that Michel is getting the recognition he deserves and a studio took notice. Congrats Michel.

  • Craig Clark

    Excellent! Congrats Michel!

  • tjarmstrong

    It seems you glossed over the mention of The Triplettes of Belleville in the post above.

    • Mortimer

      Which had a lot of 3D work done in Belgium ;) His worries were grounded, but it’s great that Grid will be tackling 2D for this one

  • tjarmstrong

    Excited for the content but potentially even more excited about the story of the development itself. Episodic comics, to a graphic novel, to Kickstarter pitch, to funded short to feature option. Of course Gagne is exceptional, but this is the epitome of independent film development and should serve as an inspiration for us all.

  • Matt

    The film is being kept 2D. Maybe Michel can chime in on other details of the film, I wont do it for him but it is a 2D film.

  • Michel Gagne

    Thanks everyone. The film will be 2D and I’m attached as Director. The shorts were planned as a way to build the feature, however, this new course of action will allow me to create something a lot more ambitious than what I was planning as a solo effort.

    • Mister Twister

      Wish you the best of luck. People like you are keeping 2D alive.

    • Santiago Casares

      Looking forward to the movie, Michel!

    • Harrison

      So are you going to have to make any changes at all? Longer run time? New characters? Dialog?

    • Matt Sullivan

      Well done Michel.

  • Mitchekie

    Many congratulations to Michel! I’ve always enjoyed the Saga of Rex/Flight anthology and very much look forward to seeing such adventures animated, and traditionally no less! Way to go, Gagne!

  • Vixie

    I first saw the original book from a former animator friend of mine, and though it was amazing. I am happy to hear this news, I hope it turns out well, and I look forward to seeing it on the big screen in the not too distant future.

  • Harrison

    That is fantastic news. Not only does this make me happy that 2D animation is still kicking, but its good to know that a man whose worked so hard for his dream now has the opportunity to fulfill it.

    Best of luck to you Michel.

  • ElSquibbonator

    I own a copy of Flight, and I always imagined this story as an animated film. I actually thought it would be the sort of movie that Don Bluth might direct.